The Haunting Future

As Whites of European descent, we must understand that our children are the future of our great civilization.  One day, we will inevitably die, and our children will be the ones to continue carrying forth our traditions and culture.  They will indeed prolong our legacy, as we have carried on the legacy of our ancestors.  Alas, with our expectations of their future proceeds an exceedingly grave question; what future will be rendered to our children?  Will we leave the remaining White children of this earth with nations that possesses utter disdain for their very existence, or nations where they can freely grow without being persecuted by society?

Our children could indeed inherit a world that seeks to ruthlessly destroy them.  The sickening articles published by the Jewish-controlled media can bestow an unnerving glimpse of our people’s future upon us:

“Diversity Is Good. Why Doesn’t Everyone Agree?”


“We’re All Racist.  But Racism By White People Matters More.”


“America’s Getting Less White, And That Will Save It.”


“The Last Days Of A White World.”


“Europe’s Migrant Flood Brings Germany A Much Needed Baby Boom.”


“Whites Surprisingly Chill About Becoming Minority.”


“Census: White Majority In U.S. Gone By 2043.”


“Watch The Rapid Decline Of ‘White America’ Over Three Decades.”


“Obama: ‘This Is Going To Be A Browner Country'”

In South Africa, we already see the atrocities committed against the White population.  The developing predicament in South Africa is a horrid reflection of what could happen to us all if we become a minority within our own homelands.  Aside from the Jewish Cultural Marxists infusing self-hatred into White children, they are especially focused on teaching non-White children to vigorously despise White people.  It is not pure conjecture to project that this deep hatred will lead to undeserved violence and cruelty.

It is our earnest responsibility to make certain that our European children can flourish in a world free from other races exploiting them.  We cannot allow Jews and Zionists to halt our advancement.  For too long, we have passively watched as our race has been diminished over the past several decades.  The erosion of our culture has undoubtedly led us to the crossroads that we now stand before.  Which road shall we take?  Will we choose the road which leads to the happiness and prosperity of our children?  Or will we choose the road which leads to their unmerited demise?

The future of our nations belong to us, our children, our children’s children, and beyond.

We go onward.


  1. Even if immigration to every white nation was halted tomorrow, we will still be minority white in 30-40 years time due to the mammoth birth rates of minorities who breed as if they still haven’t access to birth control. Active deportations will need to take place in order to arrest the damage in addition to stopping immigration.
    We have a great culture in the West-we enjoy a drink after work on a Friday,we treat our women as equals,we enjoy music, believe in reward for hard work,love our big SUV’s, love free speech and a high standard of living that we’ve earned. Lets keep it that way. The majority of the white population have not foreseen the the dreadful future that the Jews/left/elites have condemned us to down the track. no point finally standing up when we’re 3% of the population. Action is more effective if we have the numbers.

  2. I hope we can find a way to keep White countries White without a lot of violence but it doesn’t look good. It’s makes me very sad sometimes.

    • No, this is war, and thousands-perhaps millions, will have to die, in order for the Adamic race to continue.

  3. I was thinking about the deeper anxiety behind the Global Warming scare. I wonder if it’s just a polite way of saying that whites are fucked demographically? Unless they start slaughtering Dindu and Asians?

  4. Anti-Whites portray our decline and disappearance as inevitable and good. They deny that their anti-White immigration, social and political policies have anything to do with it. They deny White Genocide, then they justify it.

  5. Wise words from Cambria-

    ” The liberals’ hatred of the white race is even greater than the colored barbarians’ hatred, because the liberals are in a constant state of dread. They fear that they might be placed among the damned, the racist whites. Hence, their constant, fervent busyness in defense of the non-white and in defiance of the white. Look at their opposition to Trump, a 1950s liberal. The liberals have gone beyond mad-dog liberalism in their opposition to him: they have bared their satanic fangs. Why? There is only one explanation – they are possessed. They hate whites with a passion fueled by Satan. Trump has done nothing that places him outside the parameters of what classical liberalism is supposed to be, but classical liberalism was never really liberal, in the moral sense, at heart. It was not about compassion for the poor or the enfranchisement of the disenfranchised. It was, and is, about the destruction of the white, Christ-bearing race. You will be eternally pushing Sisyphus’s rock up the democratic hill unless you come to grips with that essential fact – Liberalism is from the devil. Through the liberals and the colored barbarians, Satan strikes back at Christ by attacking the Christ-bearing race. The race war is a religious war. Satan does not care if he has to kill every white on the face of the earth in order to kill the tiny remnant of whites still connected to Christ. Non-Christian whites are collateral damage in the great war between Satan and Christ…”.

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