BREAKING: Bombs Tear Through St. Petersburg Metro, At Least Ten Dead And Dozens Wounded

Update 1: Apparently an additional IED was just dismantled and disabled inside the Metro.

Update 2: ISIS fighters – obviously – are currently celebrating the attack, although they haven’t yet claimed responsibility entirely. They’re just more in tune with their people and faith, and know that any strikes like this are almost always the handiwork of Moslems.

Update 3: Well, Russian law enforcement just released a picture of the suspect/person of interest in the bombing, and…

Maybe we’re dealing with an angry zombie Rasputin, or maybe the Amish have at last decided to flex their murderous muscles – it’s all open speculation, I suppose.

Or maybe it’s just the Religion of Peace striking again among the hated infidel.

Update 4: Some Russian news sources are claiming that the body of a “Central Asian man” found at the epicenter of the bomb blast proves that the attack was in face a suicide mission, with other suspects (see above) being sought for planting the second IED in a different Metro station.

Original article follows below:

Let’s just go out on a limb here and say that there’s probably a ninety-five percent chance or so that this was the work of Moslem filth – likely either Chechen terrorists or Central Asians recruited by an ISIS affiliated group.

It could be Ukrainian scum as well, I suppose, or maybe even political dissidents led by Jews like Soros, but it’s almost certainly Moslems.

And the fact that children were reportedly killed and wounded in the blast – which was apparently caused by either one or two nail/shrapnel bombs going off inside a metro train – does not bode well for those responsible.

Me personally?

I hope and pray Putin unleashes holy righteous hell upon the subhuman animals that decided to launch their attack today.

And as with any attack, updates will be available as soon as they are received on our end, but for now, there is an RT live-stream for those interested.

From RT:

A suspected bomb blast inside a car of the St. Petersburg Metro system has killed nine passengers and injured over 20 others. The entire transit system is shut down as bomb squads and rescuers respond to the emergency.

The explosion happened as the train was travelling between the stations Tekhnologichesky Institut and Sennaya Ploshchad of the St. Petersburg Metro, the National Antiterrorism Committee (NAC) confirmed.

The preliminary casualty report on the St. Petersburg Metro blast is nine people killed and over 20 injured, some of them seriously,” the NAC said in a statement. “All the victims are receiving the necessary medical and psychological assistance.”

Images posted on social media show bodies lying next to the damaged car, with blood apparently spilt on a bench.

The St. Petersburg governor’s office said there were as many as 50 victims in the incident, including 10 fatalities. Two of the injured have been taken for surgery while two others are being prepared for operation.

The city healthcare committee said 25 people have been brought to hospital in the wake of the blast, including one child.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented that “The causes of this event have not been determined yet, so it’s too early to talk about [possible causes]. The investigation will show. Certainly, we will consider all possibilities: common, criminal, but first of all of a terrorist nature.


  1. Well, I’ve actually had considerable dealings with the Kazakh- form of the “stan” folk. They’re nominally Muslim, but it’s extremely nominal. Their women wear regular western-type clothes — jeans, short skirts, whatever. Not a headscarf in sight, and both sexes seem to consume alcohol with vigor. Pork products are for sale in the meat departments (alongside the national delicacy of horse meat), and I haven’t seen any halal stuff there. They seem more like worshippers of Genghis Khan’s Eternal Blue Sky than Muslims.

  2. Mate this lot are so stuck in history it’s well funny seeing how they react to things. Like bomb goes off… Jeeeews… 500 years ago in the crusades a man had sex with a carrot, years later, Jews are taking over the world… Funny thing is, until trump told them russians were cool, they Hated them! Errrrrrr.

  3. Hahaha. Instead of looking back 700 years for a reason for terrorism, why not look at the last 60 where America has bombed every Muslim or non capitalist country and then wonders why they get bombed back

  4. Very sad -and infuriating. The Muslims always do this garbage when you let them in -just as Jews always engage in finical trickery and political and cultural subversion. Even without the suspect photo, did anyone reasonably suspect something other than Muslims? Muslims would rather bomb crowded public spaces full of citizens than fight. When Muslims, or any Semite regardless of religion, fight Euros, it does not go well for the Semite.
    These terror attacks are the result of multiculturalism, which is nothing but Neo-Babelism. Chrsitians, wake up to this!

  5. The Alt-Right actually partially grew out of division caused by Neo-Conservatives (mostly Jews) and cuckold patriotards bombing and invading half the Middle East during the first part of this century.

    Not to mention the fact that while all of this bombing was going on, our borders were open to the same sand-fleas whose homes were just destroyed by America.

    But if we’re talking about this, please explain the attacks in Europe using your original argument…

    These nations haven’t gotten involved for the most part in the Middle East in quite some time, and many actually opposed (((America’s))) wars during the Bush and Obama regimes

  6. Nah, Trump probably paid attention to the debate on the far Right about the Kiev Maidan.

    I’ve never hated Russians.

  7. The Russians got bombed, Sweden got bombed etc etc…also the Jews killed the Czar and arranged to get Adolf. Very recent stuff.

  8. This is exactly what Mossad might hear about LIHOP just for Putin thwarting Assad’s removal.

  9. Its become even worse than just worshiping Reagan and tax cuts for liberal billionaires, these cuckservative types are now openly supporting Muslims and blame people that speak out against Islam.

  10. Like Al Qaeda? Or the Muj?

    I don’t think its Trump’s people doing it though.

  11. Oh, I know.

    To be honest, I have more respect for Antifa than I do for cuckold patriotard idiots.

  12. I didn’t know that but I’m not the least bit surprised to learn about it. Typical niggerish behavior.

  13. Mossad wouldn’t be above using some of their operatives in a situation like this and the Mossad has plenty of Islamic operatives. The Kebabs wont turn down the Shekels

  14. The Jew in America has been legal to interracially breed for so long people think Jews are white now.

  15. The Jews could have easily paid some of the Chechen’s its not out of the realm of possibilty. The Russian Jewish Mafia has extensive dealings with the Muslims

  16. Some of the Muslim populations in Russia like the Tatars are not a problem and are loyal to Russia. Others like the Chechens are scumbags. This is a reminder that Russia is not a white ethno state but a multi-racial empire like Austria-Hungary was.

  17. Yes. The Muslims are attacking the West mainly because they sense weakness and are attempting to break and dominate its people even further. Sure, there’s a little revenge for the bombing stuff thrown in, but they don’t really need that. They kill each other quite vigorously as well, after all. And to me, they appear to be the members of an aggressive, expansionist culture which strikes at weakness wherever possible in effort to gain more territory.

  18. You what? Generalised, Jews are family orientated, highly educated and hard working: this is instilled through years of storytelling and culture building. Amy winehouse was not part of a jew masterplan, she was an exceptional singer. Karl marx was a genius in the right place and time to notice that with mass production comes mass labour and and different goals for the average person. Jews make big changes because their culture breeds greatness and because they move and get on with it.

  19. Nah. Arabs and assorted Paki, Chetnia, Afghans to murder and mayhem wherever they go. They also insult, abuse weak White boys and harass or worse rape White girls. It has little or nothing to do with American military policy.

    Hey “A Girl” – have you noticed that Sweden has the highest rape rate of any country non in Sub Sahara Black Africa? Why is this so?

    Sweden has pursued a pacifist United Nations foreign policy, even taking the side of the Palestinians.

    Has this “good neighbor” policy with Arabs/Muslims resulted in mutual respect, tolerance and positive multi culturalism in Sweden?


    The Arabs/Muslim harass and rape Swedish girls. OK, it’s what they do.

    So the moral of this story is never to be soft, “tolerant” weak when dealing with Arabs, Muslims etc. Look how the Serbs and Russians handle these things.


  20. Agreed and well said.

    Sweden has pursued a pacifist United Nations foreign policy, even taking the side of the Palestinians.

    Has this “good neighbor” policy with Arabs/Muslims resulted in mutual respect, tolerance and positive multi culturalism in Sweden?


    The Arabs/Muslim harass and rape Swedish girls. OK, it’s what they do.

    So the moral of this story is never to be soft, “tolerant” weak when dealing with Arabs, Muslims etc. Look how the Serbs and Russians handle these things.

  21. That 2nd or 3rd Rambo Movie was the worst.

    Amurikunnn patriot Johnny Rambo goes join forces with the Afghan (taliban) Jihadists to fight the evil, terrible RACIST Russia as commanded by (senile) Amurikunnn patriotard president Ronald Reagan!

    S*HT*# like that and White folks who think WWF wrestling is “real” – I sometimes just want to give up on America.

  22. There is this record. But the best response is not to deny that the worst Muslims are invading our countries, raping our women, insulting and bullying our boys and destroying our White societies.

    The worst anti White Jews are supporting them, but it’s still the masses of unwashed nasty mountain Muslims doing the killing and raping.

    So by just opposing Muslims raping and killing our people, European, European American nationalists will still get called RACIST, NAZIs by the worst anti White Jews like Jack Boot.

    That’s life.

    Just look in the mirror – if you see a healthy White European face support our people, resist the worst Muslims and the worst anti White Jews.

    It seems easy for me, but somehow most White Americans can’t grasp this easy concept.

  23. “…Conspiracy theory lunacy with zero facts to back up this nonsense…”

    I agree. How do we know it was Chechens? These days it’s mostly the government that does these things.

  24. “…Amy winehouse was not part of a jew masterplan…”

    You’re tight. She was a drunken possible heroin addict.

    “…Jews make big changes because their culture breeds greatness and because they move and get on with it…”

    I don’t know about greatness but they sure have move on after they rip everybody off and the folks come with pitchforks to get even.

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