General Mike Flynn Volunteers To Testify To Congress And FBI If Granted Immunity From Prosecution

I’ve just spent a little while reading the Jewish Press’ commentary on this particular incident, and from what I’ve seen, it looks like the beginnings of a vicious political feeding frenzy.

I mean, according to them, why would General Flynn ask for immunity from prosecution unless he knows that his goose is cooked, and he is blatantly guilty of everything from accepting Russian bribes to murdering Jew and Moslem babies in buckets?

I, however, wish to offer up an alternative explanation for the decision of the General – namely that he is attempting to save both himself and our President from what can arguably be described as one of the most retarded witch hunts in living memory.

Flynn understands the Killers of Christ, that’s for sure, and his decision to press for immunity may very well be a brilliant chess move that could help to seal up an opening that has not been addressed since coming to light.

By standing up before Congress or the cucked portions of the FBI, Flynn will be able to merely, after being granted total freedom, mock them for their treasonous paranoia, and once again remind the American people that there was no cooperation between Russia and the Trump Campaign during the race against the evil Aggro Granny.

And at that point, the parasites occupying portions of our government will be able to do nothing by stammer and kvetch over the fact that they were bested by a greater man them they could ever hope to be.

From Wall Street Journal:

Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, has told the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional officials investigating the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity from prosecution, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.

As an adviser to Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign, and later one of Mr. Trump’s top aides in the White House, Mr. Flynn was privy to some of the most sensitive foreign-policy deliberations of the new administration and was directly involved in discussions about the possible lifting of sanctions on Russia imposed by the Obama administration.

He has made the offer to the FBI and the House and Senate intelligence committees through his lawyer but has so far found no takers, the officials said.

Mr. Flynn’s attorney, Robert Kelner, declined to comment.

It wasn’t clear if Mr. Flynn had offered to talk about specific aspects of his time working for Mr. Trump, but the fact that he was seeking immunity suggested Mr. Flynn feels he may be in legal jeopardy following his brief stint as the national security adviser, one official said.


Of course Flynn fears prosecution for doing absolutely nothing wrong, as he understands fully that President Trump’s enemies are currently lashing out like rabid animals, and will go after anyone or anything that could soothe their humiliated souls.

I just hope these fools bite, and get their hooked noses pushed into the dirt even deeper than they are at present.

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  1. We have so many laws that if they want to go on a fishing expedition they can find something to get him with. Thats likely why he wants total immunity.

    • This is true. I heard the Feds have a ridiculous success rate, when they decide to go after someone. It was something in the range of 99%.

    • Exactly.

      These Kikes will find something ridiculous to go after him on, so why not just get full immunity and be done with it?

      I’d do it, and I’d then get up in front of everyone, and troll until I lost my voice.

  2. Smart move in my opinion on Flynn’s part. If they take it, he gets to come clean, if they don’t they have nothing but speculation as usual.

  3. The “Russians did it” meme grinds on as lunatic Neocons get up their hopes for WWIII. If Congress takes his offer it will only be because they see an opportunity to further vilify Putin.

  4. You people were gullible and delusional when you elected trump and now your delusion has taken a downturn for the worst. Wtf is it with you people? Did you watch to many x-files as children? You live in the imagination of your minds and are unable to see whats been right in front of you since your hero trump came on the scene: that Vlad Putin is blackmailing your hero because your hero is a weak ass pussy who cares only for himself. Its that fn simple but you people turn it into a superhero movie that has zero to do with reality. Trumps entire treasonous criminal enterprise is about to crumble around him and hopefully hes locked up for a very long time. Yet even then you people will say everyone else are just cuckolds and only you people are real men which is another delusion. You cant live in delusions of your mind in the real world. Trumps world is built upon decieving weak minded individuals and you people have been CONNED from the get go. Just like the MAJORITY of americans desperately were screaming in your fn ears trying to tell you gullible delusional idiots to begin with. At least try to wise up and get some psychological help and by all means DONT VOTE 2020. Stay in your mental institutions watching cartoons about superheros in the land of make believe and be sure to take your meds.

    • When it comes to possessing child like minds nothing beats you Democrats. You people are beyond silly.

      • How is speaking the truth silly? The actual problem is trump supporters are unable to see the truth that most people can: that trump is a cowardly liar who only cares about himself. Or do you think all this russian crap is simply coincidence? The oddest part in all this is trump supporters labeling all others “cucked” whereas in truth trump does nothing but decieve his supporters because trump is the biggest pussy of them all. Hes no “man”-hes a selfish lying politician who doesnt give a shit about his supporters yet they are the only ones who cant grasp that fact. Trumps policys only help the rich yet it is the middle class who support him because they are blinded by his lies. Why would the middle class support a liar whos policys support the rich NOT the middle class? Its baffling. Instead of worshipping the dude why dont you research his lies. Its inevitable in the future trump supporters will say “ok-NOW i get it-trumps a liar concerned only with himself”-something everybody else has been BEGGING you to see every since the flim flam man came on the scene. A house built upon deceit cannot stand. And their has never been a liar like trump before. Not even close.

        • Sodomite473: Here he
          is, Folks, a true Antifa moron with such “insightful” observations. These small
          brain leftist just love their Aggro Ganny – she promised Communism (for the
          masses, not the super rich Marxist that funded her, naturally). Oh, he (it)
          observes, Trump is rich, he’s just going to make his rich friends richer.
          Probably. As a great leader of the past noted, Americans will not choose any
          leader who is not in the upper 10.000 of wealth. But Commie Hillary – untold wealth
          to her crime family, Zionist and, as noted, uber wealthy Marxist. Is there a
          difference. Some, worth appreciating Trump against the cackling Psycho Bitch at
          any rate. “We came, we saw, he died –CACKLE, CACKLE, CACKLE “.

        • It’s like this. I’ll start to take this BS you people are trying to spread the day I see you raise an equal amount of hell over the meddling done by Israel and Mexico when it comes not only to elections, but also the internal affairs of the US. In addition to being infantile I can also add hypocritical.

          You people are the band of all civilized people with your fake outrage and couldn’t give a damn less about Russia. This about still being pissed off over that sorry bitch of yours getting her treasonous ass kicked by Trump.

          Get over it. You lost and Trump is going to remain president.

        • The “Russian Crap” is classic Jew demonization, because Putin does not allow homos to run loose, and prevented Kikenvermin from LOOTING and STARVING Russians. Now why don’t you go crawl into a nice toasty oven?

    • What this country needs is a race war, followed by the installment of an authoritarian Nazi dictatorship that will deal with the jews, the coloreds and the communists once and for all.

    • “Vlad Putin is blackmailing your hero” – Towards what end? Not fighting on the side of ISIS and working to destablize the middleeast? Dismantling cold war relics that we can no longer afford and no longer serve anyone’s interests? What does it profit us to continue to have a NATO presence in an increasingly islamic Europe?

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