It’s Time to Stop Denying Basic Facts About Race

Facts are without doubt created by solid evidence.  Statistics, common observations, scientific documentation, and recorded historical patterns lay the foundation for firm hypotheses and conclusions.  The argument for racial differences is less complex than most would believe.  One does not merely have to visit a “far right” website to obtain concrete information proving that races are not the same.  For instance, those curious about race differences can view the demographics and crime ratings of various cities in the United States.

Selma, Alabama:

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Gary, Indiana:

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Detroit, Michigan:

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Do you see the trend with these cities?

Of course, the excuse usually given for the above statistics is that Blacks are “systemically oppressed” in the United States.  Is this true?  Of course not.  The U.S. government has implemented countless plans to “uplift” Blacks via affirmative action, education grants, business grants, etc.  In addition, the government has pushed hard to “desegregate” Blacks and “integrate” them into predominantly White communities.  For example, HUD’s Fair Housing Act has miserably failed in trying to assimilate blacks into White neighborhoods and schools.  Even The Washington Post admits to the Fair Housing Act’s failure.  How are Blacks oppressed if they are given the exact same opportunity to succeed as Whites time and time again?

Furthermore, those who claim that Blacks are being held back by society will also bring up the racial wage gap.  They will say that Blacks are not paid the same as Whites.  Is this true?  Yes, and no.  Blacks as a group generally have lower earnings than Whites.  However, this is purely due to differences in education, occupation, and work force experience, as stated by Pew Research Center – not because of “systemic racism”.

Moreover, maps showing the IQ level of each country demonstrate that all countries primarily inhabited by sub-Saharan Africans have some of the lowest IQ levels throughout the entire globe.  It also shows that East Asians on average possess the highest IQ levels.

Courtesy of IQ-Research

Courtesy of Our World In Data

When presented with these facts, one will still argue that this solely depends upon environmental issues and a global “White oppression”.  Is this true?  No, not even remotely.  White nations have generously donated for decades and given aid to these low IQ countries more than any other.  Not to mention, many Christian charity organizations based out of the U.S. and Europe have additionally contributed to the welfare of these third-world nations.

Why have these low IQ countries failed to achieve or sustain modern and functional civilizations on their own?  Could race possibly be a factor?

Somalia is a prime example of what becomes of these nations when their low IQ native inhabitants no longer wish for the Whites to help maintain their nations.

Once these nations in Africa were given their independence from the European colonizers, all of the infrastructure was badly ravaged by neglect, abuse, and the course of time.  Eventually, food was depleted, and the clean water ceased to exist.  As a result, civil wars occurred, and many people perished amidst perpetual agony.

Another intriguing aspect, regarding race differences, that one must also put into consideration, is the architecture of the Greeks and Romans from over 2000 years ago:

The Greeks and Romans did not have catalogs from which they could pick and choose a design for their ideal civilization.  They had to use their intellects to envision the architecture that they wished to erect upon the earth, as well as invent methods to build them.  While living in the 21st century, most people forget that architecture had to be created in the first place before it could evolve.  These ruins stand as a testament to the sophisticated imagination that ancient Europeans possessed.

Perhaps one of the most perplexing monoliths of Ancient Europe is Stonehenge, which rests in what is today known as Wiltshire, England.  Most archaeologists agree that it was created somewhere between 2000 and 1500 B.C.  Its use for lunar and solar alignments was extraordinarily advanced for the time.  Indeed, it was something that Ancient Europeans achieved.

Similar structures exist in Scotland and Ireland:

The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Isles, Scotland

Drombeg Stone Circle, Ireland

The fact that marvelous ruins or advanced monoliths are not found in every single geographical location of the world proves that certain racial groups have evolved more than others.

Bone structure and density are also a further illustration of differences between races:

Courtesy of Bone Clones Inc.

Courtesy of

Additionally, there are many hereditary diseases that are more common among different races.  For example, Ashkenazi Jews are prone to have Tay-Sachs disease, a rare hereditary disorder that destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.  Cystic fibrosis is a fatal disease common in those of European ancestry, which damages the lungs, causing lung infections which progressively restrict breathing.  Another disease is Sickle cell anemia, a red blood disorder, which is more common in those of African and Mediterranean ancestry.

And of course, the most obvious trait that can distinguish races are visible characteristics:

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: African, European, Asian, Hispanic, Arab, ((( )))

In conclusion, before claiming that race is a social construct, one must take into account each point listed above, which not only demonstrates, but proves the case for racial differences.

Only a severely indoctrinated fool could deny the evidence when given the above.


  1. I’d advise you to show the facial diversity (real diversity) among whites though…the blond lad is a very Scandinavian looking type.

  2. The amount of willful blindness needed to overlook the massive differences between the human subspecies (species?) is astounding. It’s like having an entire society that has decided to deny the existence of, say, water.

  3. The liberals'”human race” is really a taxonomic genus. Each race is a species. Some with overlap, obviously. Even Darwin said the root races are separate species.

  4. Now we know based on the numbers measure by dozens and dozens of ghettorized cities .out and about shoping, or public events,etc. You can’t help but notice of atmosphere blacks project saps the will.

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  6. Same old story with liberalism: ideology about equality displaces reality of race. It matters not that other races will trash their schools, devastate their cities and sexually enslave their children…liberals will reinterpret reality to make the perpetrators the victims of “racism,” “colonialism,” “apartheid,” etc., etc. The recent refugee scam is another manifestation of this: through the alchemy of liberal ideology, invaders are turned into noble victims trying to find a better life. Like in Cologne, New Years Eve.

    In the past, liberals rarely had to face the consequences of their actions. A Gunnar Myrdal could berate American segregationists from the safety of Sweden. A “freedom rider” could spend a summer in the Deep South then return to a white suburb in the North. A Hollywood celeb could make a movie attacking apartheid from the safety of a gated community.

    But now with the mass migrations of third worlders into Europe and North America, liberals are having to face the consequences of their actions, as seen in rioting in cities like Malmo, Paris, London and Milwaukee. Plus assorted terrorist attacks, beheadings and mass sexual assaults in the public squares.

    Will the liberal ideological machine go into overtime to rationalize away these assaults? Will more liberals wake up to the reality of race? There is a certain schadenfreude in seeing liberal cities being consumed by the very “oppressed” peoples whom liberals sought to “liberate.” The dilemma is that liberalism is dragging down the rest of the White world with it.

    It’s up to the various nationalist movements to break the mindlock of liberal ideology.

    Get out those Red Pills.

  7. The White suburbs outside of Atlanta has shown a remarkable increase in crime of every sort since Obama’s campaign to blacken the suburbs with section 8 housing, moving the blacks out of Atlanta into the primarily White suburbs while Atlanta for the first time in many years is showing a decrease in their crimes, granted the crimes are under reported anyway, but as blacks go so goes the crimes. Anytime I see a black in a police uniform I just sneer. They are different and deadly so. There is not a black run country in the world that is not a cesspool of crime and corruption just as is the cities here in the US that are black run.

  8. I just returned from a late lunch/early dinner with the Hubster. We went to a local restaurant, run by a well known Christian family. Anyway, half-way through our meal, a White man and woman waited in the doorway of the dining room, waiting to be seated. They were pushing a wheelchair, containing what I assume to be their very retarded, disabled teenaged/early Twenties son. Behind them were their friends. A well-dressed Negro couple. The couples were all Forty-ish, and dressed formally. The men were probably ministers.
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  10. Its funny how Greeks and Romans could come up with that beautiful architecture thousands of years ago, yet a Somalian couldn’t even do that now. Its how far behind us the inferiors really are.
    As for the crumbling infrastructure that was left to them by the whites, well they wanted independence…..
    All those skyscrapers in many African cities- were any built by blacks AFTER independence?
    Yep- truly an equal race…..

  11. If you did a lecture showing the White as the modern homo sapien skull and the African as a homoerectus, apart from a specialist who would think to challenge it?

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    I’m amazed they even let you use their data, because it proves every single one of their commenters… to be wrong! If would have the decency to allow ALL viewpoints and ALL comments, the faggots, Jews, and utterly despised liberals would have to crawl back under their rocks forever. God, how I hate that site!

  14. I enjoyed this little piece. As a Kinist, I am not on board with the evolution aspect, as I believe that God made the races of man, just as he made the different species of apes or bears. This sort of thing used to be common knowledge among Americans -including the white rural Christian culture I was raised in.

  15. My local church couple of times sermons was performed by an Angolan. Church tax exempt status should be revoked charities a racket.

  16. Being a politically-correct liberal makes you dumber. I have a lemon meringue pie chart and rubber chicken graph to prove it. The only thing that is a “social construct” is the myth of “equality”.

  17. Willing to bet most of you here are middle school dropout malcontent and general failures in life. Must suck to live….right?

  18. Debating Leftists is fun. They will tell you they believe in science and heredity UP TO HUMANS then it is all about equality. When you try to show them the same natural selection and all of the scientific things also apply to mankind as we are part of the animal kingdom as well. Then all of the sudden science is abandoned. I try to ask them why this is but no one can give me a straight answer.

    I have an idea

  19. City Data banned me years ago and never told me exactly why. The worst thing with that site is you cannot appeal decisions to anyone

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  21. Not a Homo Erectus, but more an Archaic Homo Sapiens. Although it is quite possible that very rapid changes in behavior of a population can come in a few thousand years through a change from hunter gatherer to agricultural civilization. A powerful ruling click can cull off the thieves and impulsive violent types with crime laws and capital punishment and drastically “domesticate” the wild out of it’s population much like breeding dogs or livestock. There seems to be a common theme when civilization encounters hunter gatherer tribes, they become alcoholics, impulsivity, crime prone, welfare wards of the state. On the other hand, in East Asia the process is so far along by tyrants chopping the heads off anyone who doesn’t smile in bliss at their slave like existence that a total conformity seems to have been bred into the people. I saw this in the 90s at a nightclub on campus (lots of East Asian foreign students) when there was this bizarre fad amongst them with all these guys and girls dressing up like John Travolta and Uma Thurman and imitating step by step the dance sequence from Pulp Fiction. Strange conformist fads even more intense than the silly “Beatlemania” gripping teeny girls in the past.

  22. Dude…if you had an IQ of 100 (as you claim) all your wet dreams of ‘white superiority’ would have ended in a nightmare. Check out all the Science Olympiads, Math Olympiads, Spelling Bees, Average Household incomes, Total percentages (per population) with higher degrees, and all around superior achievements of Asian Americans (Indians and Chinese) as well as of Jewish Americans before you start deriding “Negroes”. That would be comparing Apples to Apples and not gloating on superficial things. In my experience only when one’s life sucks they start deriding others to feel superior. The fact is that y’all are ignorant fools. I bet your IQ is no higher than 55! Think about it – y’all responsible for bringing down the average for us ‘white folk’!

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