Random Boasting Jewess Claims To Have Found James Comey’s Twitter Account

Jews really are a self-absorbed and arrogant bunch; a group that touts even their most random deeds as glorious achievements worthy of praise and adulation for an eternity.

Take the actions of Ashley Feinberg, for example.

This creature, who apparently works for Gizmodo in some obscure capacity, claims to have discovered the hidden and secret Twitter account of James Comey after devoting huge amounts of time and resources to the task.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with the nonsense involved in the search aside from telling you that her “brilliance” consisted of following instructions that a twelve-year-old could have understood without much difficulty.

And in the end, nothing of any substance was discovered aside from a high probability that the account was, and is, a method of communication with family and a close friend or three.

No classified information, no revelations, no real political stances, and no details into the agenda of the gigantic traitor and his FBI.

Not even swinger tweets or references to rumored cuckold sessions.

But in the mind of the Jew, it’s greater than any hack or troll campaign ever undertaken.


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  1. Trump seems to have awoken the sleeping giant by attacking the Freedom Caucus.

    On the major forums (Free Republic, Breitbart, Infowars, Zero Hedge) the anger is white hot and personal.

    Trump was only breathing space to get a new nation.

    • He better start tap dancing as the Overton Window is still shifting. He doesn’t want to be caught outside it and be regarded as an anti-White cuckservative.

    • I almost can’t believe his hubris, in attacking the group that saved him from tarnishing his legacy in just the first few months of his presidency. Almost.

      It was probably too optimistic to hope that he’d execute all of his objectives as he laid them out, even if he did seem sincere about it.

      Either he gets himself back in line out of pressure from the caucus and his base, or he goes cuck and accelerates the fall via a different path than the one Hillary would have taken. Either way, there’s a way forward.

      • I have no idea what he’s doing or where he’s going with this. Remember I asked the question many weeks ago is Trump really super good or is he just lucky. Don’t completely rule out luck. Sometimes the planets just align and things happen and no one knows why.

  2. Of all the hacks in Washington, the Freedom Caucus seems to be the least full of shit. Trump attacking them, seems not a good idea.

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