Putin Condemns Recent (((Anti-Corruption Protests))), Compares Them To Western-Backed Arab Spring

Over the last couple of decades, the International Jew has really gotten the hang of instigating anti-government protests against nations that fail to properly toe the line on all matters relating to Globalism and destructive Multiculturalism.

Whether you’re talking about Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine (twice), or a few other less-significant countries, the script has remained much the same aside from a few tweaks to improve efficiency in the revolution process.

But thankfully, Vladimir Putin is apparently not going to fall for this nonsense, and has come out swinging at those who seek to destroy the best harmony enjoyed by the Russian State in more than a century.

From RT:

Russia’s president has it is wrong for political figures to use anti-corruption campaigns for political advantage rather than actually try to do something about it, while noting that his administration and allies have always been staunchly anti-corruption.

We persistently stand for fighting corruption,” President Vladimir Putin told reporters on Wednesday at the International Arctic Forum in Russia’s northwestern city of Arkhangelsk. “The problem has become lesser in recent times, public opinion polls testify to that,” he noted.

“But I think that it is not right when certain political forces attempt to use this tool for their own promotion, including electoral campaigns, instead of trying to improve the situation in the country,” Putin said.

This tool was used in the Arab Spring events and we know very well what the results of those events were. The same tool was used as an excuse for the coup d’état in Ukraine that has driven that country into chaos,” Putin added.

He also told reporters that, in his opinion, those who violate the law must be held responsible within the limits set by it. As for recent calls from Western politicians to release the demonstrators detained during Sunday’s unsanctioned protests, Putin said he considers such rhetoric extremely politicized and also an attempt to influence Russia’s internal political situation.

On Sunday, March 26, thousands of people took to the streets across Russia to protest corruption. The rallies were organized by opposition politician Aleksey Navalny, who wants the authorities to react to his latest report, in which he accuses PM Dmitry Medvedev of ‘illegally’ using the assets of several charity funds. Russia’s authorities have dismissed those allegations as Navalny’s own political propaganda.

For the sake of understanding what we’re exactly dealing with, let’s take a brief look at Mr. Alexei Navalny and his foolish career that is seemingly dedicated to bringing Russia back to the days of pure evil and corruption that existed immediately before and after the fall of the Soviet Union.

According to sources including his biography, the man is nothing more than a useless Ukrainian agitator that apparently works with numerous Jewish power-players to consistently and constantly undermine the Putin government at every turn.

Sure, he may say some things that Nationalists and racialists may agree with, but so do the politicians that operate under the current Ukraine system; a Jew-ridden joke that has become a great source of laughs during the last couple of years.

So just keep an eye on the rat Navalny and those who finance and back his foolishness, as he could become a serious threat if allowed to flourish and gain publicity.

And the last thing we need at the moment is to have Russia become destabilized – America under even Top Trump would then stand utterly alone.

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  1. “bringing Russia back to the days of pure evil and corruption”
    Apparently the author hasn’t heard about housing cooperative Ozero.
    Seriously, it seems that when it comes to Russia, seemingly sane writers have a sudden decrease in IQ as if there is some ancient curse at work.

      • It was essentially Putin as 7 other guys who bought some land for their dachas( it’s like a summer house, usually,but not always,with a small market garden, though I doubt they had those) in 1996. After Putin became president all those 7 suddenly became veeeery rich people.

        • Is Putin’s regime better than the Bolshevik regime, or worse? How many millions of Russians have starved to death under Putin?

          • When you have to bring up commies to make a case for Putin’s “success” it just proves that you have nothing. So he is not as bad as those guys( who occupy a very low bar), does this make him a great leader? What kind of argument is this anyway “you are not prosperous, be grateful that you are not starving”?

          • You don’t seem to understand that he IS better than the Jew Tyrants. Is he perfect – either is Trump. But RIGHT NOW – it’s Trump and Putin – or the JEW. Really it boils down to that. So remove Putin – and let the Kikes turn Russia in to Germany.

          • Not so long ago it was either the Party or evill capitalist. I am not blind to Jewish influence, but don’t you think that you are going overboard with this? One way or another, I simply don’t by your logic and there is no evidence that Putin is hostile towards Jews. And if you mention “Berezovsky”, I’ll say that Velselnerg and other Jewish are doing fine under Putin.

          • But would you say Russia is better off than, say, under Yeltsin?

            Because right now if you study this navalny scoundrel, you see that a Russia under him and his particular breed of (((allies))) would mean a massive clone of kike Ukraine

          • And for every one of putin’s corruption scandals, I could name 5 American ones involving billions upon billions of dollars.

            Study the Clintons and bushes to get started

          • First, Putin was part of Yeltsin’s team so he is not exactly a paragon of whatever . Second, Khodorkovsky and Putin are one and the same, they just have different types of useful idiots agitating for them. I have no love for either of them.Third, I want real politics in my country, not a kleptocratic regime whose only argument is “we are the best of the worst”. I mean, you of all people should know what it’s like when don’t have a real candidate, only bunch of establishment shills, who have no skin in the game and who couldn’t care less about you.

          • But in terms of realism, where do you look to in Russia?

            We would all love to see drastic changes in our nations, but reality is reality, and you have to work with what you have.

            I see nothing among the Russian opposition that seems better than the present – only what was explained in the original article.

            I could be wrong because I’m not a Russian speaker, but…

          • We have what we have for 17 years now and those people don’t have much to show for themselves, so I think some changes are in order. Also, with such attitude you might as well’have embraced “Jeb!” Plus, I don’t need drastic changes, I simply want free political process where different sides could introduce their agenda and win/lose. And that cuts ideological spectrum. I’ll give an you interesting tidbit, a colleague of mine, who studies political activities of young people in Russia once told me that there is a certain amount of discussion and cooperation between young people on the left and on the right. Not because they like each other, simply because current regime will do away with anyone who defies it, because the only ideology it has is amassing of capital.

          • It’s when the result is unpredictable, like with your elections. Your political system is not perfect, but guy like Trump can go against the establishment with a real chance to win. Nothing like that is possible in Russia at this moment.

          • ” like with your elections”, “a real chance to win”

            One of the more stupid and repulsive aspects of Russian liberalism is
            this cargo-cult they make out of Western political system. They share it
            with their Maidanist collegues in Ukraine.

            But what exactly did Trump win? More importantly what did his voters win?

            Trump’s Muslim ban has been blocked by judges, his obamacare replacement did not get the votes in Congress. And whatever happened to his America-first foreign policy? This sure looks like the continuation of Obama’s foreign policy to me.

            It took months for Russia to start builing a bridge to Crimea. How much time do you think will pass before Trump starts building his Wall. For Gods sake, the Congress has yet to agree on how to finance it!

          • Our economy is in shambles we live off Soviet legacy and we are only as prosperous as oil prices are high. Our economy is about the same as Italy’s.Yeah, lets built a bridge to Crimea, let it be another project to steal money from, like that another bridge in Vladivostok, or Olympics or some other vanity project. He does nothing about our illegal immigration or our own heroin pandemic. But we are going to have a bridge.

            Your great leader only knows how waste people’s money and how to enrich himself, while morons like cheer from the sidelines.

          • But what makes you think that throwing a tantrum and breaking stuff can improve ANYTHING? Open you eyes – Ukraine proved (twice) that’s not the path.

            You’re spewing Western MSM cliches about Russia to prove that the country is horrible (it is as if your entire view of Russia was borrowed from Western MSM). But the fact that Russia has illegal immigration proves that the country is in fact prosperous enough that many people want to move in.

            But sure, let us have a color revolution like in Ukraine, that will solve migration problem. It will solve corruption as well: there will simply be no infrastructure projects to steal money from.

            I cannot help but feel that the real reason you want to rebel is because rebelling makes you feel good about yourself. But that’s the kind of attitude that in a healthy society needs to be supressed. You SJW-types have nothing positive to offer.

          • Yeas, all those muslims from the ex-republics, who don’t even now Russian and commit more violent crimes than natives in Moscow alone. You know, you claim that I am an SJW, but it’s you who sounds like one. Maybe you will now start telling everyone here that they should stop worrying about Mexican immigration, because it only signifies how prosperous their nation is.

            Plus, no one is breaking anything, protests are peaceful non-violent, but you are deliberately lying to people like a nice little Kremlibot you really are. How much do they pay you, anyway?

          • Of course, and Steve Bannon is hardcore libtard, because he said that Putin represents kleptocracy. In your little world everything is so simple and neatly tied together.

          • WTF is that supposed to mean? Steven Bannon is authority for you? The man is in fact a (classical) liberal, with his brain on Judeo-Christian values, but even his take on Russian leader is more nuanced than yours.

            What a sad degenerate you are. People like you are the reason why repression is necessary and justified. In fact my main gripe with Putin regime is his tolerance of political liberals, not his tolerance of corruption.

          • “Judeo-Christian values”, Kev! As a 65-year old who was raised in accordance with truly Christian values, not Kosher, I find the main term “Judeo-Christian” an incomparable impudence on the part of the eternal usurpers and an unprecedented stupidity by their gullible Goyim.

          • I know Putin still let’s the Hebes into play – because ZOG JewSA still can inflict immense damage. He’s walking a line. And NO I am “not going overboard.
            It’s the Jew. It’s ALWAYS been the JEW.

          • Hitler’s mistake was going Judenrein.

            He didn’t believe his own book.

          • ” I simply don’t by your logic and there is no evidence that Putin is hostile towards Jews.”

            I respond :

            Ok here s your proof the American Jews in the Media and in Anti White Lib Democrat politics and the Neo Conservative Jews in Republican politics HATE Vladimir Putin and Hate President Trump and HATE all populists and nationalists resisting Muslim invasions and terrorism in Wesyern Europe and the U.K.

            What more evidence do you want?

          • But there is no shortage of evidence of Jewish hostility to Putin though. You don’t seem to be sharpest knife in the shed. If Putin was hostile to Jewish interests, do you think he would be telegraphing it publicly?

            The virulent hatred directed at Putin from (((US media))), (((neoconservatives))) and (((Russian liberals))) is evidence enough.

        • Putin is the most popular Czar in Russian in one 200 years

          The Russian people want him to have a dacha


        • Putin is essentially the resurrection of the KGB who looked at China’s transition to an authoritarian market economy and said “why didn’t we do it that way.”

          • The only problem is that China has a somewhat effective and patriotic elites. Ours are only interested in extracting money from the country and then spending it in Europe or the US.

    • This guy’s purpose here is to discredit Putin in the eyes of White nationalists. He is either a liberal or a Ukrainian. Don’t listen to him.

  2. https://www.google.com/logos/doodles/2017/doodle-4-google-2017-us-winner-5145189378162688-hp.jpg

    Especially the image of the Zionist and Arab Muslim arm-in-arm kills me.

    So, what do Jews and Palestinians have in common? Nothing… except for wanting to have free access to Anglocratic nations, especially the US.

    Surely, Palestinians hate the US for having abetted the creation of Israel possible and funneling billions to Israel every year. But Palestinians are organisms, and organisms seek comfort and well-being, and what better place than America or some other Anglocratic state for immigration destination? They crave entry into the US more than recovery of Palestine itself. Good life uber alles. Comfort-Supremacism.

    So, that is the only intersectionality that REALLY matters between Jews/Zionists and Arabs/Palestinians… and among all other non-white groups. They all want access to Anglocratic states. They have NOTHING ELSE in common despite their mouthy sloganeering. All these bogus terms like ‘inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’ are ruses and obfuscations. After all, if such ‘universal values’ are for all the world, how come Jews and Muslims don’t push such them on Africa and most of the Third World? Because they don’t want to go there to live, that’s why. It doesn’t matter if black Africa is tolerant/inclusive or not because no people want to move there, at least permanently. (Chinese and Hindus go there for investment to dig out natural resources.)

    Now, if all non-whites want access to Anglocratic nations, why is there such hostility against whitey? Why do they hate what they want(and love) most?

    It’s like the Jilted-Lover Syndrome. If some guy asks a girl out for prom because he’s smitten with her, he might fume and seethe with rage if she says No. So, he ends up hating what he loves most.

    It’s like something that happened in high school. There was some Jewish kid who asked this really gorgeous Jewish girl out for the prom, and she said NO, and he, in typical neurotic Jewish way, was bitching all over the school about her refusal. It’s like she did him(and the world) great injustice by refusing him.

    So, paradoxically, this hate/hostility on the part of non-whites is really to gain access to white nations(esp Anglosphere), or what they love most. With such antsy hostility and accusations of ‘racism’, ‘white guilt’, ‘intolerance’, and ‘exclusion’, they are trying to make white nations cave to their demands and put out. And PC is just a Jewish & non-white date-rape drug used on Ms Liberty. In Europe, this rape thing is getting too real in Sweden and other places.

    When a person asks someone out on a date or makes a proposal for marriage, the asked has advantage over the ‘asker’. Asker makes a request, and the asked can agree or disagree, and that’s that. So, the asked has the upper hand… as this guy finds out.

    If the ‘asker’ plays by the rules, he will accept the answer NO and gracefully walk away.

    But what if the ‘asker’ really really really wants it? Suppose he meant it as “an offer you can’t refuse”. Well, there is the mafia way, like in THE GODFATHER. Look what happened to Woltz’s horse and Moe Green’s eye. That works well enough in the criminal world, but it won’t wash in the realm of public opinion.

    In legal society, the NO to “an offer you can’t refuse” — AOYCR — must be de-legitimized, impugned, reviled, mocked, condemned, and cursed.

    In other words, anyone who says NO to AOYCR is publicly humiliated and shamed as a wicked person. It’s like the issue of interracism. Suppose some white woman says that she personally would not go with anyone outside her race. (If a Jew or black said it, no problem, but rules are different for whites since non-whites want sex with whites. I mean who would care if indigenous Bolivian Indians or African Pygmies said they won’t put out to other races?) She will be reviled as a ‘racist’ and ‘hater’ and ‘nazi’. Or remember beauty contestant Carrie Prejean who said she will have to say NO to ‘gay marriage’? She was attacked by all the media that even dug up dirt on her(mafia style) to de-legitimize her. They sent a message to all of America. If you say NO to homo AOYCR, you will get the Prejean Treatment.

    So, Diversity is a forced marriage between Anglocratic nations and the Rest. If whites or Anglos say NO to Diversity-Invasion, they are hounded & denounced as wicked ‘racists’ who ‘hate’. It’s not perceived as a NO to a particular group for a particular reason but an affront to ‘human rights’ itself.

    So, demographic imperialism(mostly into white nations that non-whites crave most) is promoted as a ‘human right’. White nations must say YES to any bunch of non-whites who propose demographic marriage, and globalists operate as mafia-like matchmakers. (Global matchmaking operates like white slavery. It’s like white slavers promise good jobs and money — economic advantages — to Eastern European and Slavic women who are duped and find themselves in bondage. Soon enough, the women discover they are forcibly matched with men and used as sex slaves. All this ‘immigration’ stuff is a lie. White nations are told that global mass-marriage will lead to fine workers and economic boom, but it’s only leading to more rape, crime, and anti-white propaganda. Worse, whites who may well lose their homelands and inheritances.)

    But then, the question… why do all these people want to move to Anglocratic nations? They say all races are equally talented and all cultures are equally worthy. Based on those premises, every nation should be able to become just as successful as Anglocratic ones. But the hard evidence says otherwise. So, they want to move to Anglocratic nations that they, deep down inside, see as superior in every way(because Anglos and whites do everything better). Many even want to marry and have kids with white folks(seen as superior in beauty and personality) than with their own kind. Some see their children’s marriage with whites as a move up the racial ladder.

    Now, to be able to do all that, non-whitse must gain a foothold into the Anglosphere. The problem is Anglosphere may say NO to their proposal of entry or demographic marriage. (US is more a Proposal Nation where whites are being forced into marriage with rest of the world.) So, all non-whites have ‘intersectional’ common interest of de-legitimizing a white NO as an answer. They want to make sure that White America has no choice but answer YES and only YES.

    So, they go about acting like the jilted Jewish kid in high school. He asked the beautiful Jewish girl, and she said no. Okay, fine. Some girls say yes, some say no. Most guys accept it. But boy oh boy, did he get all hissy pissy and antsy-pantsy. He went around the entire school badmouthing her for having said NO to him. He said nasty things about her… until finally she broke down and cried under pressure from his defamation of her character. He made it seem like her rejection wasn’t just a No to him personally but an insult to decency, goodness, wonderfulness, and love since, apparently, he was brimming with those qualities(even though he was a dork not unlike the kid in RUSHMORE). It was like Portnoy’s Defamation.

    Every nation has the right to say NO to other people’s proposal for entry. But non-whites are so eager to enter white nations(esp Anglocratic and Germanocratic ones) that they won’t take NO for an answer. And they learned from Jews how to wear down the defenses of the white refusal of marriage with Diversity. Universalize the issue. So, if whites say NO to immigration for a certain people, it’s not just a No to them but a NO to ‘tolerance’, ‘inclusion’, ‘what America is really about’, ‘western values’, ‘love’, ‘understanding’, ‘compassion’, ‘economic growth’,as well as a YES to ‘hate’, ‘xenophobia’, ‘racism’, ‘nazism’, ‘white supremacism’, ‘white privilege’, and etc.

    Maybe a fat ugly girl can use such trick on a guy. Suppose she asks a handsome guy on a date or wants to marry him, and he says NO. So, instead of just taking it as personal rejection, make it seem like he insulted and said NO to universal values of ‘love’, ‘kindness’, ‘acceptance’, ‘family’, ‘home cooking’, wedding, and etc. Universalize the issue.

    Non-white world acts toward whites like the crazy woman in PLAY MISTY FOR ME. It’s a kind of globo-fatal-attraction.

    The whole Jewish meltdown over Russia is about crazed jealousy. What??? Jealous Jews are aghast!!! Donald Trump has the hots for Lady Russia? No!!! Captain America must play misty only for the Tribe.

    Do Jews really like non-whites? No. But because Jews don’t have the numbers themselves — only 2% of US and less even in European nations — , they rely on non-white allies to carry the demographic weight against whites.

    Since non-whites serve as allies, they demand their turn with Ms America too, and Jews have to say Yes once a while. Nothing comes for free. It’s like the Hammond brother in RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY must share his bride with his brothers.

    It’s all very odd. We are told that one of the great things about modernity is freedom of choice and independence. So, unlike the bad ole days when men and women were ‘forced’ in marriage by parents or others who arranged such things, modern peoples & modern nations can be independent — the right to separate yourself from others — and make their own choice of whom to be with.

    So, if a guy is matched with someone like Andrea Dworkin or if a girl is matched with someone like Chris Farley, he or she can be independent and say NO, whereas in the past he or she would have had to enter into a kind of ‘forced marriage’.

    In FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, we root for the girl to say NO to the old fat guy and go for the young revolutionary. Independence! Independence means the freedom to say NO and separate yourself from others. That’s how America got started. It said NO to forced membership in the empire. Anti-imperialism after WWII was about third world peoples saying NO to white colonizers.

    But now, we are told that an Entire People(especially whites in Anglocratic nations) must be pushed into forced-marriage with other Entire Peoples. So, Jewish-controlled NYT denounces Hungary and Poland for saying No to demographic-marriage with the Muslim World.

    The behavior of the globalist elites isn’t much different from Rotherham Rape Gang that facilitated a system of forcing whites into sex with non-whites.

    And even the governments of Germany and others are pushing their own women to PUT OUT to foreign invaders.


    And guess who wrote this:


    As for proggy whites, they serve as heinous matchmakers who denounce patriotic independent-minded whites for saying NO to this forced-marriage between the West and the Non-West. And some sound like sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Anyway, Non-white world is in love with the white world, but the white world may not be sufficiently in love with the non-white world that comes with stale flowers and a gruff proposal of marriage. Since all non-whites and Jews fear the reply of NO from the white world(best nations with best systems), they have this intersectionality thing going whereby they try to shame the White World for saying NO or NO MORE. So, even if Trump says NO to just a handful of Muslim nations, that is seen as an affront to ‘universal values’ and ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’. Even though most non-whites are not Muslim, they fear that the NO to Muslims will eventually lead to NO to more of their own kind. So, despite the hostilities among Africans, Muslims, Zionists, Hindus, and Asians, what they all have in common is the desire to marry into White America or Anglosphere, and they fear the NO. It’s fitting that the Progs are represented by ‘pussy hats’ since that is how non-whites see the US. They want penetration, and PC is the date drug. It’s like Tony Montana wants entry into ‘paradise’ but turns it into a ‘human rights’ issue.

    Non-whites are like ants who all get inside the white pants.


    • The Ukrainian nationalists also claimed to oppose immigration, but started groveling before the EU almost immediately

  3. I’ve never heard that Klitschko is a Jew. The Jews in the boxing/sports media have always hated him, which I would doubt they would do if he were Jewish.

  4. The author makes an excellent point: JEWS RALLY AROUND NAVALNY. This should be a clue for you, that his “anti-corruption movement” is not legit, but simply a means of destabiling Russian regime in the interests of global Jewry.

    Not denying the obvious fact that Russia is quite corrupt, but Jewish activists are not the kind people to fight graft in the interests of social good. C’mon!

    Putin states the obvious fact that the real goal is destabilisation of Russia, nothing more.

  5. As a political issue, corruption is overrated.

    If given the choice of living in a society and state that is:

    (1) Highly corrupt and nationalist


    (2) Ethically pure and globalist

    I’d pick (1) eight days out of seven every week.

  6. If the South is ever to stand on its own we need a nuclear strategy second to none. Nuclear physics and development/deployment of a nuclear strike capability should be the highest priority. Russia should be our ally and not our enemy…

    No one wants their land to become a nuclear Ghost Town…


  7. The neocons itching to start WW3.

    David Frum?Verified account

    If Hillary Clinton were president now, Putin would be paying a price for his attack on US democracy.

    12:41 PM – 30 Mar 2017

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