Snake in the City

“The most hated woman in the South,” she’s been called.

Since I am a South Carolinian, Ms. Randhawa has been on my radar for many years. She rode into office on the Tea Party wave, after securing what was, at the time, the highly coveted Sarah Palin endorsement.

After the Charleston murders by Dylann Roof in 2015, people across the nation seemingly turned on the citizens of SC as a whole, as though we were all guilty for the actions of the killer. Somehow the focal point quickly became the Confederate flag on our statehouse grounds. The flag had been moved from the capital dome to the statehouse grounds years before after a long-fought compromise that was meant to be permanent. There was no real connection from the memorial on the statehouse grounds to the murders, other than an old photo of Roof with a Confederate flag. The outcry about the memorial flag was a reflexive hate reaction for those who vilify Southerners as a group.

A gifted states-person who cared about the people of South Carolina could have used the opportunity to both unify the people of SC and defend us to the nation. Haley had no interest in doing either. She used the event as an opportunity to please her GOPe superiors and get flattering media coverage in the eyes of the larger (South-hating) nation. The GOPe, still pretending to be conservative by imitating whatever the Democrats did 20 years ago, were thrilled to have a photogenic, brown, female face to parade around to demonstrate how diverse and progressive the party had become. Haley was rewarded with magazine covers and plum speaking spots.

Shortly after the massacre, Ann Coulter wrote a post about the good people of South Carolina “…whose families carved this country out of the wilderness, who have family Bibles going back ten generations…who fought in every war since the revolution…the nicest, hardest working, most sincere and down to earth people in the world…”

That heartfelt defense was written by a Yankee pundit. Our own governor, by contrast, chose the path of “healing” through facilitating the cultural genocide of her constituents. It is difficult to overstate how treacherous one must be to betray the trust of her fellow citizens in such a way.

Haley has also been dogged by more rumors of extra-marital affairs than any female politician of which I am aware, both before and during her term as governor. One may begin to surmise that loyalty is not her “thing.” (However, it does seem fitting that one of the most prominent females in the Cuckservative party is someone who has *literally* cuckolded her husband.)

It was surprising, after her vocal criticism of Trump, that he appointed her to be the UN Ambassador. It might have been because her successor, Henry McMaster, endorsed Trump ahead of the first-in-the-South Republican primary. We will probably never know for sure. Whatever the reason, she is there now.  I know I speak for many of my fellow South Carolinians when I say, “New York can have her.”

However, I will caution her fans to remember this. You knew she was a snake before you let her in.


  1. Incorrect! The most hated woman in the South is not Nimrata Randhawa but Lindsey Graham!

  2. South Carolina Republicans. Hahaha. Haley and Graham. Haha. They’ve had the chance to rid themselves of Graham in a primary and even in a general election when he was opposed, IIRC, by a “Ron Paul Democrat.” Too bad Graham never faced Alvin Greene, whom I would prefer over that Israel First warmonger and friend of illegal aliens.

  3. The Yankee Empire works through infinite layers of proxy and subterfuge; and, though they don’t appoint their governors to our Southern states as nakedly as they did in the Reconstruction, they still use the party system, and infinite out of state donations, to select them for us.

    Then there is the fact that they set up the academick and round-the-clock news misindoctrination and disinformation systems so that Southrons are presented with every psychological ruse to frame our minds into thinking that, by voting in aliens, we can show them what good people we are.

    I don’t care what a man’s sins are in private but, to commit treachery against a whole people ought be a hanging offence, with an automatick trial waiver given out equally to offenders of either gender.

  4. The problem is…there is no MAN on the radar in SC who can stand up and say what you just said…they all appear to be like Miss Lindsey Graham…Remember SC you were the 1st to secede…you were the first in the hearts of your countrymen…

  5. what the hell happened to South Carolina? A token black senator, the fag Lindsey Graham and turban head sikh Nimrata . There are lots of people here ragging on catholics ( and I hate the current church) but my Irish American great grandfather fought with Jackson in 3rd Alabama from Mobile.I am sick of this India trash we have let in. and of the New York conman I was fooled by

  6. “what the hell happened to South Carolina?”

    Hunter wrote an article explaining South Carolina a few weeks ago. Basically, the Barbados plantation system was imported to South Carolina. So you ended up with a bunch of effete Aristocrats like Lindsey Graham who had everything done for them by their farm animal African slaves. South Carolina is NOT like North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee or the later Cotton producing states (Alabama, Mississippi) which were settled by self made men like Jefferson Davis and Andrew Jackson.

  7. I hate the bloody Indians. They scam their way into Australia purporting to be ‘students’ at our uni’s, but then never return home. We get semi trailers arriving at our town to get their goods unloaded…..and some of the drivers are Indians (Asian Indians) who look about 19!. Hows this possible without some kind of scam going on? In this country, its impossible for locals to be licensed for that class of truck at that age, given we have to start with smaller trucks, then work our way up to the bigger trucks in stages over time.
    They man every 7/11 in the country, and are driving every taxi I use. Same thing in the U.K. When I was there. The Brits gave them back there country, so why the bloody hell are they over here? What do they want from us?

  8. Thanks Emily Rogers (Have we met?) that was excellent.

    Please compare and contrast this worst ever, most hated Indian (dot head not feather) with another sort of Indian American the excellent Hindu Congressman from Hawaii who served in our military during the Iraq wars and isn’t doing best ever Pat Buchanon interviews with Tucker Carlson on Fox.

    Here’s my OD blog on this subject – did you read it, forward it?

    I had a very nice conversation with Rep. Gabbard’s congressional staff member today in Washington.

  9. Emily Rogers smears Ann Coulter:

    “That heartfelt defense was written by a Yankee pundit”

    I respond:

    I politely request that solid Southerners not slander decent White British Anglo Christian folks in the North East with this terrible curse word:


    Ann Coulter can sometimes be a mean bitch ( she was to me ) but don’t call her a Yankee.

    Let’s be a bit more kind to our own kind.

    It’s called “kindness”.

  10. Jedediah writes:

    “what the hell happened to South Carolina? A token black senator, the fag Lindsey Graham and turban head sikh Nimrata . ”

    I respond:

    I also noticed this and wrote about this. Very sad to notice that South Carolina went from being the best pro Southern state to being the worst. League of the South activists here sometimes try to blame New York, Northern transplants, but I don’t agree.

    “What’s the Matter with South Carolina?”

  11. The widely seen photo of Dylan Roof with a Confederate flag also showed him wearing a Golds Gym T shirt. I haven’t heard any demands to ban Golds Gym attire.

  12. There is a certain insanity in American politics both domestically and internationally. Saudi Arabian hijackers take down the twin towers and our response is to invade Iraq. Even now Saudi Arabia is one of the leading nations that receive foreign aid despite being awash in petro dollars all made possible by Western (Or Northkind technology to quote author Richard McCulloch). Dylan Roof shoots up a church in SC and the Confederate flag is to blame as it it is self-autonomous and sentient.

  13. Ethnostatist writes:

    “There is a certain insanity in American politics both domestically and internationally.”

    I respond.

    Yes, this is a true. This is why OD has sensible comment guidelines that strongly discourage wild impossible conspiracy theory nonsense, kook and crank #*$#@@ or as you say ‘insanity”. And I by now now all our readers understand that this “insanity” isn’t confined to Liberals, Leftists etc.

    When 14 out of 18 Saudi Sunni Islamists hijacked those planes and took down the World Trade Center, the sensible ‘sane” thing to do would be to retaliate against Saudi Sunni Islamic extremists (ban any more to go to flight schools in Florida) – instead we invade and occupy Iraq for 15 more years. Iraq had a secular nationalist government that was at war with these Saudi Sunni Islamist extremists.

    But, most White Americans in the South completely bought the Neo Conservative war mongering insanity or just lies in 1991 and pretty much in 2001-02. It was only really last year with Trump articulating “America First” have our people admitted they were fooled.

  14. @ James owen…

    ‘A play on snake in the grass. Unfortunately, our Southern state Capitols are all rattlesnake dens.’

    Generally I agree, though, in Texas and North Carolina there are some very fine folks in our state governments.

  15. To further Yehuda’s point about SC politics and culture, the subject of what is wrong with SC has come up on mainstream conservative sites many times before. The opinion of some mainstream cons who are from SC is that the lowland part of state has a feudal culture in which non elite whites have a serf mentality towards the white traitor elites. They say that in their communities, average white people often make a big show of sucking up to powerful people and of ganging up on people who step out of line. They also said there is a big cultural divide between the lowlands and the highlands, which are more distrustful of authority.

    Some made comparisons between lowland SC whites and English working class culture, furthering the idea that SC is different than other parts on the US. They also brought up the idea that SC GOP voters are mostly not ideological conservatives but still basically Democrats who only vote GOP because of race. They felt that their neighbors were less ideologically conservative than other Southerners and had a poor grasp of the issues. These were conservatives who are from there so I assume they know what they are talking about.

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