President Trump Holds Rally In Louisville, KY

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

I spent the weekend on the road with some Southern Nationalist friends in the Georgia Lowcountry. I only heard snippets of President Trump’s speech in Louisville on the way home. I noticed that Henry Clay was trending on Twitter. Progressives were snarking about Trump heaping praise on both Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson who were political enemies.

  • Formally
  • jaye ellis

    Very good but put him on a motorcycle

  • DenisetheCelt

    Tucker Carlson did a brief sequence on cock-fighting. in Mexico Town, in Deee-troy, tonight. He used one of our words. He said, “Detroit became a little more vibrant”…I’m paraphrasing – but he used the word “vibrant”.
    Thank you, Mr. Carlson.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Coastal Georgia? Heard it’s nice there. A lot of my friends’ parents have retired there (and in SC) over the years.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Rock star !!

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    I’m pretty sure he added at the end:

    “Welcome to your New America”.

  • James Owen

    “Progressives were snarking about Trump heaping praise on both Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson ”

    Trump is speaking Southron, politically. No wonder the SJWs are pitching shit fits.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    He’s defining the contour line between the acceptable and deplorable.

    Kids to feed and school I guess.

  • ex South African

    We all have the same red blood? Irrespective of race?

    Tactical move to keep the fleas off his back? But he only is president for two months. It is still early days. What counts, are the deeds. Politicians talk lots of stuff.

    America’s politics is strange. We in South Africa did not have these kinds of doubts.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Time drop a line on the idiots.

    We like abortion for blacks and oppose it for whites. Unlike Glen Cuck who wants whites flooded by niggelettes.

  • Brad Griffin

    Yes, St. Simon’s Island and Jekyll Island.