America Yes: New Children’s Book Will Feature Gay Black Santa And His White “Husband”

I know we’ve got some Swedish readers on this site, and I would love it if they could tell us whether their country has already come out with a pile of literary garbage similar to, or more explicit, than what is about to be described in this article.

Because when we’re talking about hardcore filth and Communism personified, I like to look at Sweden as the standard of comparison, although perhaps now we here in the States can at last assume the mantle as the most culturally-broken nation in the West.

No offense intended for the Nationalistic Swedes out there – just take back your country and/or get a Donald Trump figure in government and you’ll be off the hook.

From Time:

A new picture book will depict Santa as a gay man in an interracial relationship, publisher Harper Design confirmed Tuesday.

The book, Santa’s Husband, goes on sale Oct. 10 and tells the story of a black Santa Claus and his white husband who both live in the North Pole. Santa’s spouse frequently fills in for his husband at malls, according to a description of the book Harper Design provided to TIME.

Daniel Kibblesmith, who is a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and co-author of How to Win at Everything, penned the parody children’s book after tweeting in December that he would only tell his future child Santa was black. “If they see a white one, we’ll say ‘That’s his husband,’” Kibblesmith wrote.

This, Everyone, is Mr. Daniel Kibblesmith, and I’m finding it difficult to determine whether he is a Jew or not – even anecdotal evidence is inconclusive.

If anyone has any information on this degenerate creature, please inform us in the comments section, and thank you for your service.

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  1. A Jew or not a Jew? If he isn’t one he might as well be. Cultural Marxism in overdrive. They just keep pushing the envelop to see how much more anti-White hate we’ll take.

  2. If you find a black guy in your house Christmas Eve with a sack it’s not Santa.
    It’s Niggerclaws.

    On Christmas Eve my wife shreiked
    “What’s that?”
    “It’s probably just the cat”
    I arose to such a clatter
    Drew my gun down the stairs to see what was the matter…

  3. Cannot say I am all that impressed by the political ubermensch, ceaseless bombast about their superiority but zero proof, but protected by political correctness from any sort of critique.

  4. leftists have hollywood entertaiment ,sports and publishing books and comics.. even the TV commercials are not about the product anymore. They have operated on garbage for decades by a minority reign supreme.

      • Lucia (Or St Lucy’s day as it is called in English) is a (formerly) religious festival that is now mostly a secular tradition, but that still holds importance and is a cause for celebration for the average Swede.

        St Lucy’s day is a combination between a pre-christian pagan tradition that involves a celebration of light in the darkest month of the year, on the 13 of that month (It was the darkest day of the year in the Julian calendar) and a christian tradition of celebration of the Italian saint St Lucy.

        In practice, as i have known it, it involves first the election of a female that is to play the role of St Lucy – up until about 15-20 years ago it was a given that she who played the role of St Lucy would be a cute and blond female – in the community that is to participate in the celebration. This female then leads a procession in the gathered community. The procession takes place on the morning of St Lucy’s day, while it is still dark.

        One kind of celebration that has been particularly prized in Swedish society has been the celebration that happens in daycare centers, where the parents and kids gather this morning. All the kids walk in the procession, with the females first, clad in white as St Lucy and, following her, her bridesmaids. Then come the boys, all clad in white as another saint, Staffan Stalledräng, who is a nordic version of St Stephen. There has also been a national celebration on television, where the nationally elected St Lucy would walk. Being elected as Saint Lucy was a honor reserved for the most attractive and blond adult females. The procession walks into the gathered community and sings several traditional Swedish songs. A great cause for happiness, it has been.

        As mentioned, our elites have worked tirelessly for some time to either bring cultural
        marxist elements into this tradition or sought to cancel the celebration of
        St Lucy’s day in whole. As an example, a couple of years back they they chose a black St Lucy for the televised performance, and even worse, they brought into it some ghetto arab figure (Or something like that) that performed a rap on television. Many folks were livid because of this. And then, a black boy was chosen as St Lucy last year, as mentioned above. Because ethnicity and sex doesn’t matter, goy.

  5. A not so closeted Faggot for sure. His “children”, if he has any, I’m sure will be adopted Pickannies from Africa, gratis the SBC.

  6. That fairy and his problem glasses wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes in Beowulf times because his GRIDS-infected carcass would’ve been tossed into a peat bog.

    • Yeah… like to Hell.

      Saint Nicholas is an Orthodox Christian saint. He’s a real person, he is a white man, and he slapped the shit out of Arius at the first ecumenical council -my kind of saint!

      This is “defaming the memory of the dead.” Isn’t that a crime in the EU?

      • Lol. did you know that Santa doesn’t exist haha. It’s a STORY. A story can be interpreted by it’s audience. You are clearly not the audience. The audience is a multi cultural progressive society that cares more about doing good for the world than holding on to your backwards paganism.

        • Are you that damned ignorant? I just told you-Saint Nicholas was a real man. A saint. A bishop. Someone who actually worked to ameliorate the lot of the people under him. Unlike you.

  7. He has jewish eyes, jewish lips, and the body of a 12-year-old girl. 85% chance he’s of the tribe.

    Either way, I’m going to pass on this take on the north pole.

  8. One of the contestants on Wheel of Fortune tonight was a male schoolteacher who said “Hello” to his wonderful husband and their 16 month old daughter. Thats how normalized it is.

  9. Its called satire folks. The book is being made to poke fun at how PC the left wants everyone to be. The dude writes for the Colbert Report for fuck sake.

    • Nope. The sort of liberals you find associated with the Colbert show are ones laugh WITH the SJW, not at them! Think of it as a gentle ribbing from your friends, not being picked on by a bully.

  10. Next the tooth fairy will be a lesbian,the easter bunny will be a trans sexual and the lucky charms lepricon will fart rainbows out his arse.

  11. Re: the picture, ever notice how these fucking people always look EXACTLY what you’d expect them to look like??

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