Bill O’Cuckly Finally Falls to Sexual Harassment Accusations, Tucker Rises to Replace

I think most men understand that the whole “sexual harassment” issue in the workplace has been overextended, overblown, and has essentially transformed into one of the tried and true tactics of the Jew/Feminist/Cultural Marxist in their quest to ruin successful and hardworking White males.

That being said, the fact remains that there are instances where women ARE degraded and harassed while on the job ( I’m not talking about innocent small-talk or flirting), and the (((media industry))) is likely to be one of the sectors most inundated with perverted filth.

Ever heard of the casting couch, for instance?

So honestly, I would put money on the fact that Bill O’Reilly is likely guilty in at least a few of the instances brought up by numerous women over the years – not sure about the Black “Hot Chocolate” thing, although based off of his Boomer Cuck personality, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least.

From Hollywood Reporter:

Weeks after revelations surfaced that Bill O’Reilly quietly settled several sexual harassment claims — leading to an advertiser exodus from his Fox News program — the embattled host is out of a job. The announcement came from parent 21st Century Fox. 

“After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel,” a statement read.

The news is not a complete surprise, but it is nonetheless stunning. O’Reilly, 67, has been hosting the network’s 8 p.m. program The O’Reilly Factor for two decades. And it has been the No. 1 show in cable news for 15 consecutive years, bringing in more than $400 million in ad revenue in 2014 and 2015, and $118 million in the first three quarters of 2016, according to Kantar Media.

And in recent years, O’Reilly has branched out with a series of best-selling books and spinoff TV movies on National Geographic Channel (majority owned by 21st Century Fox) that have strengthened his brand outside of Fox News, where he earns about $18 million annually. 

Here is a man who literally had the material world by the balls – money, possessions, property, and yearly contracts that averaged tens of times greater than what the average White worker will earn in an entire lifetime.

But instead of leveraging his vast wealth into causes worthy of respect, the useless Irish bug decided to cuck daily, dodge those wanting to learn of his true personal political positions, and write books more suited to the talents of a 4 year old Down’s patient than the most successful television host in history.

And he apparently moonlighted as the creepy old man on campus – like the weird guys you see attending middle school girls’ basketball games with no relatives on the court.

Or maybe the guys driving vans with tinted windows offering candy to little children.

I don’t know about y’all, but I sure wouldn’t let O’Reilly near my wife or children unless under strict supervision that would likely include several CCTV cameras.

But none of that matters now, for we have a new sheriff in town to take over the best slot on television.


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  1. I disagree

    I see this as the Murdoch Jewish children stepping in and purging anyone remotely pro White American

    Roger Ailes was similarly purged over bogus sexual harassment charges

    Fox is going over to the enemy

  2. @Jack Ryan

    But if this was the case, they sure picked wrong by targeting O’Reilly.

    He’s honestly one of the least pro-White (subconsciously or otherwise) figures on the station.

    In fact, he’s pretty much the symbol of Baby Boomer decadence and cuckoldry when you study his history.

    Tucker is honestly probably the most pro-White guy we have on television right now – Lou Dobbs is up there too, but he’s married to a Spic.

  3. Another example of things coming up roses for us!

    Bill O Reilly could be the type of fellow to start a new Jew wise television/media network, along with Ann Coulter and others towards our end of the spectrum (Molyneux, Cernovich etc).

    • I personally think that O’Reilly is aware of the Jewish Problem to some degree just by osmosis, but has decided to be just a selfish Boomer twit his entire life instead of even trying to bring the issue to the mainstream.

      I honestly have more respect for Glenn Beck than this sniveling worm – at least Beck danced around the Jew thing earlier in his career.

  4. Also just note that Lib Jewish film director Roman Polanski drugged and raped a young girl and it didn t effect his career

    So it s only Conservatives and pro Trump anti Islam Gays like Milo that get taken down by sex scandals

  5. O’Reilly doesn’t even write the books, he whore’s his name & has some minion in LA write the books, they are always co authored & always shit. I haven’t watched him since heil gate when he called the alt right “nazi whack jobs”.I saw him at a private super bowl party in Miami abt 10 years ago(Colts-Bears), he was creepy as fuck and trying to play grab ass with every woman there. Incidentally, at same party Tom Cruise spent the entire evening trying to fuck David Beckham, Katie Holmes was as far away from him as possible, then they let the paparazzi in for a few minutes & all of a sudden Cruise & Holmes are dancing together on top of the banquette seat, not really pertinent to the topic but I thought I’d share the anecdote

  6. We have no dog in this fight. O’Reilly is not our friend. Let him stew in the Diversity goo he loves so much.

  7. @More of the Same

    Correct. O’Reilly at best is a retarded Potato Nigger (don’t get mad Irish Bros) who didn’t realize that acting like a horny 17 year old at work may not be the best choice in the current climate.

    At worst, he is just like the Kikes that dominate media and Hollywood – a self-entitled elitist who thinks the world is his for the taking.

  8. Agreed, no sympathy for O’Reilly. But this episode should serve to illustrate a point about the Jew. Nobody on Fox has made Murdoch as much money as O’Reilly. But who does Murdoch protect? Leftist faggots like Shep Smith & Geraldo Rivera who are hated by the Fox News audience. Never trust a Jew.

  9. I don’t care either Denise. He served his anti-White masters so faithfully, he gets into some “hot chocolate” and they throw him under the bus. There’s a lesson in there for race traitors.

  10. I respected Bill O’Reilly until his cucking on important issues became too much for me to bear. He was a good man for his time 1996-2008 but after Obama was elected his time was done. Thanks to Obama the EDGY ALT-REICH is now taking over. We are not the ALT RIGHT we are HONEST about who we are

  11. I take no joy in seeing O’Reilly leave. I liked the guy, and we all know it was Murdochs jew sons who forced him out. That being said, Tucker Carlson is way better and will be an excellent connection for us and the mainstream, at least until he says something too redpilled and gets fired.

  12. K, I’ll play ‘the feminist.’

    When is flirting on the job so innocent?

    Whenever anyone – man or woman – has authority over an employee there’s a power imbalance. I don’t think flirting is the most professional thing on the same level, although it can be just harmless in some instances.

    All that said and all jeers ignored, I still think O’Reilly is getting dispatched of now for purely political reasons, i.e., he is known to ‘go there’ a la pro-white more radically so they decided to axe him.

    But he should have been axed a long time ago if sexual harassment is the issue.

    If you want get ribald and rambunctious, go to a bar with your friends.

  13. And, I’m one ‘Irish Peeps’ who will never cotton to ‘Potato Nigger.’

    For one, it’s disinfo. The potato crop failure in Ireland wasn’t what brought tons of irish catholics here in the 1840’s-60’s. It wasn’t a ‘famine’ it was a purposeful genocide in which (((the brits))) stole all the food, potatoes notwithstanding, from Ireland in an admitted attempt to decimate the population.

    It’s as unproductive to misrepresent and pervert that history as it is to call all southern whites who resisted Reconstruction and/or integration ‘KKK white trash’ etc.

  14. And, Marcus, which retarded steppeniggers had trouble with lightbulbs again?

    Poles…or Lithuanians?

    Baltic, Slavic…eh, same steppeshit.

  15. After WWII the ‘how many polaks does it take to change a lightbulb’ comment joke was popularized, allegedly stemming from the Polish military’s willingness to march into their own genocide at the hands of the (((Soviets))) in Katyn. Urban legend was the Allied soldiers made fun of them for that reason.

    I really don’t know why the joke was a thing, but a part of me suspects it was the beginning of official jewmedia anti-white. During my childhood it was not fashionable or acceptable to attack northwestern europeans for just being white, so maybe it was Jewish Gaslighting Stage 1.

    Either way, even though most didn’t really dislike the Poles or think of them, the aryanesque ones, as much different, looking back it wasn’t that funny.

    The mass murder of half of Ireland’s population isn’t funny either.

    The best comedians fail sometimes. This is one expression that will just never be funny or ‘reclaiming’ or hip, no matter how much ahistorical the millennials are.

  16. Who knows what he actually did? When you have the kind of money he has, there are women who are going to say that he raped them, he maybe didn’t even know them, but if he pays them, they’ll shut up. Then there are the yuppie broads, something was said that made them feel ‘uncomfortable’, in the modern world, this could be almost anything.

  17. Mr. O’Reilly is a Yankee Lincolnite Federalist, and, as such, I felt very little identification with his views.

    That said, he had an interesting show, and I am sorry to see him sink under nefarious subterfuge.

  18. I think it’s a mistake to abandon O’Reilly. I think anyone even remotely on our side we should support against the evil Satan worshiping Psychopathic Jews.

    We’re acting like Yankees where if everyone doesn’t fit some perfect mold we discard them. Same with Trump, even though I worry about his slant, I haven’t given up on him and he’s bounds above Hillary’s child raping war machine.

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