Intelligent Woman Of Color Arrested On Capitol Hill After Attempting Vehicular Jihad On Police

So they’re telling us that this was not an act of overt terrorism, and that the motive currently remains unknown at this early point in the investigation.

And I suppose detectives could be telling the truth on this one.

The Black woman arrested for this specific offense might have been reacting to any number of stimuli in her environment and personal life.

Perhaps she got fired from, or failed to get, one of the lucrative gubment (government) jobs that Colored females believe are guaranteed to them by Constitutional Law?

Or perhaps her sugar daddy Congressman (Lord knows enough cucks up on The Hill love their dark meat) refused to grant her some random perk or under-the-table cash bonus for her services?

But if we’re dealing with someone who has even a marginal link to the BLM organization and/or one of its affiliates, we need to go ahead and bring back that terrorism label, as it is clear that the group(s) fighting in the name of dead Blacks like Michael Brown (PBUH) are the enemies of this nation and its human citizens.

From ABC News:

U.S. Capitol Police have apprehended a female driver after she nearly hit several officers and struck another vehicle near the U.S. Capitol, police said this morning.

At 9:22 a.m., Capitol police officers observed an “erratic and aggressive driver” in the vicinity of 100 Independence Ave, according to Eva Malecki, the communications director for the United States Capitol Police, who briefed reporters at Bartholdi Park.

As the officers tried to stop the vehicle, the driver pulled a U-turn and fled the scene, apparently striking another vehicle and nearly hitting officers. A brief pursuit ensued until the female suspect was stopped at Washington Ave and Independence Ave, which is located near the U.S. Botanic Garden and the Rayburn House Office Building, police said.

Capitol Police fired shots in an attempt to stop the driver. No one was hit, police said.

The female suspect was apprehended at 3rd and Independence Ave, and has been taken into custody. No individuals were injured during the arrest, according to Malecki.

The incident appears to be criminal in nature with no nexus to terrorism, Malecki added.

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  1. This lady was pretty dumb. No way you avoid the cops when you’re right on the national mall. Not going anywhere fast on those streets and with traffic, law enforcement has a huge presence there.

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          • You literally can’t move me mate. You might understand if you had a family story like mine. When you truly know bottom, “life is beautiful” . Piss all you like but we all know who is winning now.

  3. She is black but she sure as heck isn’t American. Her face has a foreign bone structure.

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        • It’s tough not having an identity Alex. A white man, in the Americas, rejected by Europeans for being really stupid, outperformed by people who were once your slaves, too badly educated to stop the spanish and indiginous americans from the south. I guess your time is over now. Has been for a while.

  4. But if we’re dealing with someone who has even a marginal link to the BLM organization-

    – we’ll not hear a word about it, and this story will disappear down the memory hole by tomorrow.

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          • For all their smarts, Jews make the dumbest trolls. I guess all realtalk they encounter on sites like this fries their brains.

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