Putin Condemns Recent (((Anti-Corruption Protests))), Compares Them To Western-Backed Arab Spring

Over the last couple of decades, the International Jew has really gotten the hang of instigating anti-government protests against nations that fail to properly toe the line on all matters relating to Globalism and destructive Multiculturalism.

Whether you’re talking about Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine (twice), or a few other less-significant countries, the script has remained much the same aside from a few tweaks to improve efficiency in the revolution process.

But thankfully, Vladimir Putin is apparently not going to fall for this nonsense, and has come out swinging at those who seek to destroy the best harmony enjoyed by the Russian State in more than a century.

From RT:

Russia’s president has it is wrong for political figures to use anti-corruption campaigns for political advantage rather than actually try to do something about it, while noting that his administration and allies have always been staunchly anti-corruption.

We persistently stand for fighting corruption,” President Vladimir Putin told reporters on Wednesday at the International Arctic Forum in Russia’s northwestern city of Arkhangelsk. “The problem has become lesser in recent times, public opinion polls testify to that,” he noted.

“But I think that it is not right when certain political forces attempt to use this tool for their own promotion, including electoral campaigns, instead of trying to improve the situation in the country,” Putin said.

This tool was used in the Arab Spring events and we know very well what the results of those events were. The same tool was used as an excuse for the coup d’état in Ukraine that has driven that country into chaos,” Putin added.

He also told reporters that, in his opinion, those who violate the law must be held responsible within the limits set by it. As for recent calls from Western politicians to release the demonstrators detained during Sunday’s unsanctioned protests, Putin said he considers such rhetoric extremely politicized and also an attempt to influence Russia’s internal political situation.

On Sunday, March 26, thousands of people took to the streets across Russia to protest corruption. The rallies were organized by opposition politician Aleksey Navalny, who wants the authorities to react to his latest report, in which he accuses PM Dmitry Medvedev of ‘illegally’ using the assets of several charity funds. Russia’s authorities have dismissed those allegations as Navalny’s own political propaganda.

For the sake of understanding what we’re exactly dealing with, let’s take a brief look at Mr. Alexei Navalny and his foolish career that is seemingly dedicated to bringing Russia back to the days of pure evil and corruption that existed immediately before and after the fall of the Soviet Union.

According to sources including his biography, the man is nothing more than a useless Ukrainian agitator that apparently works with numerous Jewish power-players to consistently and constantly undermine the Putin government at every turn.

Sure, he may say some things that Nationalists and racialists may agree with, but so do the politicians that operate under the current Ukraine system; a Jew-ridden joke that has become a great source of laughs during the last couple of years.

So just keep an eye on the rat Navalny and those who finance and back his foolishness, as he could become a serious threat if allowed to flourish and gain publicity.

And the last thing we need at the moment is to have Russia become destabilized – America under even Top Trump would then stand utterly alone.


  1. The only problem is that China has a somewhat effective and patriotic elites. Ours are only interested in extracting money from the country and then spending it in Europe or the US.

  2. “Judeo-Christian values”, Kev! As a 65-year old who was raised in accordance with truly Christian values, not Kosher, I find the main term “Judeo-Christian” an incomparable impudence on the part of the eternal usurpers and an unprecedented stupidity by their gullible Goyim.

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