Daily Stormer: An Extremely Unfortunate Turn of Events

Let’s all have a drink and try to find the humor in this extremely unfortunate turn of events:

“is is very emotionally difficult for all of us. I was just joking earlier about punching a brick wall and needing surgery on my hand, but I sort of metaphorically did that. I was really raging. This is very, very hard.

I think we should really try to stick together here and not attack one another. No good can come of that.

Some people have immediately flipped out and condemned Trump forever as evil and a part of a Jewish conspiracy, some are confused and waiting to see what happens next. We should all understand that for all of us, this is extremely difficult, and try to support each other.

Seriously. What happened last night is “son, your father and I are getting a divorce”-tier soul-crushing.

When I read that headline on my phone, while I was having a cup of tea, I felt my heart break.

We need to not be at each other’s throats. Please, try to uphold that. We need to stick together.

We will find out what’s happening, and we will move forward. The Alt-Right was never Donald Trump.

We need to take care of each other in this very difficult time. …”

The evidence was always there hiding in plain view:

1.) Jared Kushner was always there in Trump’s inner circle. During the campaign, he was just overshadowed by Donald Jr. and Eric Trump who remained behind in New York.

2.) It was a huge red flag when Gary Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs, was chosen to be Trump’s top economic advisor. He got the position because he was a friend of Kushner. They brought other people affiliated with Goldman Sachs into the administration like Dina Powell.

3.) We always knew that Trump had a Zionist foreign policy. He was extremely hostile to Iran. He was very friendly with Bibi Netanyahu. He vowed to support moving Israel’s capitol to Jerusalem.

4.) We know that Trump took millions of dollars from Sheldon Adelson.

5.) Trump moved quickly to disavow the Alt-Right after the election.

6.) As we saw last winter, Trump surrounded himself with globalists, corporate CEOs, Wall Street insiders, generals, “True Conservatives” and establishment hacks. He even hired #NeverTrumpers like Nikki Haley and Rick Perry. Those people in turn staffed the Trump administration.

7.) Trump fired Michael Flynn. He actually hasn’t shown much loyalty to the people who were his most vocal supporters during the campaign. Few of them ended up in the administration.

8.) Trump thought “anti-Semitism in America” was important enough to address at the top of the State of the Union address because Jewish centers were getting crank calls from Juan Thompson and that Israeli teenager.

9.) Cernovich and the Alt-Lite all made it clear during the Deploraball controversy that “racism” and “anti-Semitism” would still be taboo during the Trump administration.

10.) Loren Feldman, who produced Cernovich’s movie Silenced, published this essay on November 11th:

“So the altright is rebranding as the newright. It doesn’t matter. Trump wants no part of Pepe now. In fact Pepe is about to get slaughtered publicly. I told you from the beginning the extreme antisemitism wasn’t the right angle. White, poor, or pissed was. Trump’s daughter and most important thing in his life converted to orthodox judaism to marry Jared, Trump’s closest confidant. Trump was mentored by brilliant insane Jews his whole life. There will be Shabbos in the Whitehouse. That’s a fact. Hating Jews wasn’t helping or smart.

It’s easy and fun to hate Jews. We win a lot. Basically by working hard and maybe some genetics. When I discovered the altright it seemed like blue collar young pissed conservatives, but as Pepe took over the national zeitgeist it was over. Too much attention on a negative vibe. Too much on twitter. Should have kept it quiet. Gotta practice that free speech though. Even if it’s stupid. Now personally being a Maccabee none of this really bothered me. I knew Trump was going to be pro Israel and Jewish in general. That was pretty obvious. In fact his first phone call was to Bibi saying I love you. It was also a dog whistle to the antisemitic factions of America. …

So what happens to the altright? Many will realize they are actually modern conservatives. The antisemites dig in deeper. Trump establishes a relationship with Israel unseen in history and we all move on. As for Pepe? He’ll be seen on Passover when that occurs in the Whitehouse too. As the family counts out the plagues on their napkins with the wine and it gets to frogs Jared will smile and squeeze Ivankas hand as he looks at President Trump, grandson in lap, who looks at him back and winks.

G-d has blessed America.”

That’s how it happened.

We shouldn’t be surprised. We weren’t keeping a close enough eye on Jared Kushner. We let our guard down and chose not to emphasize certain points because we wanted to give Trump a chance. It was the reasonable thing to do and now we can reassess our situation.

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  1. @Mr. Griffin…

    You, I, we – many of us talkt about all this stuff many times, last year, here at your site.

    Paraphrasing, you said your recognized all this stuff about Trump, but, were willing to overlook it because of many other things.

    I agreed with your logick – this being that there was an awful lot to gain, with very little to lose.

    I still agree with this logick.

    Hillary Clinton was no alternative for anybody in their right mind.

    Furthermore, President Trump has been kicking unholy ass trying to live up to his campaign promises like no one i have ever seen.

    I cannot see tossing him out because of this.

    Do I like this Syrian stuff – no, I don’t.

    However, it is not a war.

    So, the positive he has done for White Society, such as Sessions as AG or Gorsuch to the Supreme courts, such as cracking down on illegals and sanctuary cities – attempting health-care and beginning the contemplation of tax this is stuff you could only dream of, before president Trump.

    He busted up political correctness and has helpt brought about Brexit and now the looming Le Pen win.

    His candidacy, furthermore, has truly revealed to all willing to take even a cursory look, how wretched this deep state thing is.

    To be clear, I voted enthusiastically, in part, because I liket the fact he seemed quite anti-war.

    That said, even if he does not come through on this score, he still is doing a lot to help folks in this country – White Folks in particular.

    I really don’t care if his advisors are leprotick Martians, if he is doing some good; and, after 25 years of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, this country, in any part, is desperate to have some good done.

    So, for now I’m stickin’ with the Donald, just as is every one of my neighbours with whom I have spoken.

    Yes, I am sick of having North Carolina’s blood and treasure drained for Israel’s sake, but, I love this man.

    He is bold – like few we have seen.

  2. “The Tribe is just laughing at us. Aren’t they?”

    They are laughing because they have good reason to. I laugh at the silliness of the Bowel Movement every day, but its the kind of laugh where you feel sad and angry at mindless stupidity of the people supposedly on your side.

    I regard those who campaign for the Republican establishment, while ignoring good Pro White candidates to be traitors to the Pro White cause. I regard Pro White websites that allow Republican shills to crawl all over their websites to be traitors to the Pro White cause.

    You either support Pro White candidates or you piss off back to the Republican websites. Republicans don’t allow Democrats to campaign on their websites. Nor do Democrats allow Republicans to campaign on their sites. Yet Pro Whites allow Republicans to hijack the Pro White cause.

    We need leadership on this issue but we aren’t getting it, because these people are more concerned with not upsetting morons, so they can extract donations from them.

  3. At the time, I’d heard Kushner was Orthodox. I was operating on an assumption (long since changed), that Orthodox Jews tended to be conservative. I figured we could trust him. Now, it’s coming out he was a lifelong (((liberal))) Demonrat.

    But Trump also billed himself as being a man who couldn’t be bought. Many of us assumed he had the strength and will to not divert from his promises.

  4. It was a good article from Andrew Anglin; I shared his emotion at the sense of betrayal — I was feeling cold, nausea, dread when I heard the missiles were flying. Now it’s just steely eyed determination.

    At the end of the article he called for unity: we have unity for the first time since the NPI conference. Let’s at least treasure it and not blow it with the failed strategy of alt-lite vs alt-right, vs etc. We hang together or we will surely hang separately! Apropos to that: Jazzhands McFeels is back!

    Lessons: We actually were playing 4D chess: either Trump would triumph or he would discredit Take Back America; apropos to that was the strategy of “Trump now, and when he falters white nationalism.” He has faltered. What is the next step in practical terms?

    1) A swing back to the left to hurt Trump and the billionaire class, and then a swing back to the right, but instead of “Take Back America” it will be “Partition”.

    2) Partition. Partition. Partition. Partition. Partition. This is the only way forward for this once great country. In the whiter countries of Europe, etc. they have an easier path to the ethnostate via standard civic nationalism.

    3) Animating it all will be the ancient concept of “arta” in whatever “indo-european” variant you prefer (truth, order, righteousness, etc). For many who bandy fascism about this is what you actually hunger for. What we have know is what fascism actually is in practical terms, and most seem to hate it. No more “evil be my good”; no more false gods like Kek.

    4) Do what guerilla armies do and open up multiple fronts: I think the following fronts are extremely promising

    4a) respect for nations, after all, God wants the Nations.

    4b) Liberty restored against a technocratic police state – no more computer based global prison!

    4b) humans first, machines never – we resist ANY attempt to replace us, and even stand with blacks, Mexicans, etc to accomplish this

    4c) Logos reborn: we must offer meaning and value to life beyond population genetics

    Tell them we have seen the light and we now know that the fight against white genocide was only one facet of a larger, perhaps even cosmic war (which it is).

  5. The idea that we should warm to the Jews is a losing strategy. Have they ever warmed to us? No they continue to attack us. If they are able to they will treat us like the Russians in the Commie revolution. They’ve done this over and over and the results are lots and lots of dead for the society they conquer.

    “The Tribe is just laughing at us. Aren’t they?”

    Yes they are and this is just the beginning of a ramping up of their control of us. They are all in and will not stop until they either have complete control or they have lost everything. I think this is a turning point.

  6. I tried to warn people about the Kushners!!!!!! I grew up within biking distance from them (and I’m no cyclist).

    Instead of, uh, *some* people listening to me, I got banned b/c in the same exact county a bunch of guineas partner with the Tribe and no, they’re not all cryptos. I had the supposed poor form to point this out, WTF.

    Don’t say no one warned you. I’m hardly the only one for all the people who ‘warned’ me against Renegade.


    Or should I say Cohn?

    Kushner’s father blackmailed his own freakin’ brother-in-law, by setting him up with a prostitute on hidden camera, and then threatening to expose him to his own sister’s kids. He spent time in prison for that and other McGreasy (former NJ governor) related felonies.

    I never thought Trump was some transformative leader. I just thought he’d buy us some time, even a year would have been nice, another SC justice maybe, a little headway with the moral victory. Michael Moore called him a ‘human molotov cocktail’ when he was gonna be just a human sandbag.

    Who knows what (((they))) have on him. Doesn’t matter, really, because (((they))) have everything. Not ‘hard work and/or genetics’ either.

    Tricky Dick looks like a martyr compared to Don the Con

  7. Oded Yinon’s Greater Israel Plan:


    (((Wesley Clark))) revealed some years ago that (((they))) were going after 7 countries in the Middle East. Taking a little longer than planned. Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Iran and Yemen:


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