Support Good Looking Middle Easterners

There’s been 25 years of Islamic sectarian slaughter in Iraq. Other Middle Eastern, Arab, Kurd, Turd, Turk areas look to be a total mess. Most Red State Americans now admit that the Bush I, Bush II military interventions were a huge mistake. We didn’t export American “Democracy and Freedom” to Iraq – the Neo Con conmen (the Jews) told us “Saddam Hussein was Hitler – Saddam was the bad guy”. Well looking around now, most Red State Americans are asking:

“Who are the good guys in the Middle East?”

I go with the idea that the good guys and gals in the Middle East are the ones who:

Look better
Dress better

Those that think and act more like us.

I always support Middle Eastern leaders like Syria’s President Assad or the former Shah of Iran who are

good looking, clean shaven – have attractive wives and handsome children. It’s reality that the Whiter you are in the Middle East – the less Islamic you are. It’s also reality that the 8th century pedophile prophet forbid Muslim men from shaving, so Muslims then and now tend to be really hairy.

Also most Islamic societies still do not promote the use of toilet paper or soap. And Islamic women don’t tend to spend a lot of time in the gym toning their bodies as they are not allowed to show their bodies or their faces in public – that doesn’t make for competitive beauty pageant contestants. But, other non Islamic women in the Middle East were/are competitive in international beauty contests. Lebanese gals used to compete well against the beauties from pre – Chavez Venezuela.

Check out this Miss Lebanon (Maronite Christian)

I lived for 8 years in California and I noticed that there were a lot of very tall, fair skinned, dark eyed beautiful Persian/Iranian women not covered up in black burkas. It’s true that there were too many slutty Armenian women like Kim Kardasian (mud shark) – maybe Kim should consider covering up her fat butt 🙂

Egyptian pharaohs of ancient times intermarried with Mittani Princesses.(Ancient Kingdom of Mittani Link) There were geo political reasons for these marriages, but my take (and also Savitri Devi’s) was that Egyptian royals thought the Mittani women were better looking had better, whiter blood.

Our kinsmen the Russians are smart to support President Assad of Syria – he’s a handsome man, not dirty and hairy like too many 8th century Islamists.

The former Shah of Iran and his family – much better looking guy than dark, dirty and hairy Ayhatolla Khomeini

This is another reason I/we dislike the cultural marxist, anti Southern Jewesses on the US Supreme Court…

They’re butt as* ugly. What kind of healthy male, Jew or Gentile wants to mate with the likes of Ruth Bader Ginzberg or Elena Kagan? This is another reason all wealthy Hollywood Jewish actors and directors like Steven Spielberg, Peter Bogdanovich or Roman Polanski chase after our White Nordic women/girls. Can you blame them?


  1. Wasn’t Steven Spielberg married to the chick in Temple of Doom? I thought she was Jewish too? I hope they met on the set of the movie, it would be pretty lame to cast your wife as the lead in your movie. Didn’t work out to well for Warren Beatty in Bugsy.

      • I hope you understand this important reality:

        Jews are an ethnic group – “race” is too strong a word, the religious thing goes back and forth all around. Usually it’s Jews supposedly “converting” to some form of Christianity, changing their last names to sound like the local European Christians.

        But, some baptismal water and some prayers doesn’t make the likes of Steven Spielberg or Madeline Albright in to someone who is no longer Jewish.

        The Spanish called the Jews who stayed after 1492 and supposedly “Converted” to Catholicism Christian, they called them


        And the Spanish Inquisition was always around looking for Jewish Conversos who secretly slipped back in to being full on Jewish.

  2. The more “Aryan” types in the middle east–like the Persians and the Tajiks–do tend to be more attractive and more civilized than the rest. It would be nice to get to the point where we can provide support to them on the international stage (and some well-vetted cross-pollination, for some of the Miss Lebanon ilk).

    An interesting case to look at in the modern world is Afghanistan: The Aryan-descended Tajiks are a substantial minority, and yet they tend to dominate the country’s politics in the post-Taliban era. The native Pashtuns, on the other hand, tend to form most of the terrorist groups (including the aforementioned Taliban). Both groups are muslim, but one seems to be handling things just a bit better than the other…

        • Yes, I noticed that.

          Unfortunately we’re dealing with 2,000 plus years of anti Persian/anti Iranian propaganda mostly through the Greeks.

          It’s that whole 300 Spartans where supposedly beautiful, brave White Western Spartans held off the hordes of ugly, hairy, Asiatic mongrel Persians and their slave armies.

          In true history the Persian nobility of the time were very White, tall, and yes Aryan.

  3. The reason there are a large minority of fair-skinned people in western and central Asia is because those used to be White-ruled parts of the world. Thanks to the rise of Mohammedanism that is no longer the case.

    • The Hellenic world. Notice how the term “Asia Minor” has disappeared from Geography books.

  4. Here’s a very handsome Middle Eastern ruling couple:

    The King of Jordan and his/our Queen Noir

    The Arab King of Jordan was a very handsome, dignified, well dressed man – a true gentleman – who did his best for his people.

    Queen Noir was an American born, White Anglo American woman – who somehow survived the American education system to become a cultured, honorable wife and mother – there are so few.

    Unfortunately this great Jordanian royal couple are no more, some home the current next King of Jordan isn’t the son of Queen Noir – he looks like a rather typical swarthy Arab. Or well.

    • The current ruler of Jordan, Abdullah II, is on the CIA’s payroll. That’s why you NEVER hear the jewsmedia or the (((State Department))) criticizing him for “human rights violations” or developing “weapons of mass destruction”.

  5. Too bad about the Shah being overthrown. If someone like Trump or Nixon were President in 1979 instead of Carter then that revolution would either never have happened or Khomeini would have had nothing to do with it.

    • I forgot about President Jimmy Carter.

      What kind of a proud, tough White country has a leader named….


      Who was president when White Rhodesia was handed over to Mugabe Black Majority rule?

      It must have been President Jimmy Carter.

  6. American born and raised White Anglo woman – Jordan’s Queen Noir was a very, very beautiful woman and she took her responsibilities as the queen of her adopted country – Jordan seriously.

    I like the way the pre – 1917 European world did international royal marriages. The Russian, German and British royal families were all united by blood. That’s why it seems insane to me that World War I destroyed the White European world – why slaughter your own families? Why replace beautiful, honorable White Germanic/Nordic royal families with the lowest of the low Communists of Tatar and Jewish ethnic/racial blood.

    Here’s another photo of the beautiful Queen Noir of Jordan:

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