The Alt Left Arrives – Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Finally some good news to report.

I’ve found a very articulate, intelligent, principled opponent to the latest Neo Conservative attack on Syria. She’s a young, apparently a high caste Hindu Indian American, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

Tucker Carlson Fox Interview

Outside of not “naming the Jew” Rep. Gabbard says everything Pat Buchanan and we say about the lying, deceitful Neo Conservative, Zionist, Christian Zionist, Military Industrialists that pushed the counter productive US wars in Iraq and are now doing the same regarding Assad’s Syria. Miss Gabbard is apparently a veteran of the Iraq wars and she noted that Colin Powell and other Bush administration officials simply lied in front of the United Nations about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and that these lies resulted in many Americans in the military that she personally knew were needlessly killed.

Just watch this interview – I’ve never seen a more intelligent, straight forward presentation of the truth against the Neo Conservative, Zionist war mongering lies.

Again, outside of not “naming the Jew” she’s doing it all.

Finally some good news! The arrival of a patriotic, honest, Alternative Left. Please hang out in Liberal Left places and let them know there is an alternative that is Liberal Left and strongly opposes these terrible wars.


  1. Higher caste White Hinduism is very promising. Check out the work/life of NS Kindred’s Jost Turner.

    Let’s be honest. American Judeo Christianity has really sucked now for about my entire lifetime. The only positive thing I can say about American Judeo Christianity is that they (sometimes) had traditional families, had children and opposed the worst forms of feminism, sexual degeneracy – that’s about it.

  2. “spahnranch1969
    APRIL 10, 2017 AT 8:44 PM
    An attractive female politician -from Hawaii, no less- who is NOT a liberal dingbat or a neo-cohnservative shiksa?

    Now I truly have seen everything!”

    I respond :

    I m nominating this for comment of the year !

  3. @Miss Denise…

    I like her, too. Every time I have seen her interviewed on foreign policy, I agreed entirely with what she had to say.

    To hell with the Empire.

  4. I suppose it could be potentially valuable to us that there is a left opposition to Washington in addition to us on the Alt-Right. After reading the other comments I checked her Wikipedia entry and it seems that she is not fully white ethnically, but primarily white. And of course, she will not name the Jew, but opposing another Middle East intervention that could spiral into WWIII is worth mentioning. Anyway, an interesting piece.

  5. @Mr. Putnam…

    ‘I suppose it could be potentially valuable to us that there is a left opposition to Washington in addition to us on the Alt-Right.’

    Sir, politicks is all about coalitions and alliances. As they say ; ‘politicks makes for strange bedfellows.

    If the Alt-Right does not seek alliance, it will flounder.

  6. Thanks you Rep. Gabbard, for your service then and now. Please keep it up. Pretty girl by the way, irrelevant but just saying.

  7. I didn’t know there was anything real to the “alt left” other than Robert Lindsey’s self proclaimed moniker and his server. He’s really gotten into the shocking Indiana murders of those girls outside Lafayette, but some of the speculation over complicates it, no way were “two assailants” involved, psychos like that are so rare they would never bump up to team together.

  8. I disagree

    It’s always good to put a pretty face and body to present our positions. The anti White Leftists know this and use this very effectively. Justine Trudeau’s good youthful looks are a prime reason Canadian women voters made him Canada’s prime minister. The handsome youthful looks of the young Kennedys made them in the 1960s and when Ted Kennedy became an ugly, fat old slob it hurt the Liberal brand.

  9. It’s also a great idea to use (true) ugly faces and ugly bodies as representing our enemies. Look at the great propaganda work of George Bush Sr.’s advisor Lee Atwater who made the Black rapist Willie Horton the propaganda face of Democrat candidate Mike Dukakis.

  10. I just had a very nice conversation with a lower level staff member of Sen. Rand Paul – I thanked him and thanked Sen. Rand Paul for his sensible policies opposing the attacks on Syria. I couldn’t get through to Washington but did get through to his bowling green office.

  11. @Jack Ryan,

    While granting your basic argument on tactics, I’d argue, in that regard, she’s still not a good pick. For contrast, Justin Trudeau, whom you mention, is ideologically on board with his fans, whereas, in Gabbard’s case, we’d be stuck with someone who vehemently and publically signals against the Alt-Right. Here’s her put-down, on Twitter, of Richard Spencer:

  12. gab, she’s a promising anti Neo Con war spokesmen in the Liberal Democrat party. That’s her target audience, not us.

    There are so many places like Hawaii or here in Chicago where there is no viable Republican party – we have to encourage some or even most Dems to oppose Neo Con/ZOG wars with the Whitest Arabs or with our kinsmen the Russians or Serbs.

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