Boycott Pepsi

This is disgusting:

“How will we heal the divisions in American society today? Is there a single, capitalism-friendly solution for creating peace and understanding in our country?

Pepsi has an idea: a can of soda, with a Kendall Jenner twist.

The company’s new ad manages to achieve a startling level of tone-deafness by casting Jenner — yes, Kim Kardashian West’s younger sister — as a high-fashion model who bravely whips off her blond wig to join a throng of protesters and ultimately bridge the divide with white male police.

Thing is, it’s hard not to compare the imagery from the commercial with that of an award-winning photo taken last year of a woman and police at a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge, La. But more on that later. …”

It looks like I won’t be having another Pepsi.

I’m serious. I’ve already given up Starbucks, Nordstorm and Honey Nut Cheerios over the years. We need to compile a comprehensive list of brands to boycott which are hostile to our community.

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  1. I haven’t had soda since 1992 or 1993.

    There’s no reason grown White men should ever be drinking that crap.

  2. Pepsi tastes flat, I never liked the stuff. Sugar Pepsi isnt bad but the Corn Syrup one, Id rather drink Pepto Bismol

  3. Is Coke and Pepsi still allowed to get away with not telling you what they put in it? That’s a big red flag.

    BTW filtered water is the drink of champions. Try a couple of weeks without fluoride and you’ll notice the difference.

    • I stopped drinking soda (except for maybe a handful of occasions each year) several years ago and haven’t missed it. Won’t take much to boycott Pepsi

  4. Pepsi’s Indian ceo Indra Nooyi is a vile, White-America hating globalist c&&t. A friend’s White husband works there and is required to do all sorts of “volunteer” activities on weekends, most of which are militantly SJW related. She blamed American “arrogance” for terrorist attacks and is always lecturing Whites on how they’re evil and wrong.

  5. I would say “this is why they’re only second best”, but Coke has been disgustingly diverse for ages now too.

    • Coke and Pepsi are in a virtue siganling war to see who is more cucked. Things arent going very well for those who piss off the buying power of the right. Ask Mr Starcucks, Schultz how they’re doing after siding with muslim immigrants.

  6. ‘I’m serious. I’ve already given up Starbucks, Nordstorm and Honey Nut Cheerios over the years. We need to compile a comprehensive list of brands to boycott which are hostile to our community.’


  7. I’m about a month into my Pepsi boycott, they own 7-up and the commercial where the white wife ends up with a nigger rapper and her cucked husband becomes a figurative jail house bitch at the end was too much for me to take. A shorter list at this point would be brands that are acceptable

      • My wife watches YV, and as she won’t stop watching it, I took the second best route – which is I stay in, practice my guitar pieces and point out what the poison is.

        Now she watches, but, she is no longer unwitting about the anti-Southern, anti-White demon in the room.

          • No, Philip, I entertain professionally; and much of the drudgery can be handled wile listening to the radio or watching TV.

    • You ought not be drinking soft-drinks, anyway, Mr. Delarge, as they are toxick as hell to your gut.

  8. It did pain me to give up Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch when their CEO said something stinky after the election.

    • Third worlders are starving to death everyday. They can’t get enough food but they’re supposed to be able to get Pepsi?

    • Let ole Jay send his Mexican cousins in to save Israel.

      As it is, Southern boys paid the price in 1917, and, again in numerous Gulf Wars.

      • The liberal Jews are like murderers who want to see us all die.
        The Zionist Jews are like parasites who want to suck us all dry.

          • It could never have been avoided, Mr. Whitaker, as separating 10 Downing St., and or 300 Pennsylvania Avenue, from Rothschild Empire Inc. is like trying to pull crabmeat out of a crab, without hurting the crab.

            You can’t do it…

  9. I like how PEPSICO, a multibillion dollar global corporation whose junk food products make consumers fat and prone to Type II diabetes, is trying to present itself as an ally of ultra-liberal SJWs. Have they no shame???


  10. It’s hilarious how Pepsi’s ad has pissed off liberals given that they are the target audience of this type of nonsense. It also great for the memes.

  11. I am sick to death of having these kinds of commercials, promoting the mud-race Jew England Government rainbow.

    I thought I was alone, on this score, however, when I brought it up at Sunday School, the other week, there was a chorus of spontaneous replies – they, to a one, unanimous that these kind of ads only encouraged them NOT to use the product.

    As to the race-mixing ads, I either turn off the TV or walk out of the room.

    That said, I cannot boycott the pharmaceutical companies that most often push this, because don’t use their products.

  12. It would be much easier…Not to mention. A much shorter list if we would make a list of products we can buy. The list of products I don’t buy would stretch around the earth three times…

  13. Some time ago the corporations cast their lots with the White Genocide cult. Pepsi and Coke are just more blatant about it. They’re gambling that consumerism will hold the human race together in peace, prosperity and harmony as it drowns in a sea of brown. Idiots.

  14. Put about 5oz of organic baby spinach in a blender and put distilled water in and blend to a liquid and pour into 4 16 oz glass bottles adding more distilled water as necessary and don’t add anything else — tastes better and is much better for you than the toxic soft drinks…been doing this daily for the last 5+ years…

  15. For those of you that don’t drink the diabetic inducing, obesity causing toxic sludge known as Soda, Pepsi also owns the following brands (albeit some not much healthier): Lays, Doritos, Ruffles, Gatorade, Aquafina, Tropicana, Cheetos, Tostitos, Quaker, Brisk, Tropicana, and Fritos.

  16. Heres a start….this is the list my family is boycotting…we keep adding as we go and message each other with the additions

    Our boycott list:
    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
    Morning Joe
    Lady Gaga,
    Miley Cyrus,
    GMO, food/ product from China,
    Calvin Klein,
    Old Navy
    Megyn Kelly
    Ben and jerrys
    State Farm
    State Farm
    Zazzle dot com
    Tom Ford

    Dolce & Gabanna
    LL Bean
    Patriots football team/Tom Brady

  17. I agree we need to boycott anti-white corporations as much as possible. One way to do this is to start gardening. The more of our own (healthy!) food that we grow, the less we will need to buy. I am expanding my gardens this year, and have planted several more fruit trees. If all goes well, this year I will end up with enough pumpkins and watermelons to have a little roadside stand.
    And tell all your Christians friends to oppose multiculturalism, which is nothing but Neo-Babelism.

  18. All you need to remember is that only a fool drinks caffeinated sugar water. They need to advertise to their customers who are mostly ignorant fools. See now this commercial makes sense

  19. We need a national Traditionalist, Nationalist, Patriotic umbrella organization to boycott these traitors and subversives BY THE TENS OF MILLIONS, causing their stock to plummet and the firing of the their Bored As Directors and Executetives.

  20. All T.v. & movies promote White genocide and hatred. Speak out against this propaganda machine, boycott the products, otherwise we will cease to exist

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