Russian Parliament Approves Investigation Of (((American Media Corporations)))

It’s beyond argument that the Jews control a vast swathe of the American media, and it’s also largely established that they have moved beyond the mere acquisition of shekels in their print and televised endeavors.

Because when you look at the statistics of outlets like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post, it becomes readily apparent that they no longer care about money or viewership rankings in the grand scheme of things.

And that makes you wonder what in the name of God they are planning – whether in a singular conspiracy-type group (possible), or in more isolated but convergent clusters.

The end game really is still up for discussion, and may include various schemes and designs, but we know for certain that beating the war and degeneracy drums against Russia has been at the forefront for at least a couple of years at this point.

Thus, it only stands to reason that the Russians would seek to protect themselves by any means necessary.

From Yahoo News:

The Russian lower house of parliament, the State Duma, has approved a proposal to launch an investigation into U.S. media organisations that operate in Russia, it said in a statement posted on its web site late on Friday.

The investigation, which will be conducted by the Duma’s information policy, technologies and communications committee, will check whether CNN, the Voice of America, Radio Liberty and “other American media” are complying with Russian law.

The statement said the Duma backed the move on Friday evening after Konstantin Zatulin, an MP from the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, proposed an investigation to retaliate for what he called a “repressive” U.S. move against Russian state-funded broadcaster RT.

He said he was referring to an initiative by U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who has introduced a bill to empower the Justice Department to investigate possible violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act by RT.

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  1. I think the real fun will start to happen once in universities and other liberal bastions BDS gets traction, and Jews are considered white, or even whiter than white and even more privileged. The Holocaust card has expired, and they overplayed their hand.

    Even during the late 1960’s – early ’70s the blacks noticed after marching with them, the Jews went back to their segregated enclaves and didn’t participate in cross-town busing.
    In this case, there is Israel, and they can go there.
    There are many Jews who aren’t flaming liberals looking to destroy America, even on the side of Christians on Abortion and Gay Marriage, but those who aren’t are going to have problems.

    • The thing about these “right-wing” Jews is that when they sense a threat to their race, they rally behind the same banner as their Leftist brethren.

      Look at Michael Savage “Weiner,” for example.

      He’s a borderline Nationalist, speaks about racial issues and attacks on the White Race, and even goes after some Jews directly.

      But if and when callers bring up the Holohoax or the Jewish Problem at large, he turns rabid in an instant.

    • Yet these anti-White Jews demand we never stop apologizing and making restitution for being White.

  2. This is why in 1000 years Russia will still be there and the Netherlands will be New Morocco.

  3. “U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who has introduced a bill to empower the Justice Department to investigate possible violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act by RT.”

    When will Jeanne Shaheen or any US senator introduce a bill to require agents of the Israel lobby to register as foreign agents? 90 percent of the US senate would be registered as foreign agents if such a bill passed.

  4. The Jew qua Jew is anti-white Supremacy…

    But so are the Russian Commies…

    The question is whether The Southern Monopoly is on the side of white Supremacy?

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