American Officials Ban Most Electronic Devices On Planes Flying From Moslem Countries

While it would have of course been far more soothing to have had a Presidential travel ban encompassing the entire Moslem World, this I suppose is one of the best secondary measures available at present.

From CNN Money:

Airlines that fly from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa to the U.S. must require passengers to check in almost all electronic devices rather than carry them into the cabin, said a U.S. official.

The official told CNN that there is a security concern regarding passengers boarding non-stop flights to the U.S. from some specific countries. The directive is to ensure enhanced security measures at select airports for a limited duration.

The source said it will impact over a dozen airlines flying into the US. Another US administration official says this covers devices larger than a cellphone.

In a written statement, the Department of Homeland Security said, “We have no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide any update as appropriate.”

A State Department officials says embassy officials have been notifying relevant countries and airlines.

The Amman, Jordan-based carrier said that starting Tuesday, March 21 it will only allow phones and medical devices to be carried in the cabin of its flights. All other electronics would be “strictly prohibited.” The airline cited “concerned U.S. departments” without offering additional explanation.

The carrier said that laptops, tablets, DVD players and electronic games must be stored in checked baggage for its flights.

My personal guess is that whoever helped to draft the electronic device restrictions – set to go into effect on planes inbound from the Middle East and North Africa – had extensive experience with such devices during the period of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Seriously, ask anyone who served during these American wars of aggression for the Jews, and they will likely have story after story of cell phone bombs, iPad IED’s, and suicide bombs powered by remote detonators that only required a text message to turn an entire platoon of soldiers into ground meat.

But just remember that the Moslems who engaged in this activity for year after year are now perfectly acceptable immigrants, and should be welcomed into our neighborhoods with open and unprejudiced arms.

Just let bygones be bygones, and focus on loving the migrants above all else – even when they slaughter us in our own homes and workplaces.

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    Ban sandals and kaftans too.

    If you can’t ban them outright for now fucking humiliate the bastards so they don’t bother flying in anyway.

    • Only offer non-halal food and beverages on the flight. And hose ’em down with soap, water and bug spray before they get on the ?. Mohammedans hate it when they’re not allowed to smell like camel shit.

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  3. The weather is getting warmer and it is expected the killing season will soon begin again. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Lord have mercy.


  4. Ban cellphones, that would have a serious effect!

    All the “refugees” has cellphones and uses them all the f***ing time.

  5. How about banning all passengers from Muslim countries? What about Mr. President? Or is it Mr. Fake President?

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