The Battle of Huntington Beach

This is the big story of the day:

“Violence erupted at a Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach on Saturday after a protester opposed to President Trump allegedly doused a female organizer of the event with pepper spray, sparking a brawl that ended with several arrests.

A group of flag-waving Trump supporters tackled the man with the pepper spray, who was wearing a black mask, and started punching and kicking him, according to witnesses. Several other fights also broke out between demonstrators. …”

The #MAGAs are getting sick and tired of the antifas. Beyond sick and tired. The straw that broke the camel’s back was one of these masked punks pepper sprayed a woman.

Note: At the #MAGAMarch in Philly, antifa burned the American flag.


  1. Yah, we’re going to be putting some snipers in position at future events…the ROE will be that if you see anyone attacking another person in a manner that could cause great bodily injury or death, then you can take the shot.

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