Greek Opinion Poll on immigration and identity

A huge polling firm in Greece gauged how the Greeks feel on a number of issues.

Immigration and Greek Identity:

46.4% view Muslims negatively and 36.3% view them positively

49% view immigrants negatively and 37.6% view them positively

88.3% agree that current immigration levels is too high

47.2% believe that Greek identity is based on genetics

36.1% believe that you must have Greeks parents to be Greek

Only 25.4% see immigration as a viable solution to the demographic crises in Greece

Greeks favor Russia over the West:

36.4% view Germany favorably, 52.7% view Germans negatively

44.4% view Jews favorably, 37.9% view Jews negatively

49.7% view Americans favorably, 37.6% view Americans negatively

77.4% view Russians favorably,  10.7% view Russians negatively

Both Capitalism and Leftism losing support:

Only 34.4% sees capitalism as an opportunity

Only 37.4% support the left of economics

Only 48.9% believe the EU is necessary

62.4% believe that Greece needs less government

59.7% believe globalism is a threat

How can Greek experience economic recovery?

73.2% government incentives to attract foreign investment and boost exports


21.8% increased tax revenue from rising wages


52.8% form their views based on information they read on the internet

Fr. John+

Sadly, the Greeks have been self annihilating themselves for centuries.


Interesting information, thanks!

What jumped out at me:

88% think immigration is too high, nice. Where is democracy then?

47.2% believe that Greek identity is based on genetics and 36.1% believe that you must have Greeks parents to be Greek: on second thought, I think I’ll pass on democracy…

Andrea Ostrov Letania
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” 36.1% believe that you must have Greek parents to be Greek “ Most Greeks understand that Greek babies are usually born to Greek parents, but they don’t think it is something systematic. They have a theory that sometimes, a couple of Eskimos living in their igloo can also give birth to a little Greek baby. Before you go around asking questions for an opinion poll, I think you should ask people a few simple questions to evaluate their IQ. It’s no use asking questions to those who think Eskimos can have Greek babies. — ” Only 25.4% see immigration… Read more »
Captain John Charity Spring MA
Captain John Charity Spring MA

Some might be thinking in terms of Northern Europeans or Russians who buy a house and settle.

Ask them if a Turk can be a
Greek? Maybe they say no.

alex delarge

In the next poll they should be asked how they feel about Israel NGO IsraAid taking over Lesbos and now processing their new countrymen. Tikkun Olam for thee not me

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Those are not good numbers for any society attempting to maintain any asemblance
of cohesive national unity.