It’s Time For a Bluexit

Bluexit would be the culmination of my life’s work:

“Dear Red-State Trump Voter,

Let’s face it, guys: We’re done.

For more than 80 years now, we—the residents of what some people like to call Blue America, but which I prefer to think of as the United States of We Pay Our Own Damn Way—have shelled out far more in federal tax monies than we took in. We have funded massive infrastructure projects in your rural counties, subsidized your schools and your power plants and your nursing homes, sent you entire industries, and simultaneously absorbed the most destitute, unskilled, and oppressed portions of your populations, white and black alike.

All of which, it turns out, only left you more bitter, white, and alt-right than ever. …

We won’t formally secede, in the Civil War sense of the word. We’ll still be a part of the United States, at least on paper. But we’ll turn our back on the federal government in every way we can, just like you’ve been urging everyone to do for years, and devote our hard-earned resources to building up our own cities and states. …

In short, we’ll take our arrogant, cosmopolitan, liberal-elite football—wait, make that soccer ball—and go home. …

Most of our country, at least as measured by physical terrain, has adopted your worldview. Your incessant self-pity and sense of injury on behalf of white people, and white people only. Your insistence that you remain the stronghold of “traditional values,” even as you adopt the most radical of ideas, and elect the most openly irreligious and irreverent president in our history. Your penchant for flushing any and every inconvenient truth down the memory hole of your favorite media complex, run by a gaggle of foreigners and cynics up in your hated New York. …”

What can I do to support #Bluexit?

I think they should go all the way though and secede. Otherwise, we will still be clashing over countless issues like foreign policy, immigration and control of the federal courts.

I’m a Southern Nationalist.

I could settle for New America though.


  1. You do realize though, that all those looney lefties in places like Portland weren’t born there, I lived in Oregon for a while and noticed that they all migrated there from around the country. Put up a border and the next crop will start turning the red state cities they are stuck in into places of agitation. Blue states are “blue” because of a giant 3rd world megapolis in their midst that overwhelms the voting power of the ordinary counties. Peoria doesn’t have a voice against 5 million hispanics and blacks in Chicago.

    • I don’t really sympathise with “red” areas as such because they are still classical liberals even though they may say things like “liberalism is a mental disorder.” I would care about the whites there, but quite an alarming number of those whites wouldn’t want me caring about them as whites because to really care about something means you don’t want them to change as in shrink, you want them to change as in flourish, and to have those whites flourish and grow, they’d have to have exclusively (or at least 99.9%) white areas in which to have their families, but they’d likely denounce for wanting that for them.

    • The Metropolitan cities must be broken away from their respective states and
      Soon. Give them a reasonable share of the state’s electoral college vote and a few senate seats.

  2. Yes, absolutely! Blue State exit! I support it 100% The blue states can have open borders, amnesty cities, hate crime laws, Gay Marriage and adoption, abortion on demand at any stage of the pregnancy paid for by the government and strict gun control laws and trans-gendered bathrooms.

  3. The truth of it is that “blue” areas don’t send more money to “red” like this claims, because in fact borrow money using the collateral of white people from “red” areas. This borrowed money goes into losing businesses and then gets, in small degree, taxed back out of the “blue” people. But without the collateral of responsible whites in “red” areas the “blues” would not be able to borrow anywhere close to what they currently do!

    Anti-whites will say anything and make any noise to justify White Genocide.

    When I read this part—All of which, it turns out, only left you more bitter, white, and alt-right than ever.—I found myself wanting to ask the article’s author “why are you so anti-white?”


  4. The truth of it is that “blue” areas basically don’t send more money to “red” like this claims, because in fact they borrow money using the collateral of white people from “red” areas. This borrowed money goes into losing businesses and then gets, in small degree, taxed back out of the “blue” people. But without the collateral of responsible whites in “red” areas the “blues” would not be able to borrow anywhere close to what they currently do!

    Anti-whites will say anything and make any noise to justify White Genocide.

    When I read this part—All of which, it turns out, only left you more bitter, white, and alt-right than ever—I found myself wanting to ask the article’s author “why are you so anti-white?”


    • It’s all on the back of productive farmland in the Central Valley and the Corn Fields in the midwest. The entire enterprise rests on extracting revenue from these sources forever.

  5. Get rid of them but they don’t get the whole west coast. We need easy access to Pacific. We’ll keep WA & OR and make the undesirables walk the Trail of Shitlib Tears to Cali.

    • Secession should be done on a county by county basis and not by a state basis. That way we get northern California as our outlet to the sea which wants to separate from southern California anyway.

      • Counties do not really have the administrative apparatus necessary to administer healthcare, education, policing, legislature, etc. etc. If you had to create those offices in each county, everyone would be working for the government.

        States do have boards of education, they already administer medicaid, they already have state police and create state laws, etc.

        State lines are the only lines we could feasibly break on. Sorry you don’t get to keep the coast. I hear the beaches in North Carolina are beautiful.

        • DC is a federal district. LA and SF could be too. Along with Philly and NYC.

  6. Oh, you must go and read the whole thing.
    It makes me want to blow up the power lines and pipelines going into California so they will burn their cities (as well as hacking things so the EBT cards don’t work).
    This arrogant elitism is why Trump is president.
    I’m not sure this idiot can change his own tire, much less figure out some of the basics when the shelves at Wal-Mart are empty and there is no electricity, water, or gasoline.

  7. When India partitioned with Pakistan, it did not solve the underlying issue that both sides still do not get along (to put it mildly). A red blue partition might be a good idea, but conflict between the two side will still likely happen, with that in mind, the issue of who gets the nuclear weapons is the absolute number one priority.

    • “Not,”

      Both India and Pakistan as well as Northern Ireland and R.O.I. separations are good examples of ways to possbly benefit whites in what is now the United States. Think along religious lines as well. If the Italo-Americans can be disloged from New Jersey and New York, they should be sent to administrate their co-religious farther south near the border while the Anglo-Protestant Christians rejoin with Canada and get an English prince or something to prevent the kind demotist destruction that has in recent decades fallen down hard across this land.

      Best regards,


  8. Oh ya?! How bouts us cousin fuckin gap toothed hillbillies turn our backs on you when it comes the stocking the fucking GROCERY STORES!

  9. “But we’ll turn our back on the federal government in every way we can, just like you’ve been urging everyone to do for years, and devote our hard-earned resources to building up our own cities and states.” If only he meant it. These are the clowns who use the federal government to approve gay marriage and men using women’s bathrooms. They would never allow red states or even red counties to live how they wish.

    • Good points. Prop 187, traditional marriage and other conservative measures passed at the ballot box in California but were taken away by activist “blue” state and Federal courts. Good point.

  10. Better now in leisure and peace, than later in strife and war. There is maximum post-split comity that way.

    Not that we should lift a finger here. Let them push bills through state legislatures and / or the US Senate. Our energy needs to go towards the Wall and Deportation.

    On that note, Trump seems lost. The alleged repeal of Obamacare needs to go away quietly: do it right or not at all. I would elevate General Kelly to Chief of Staff and just start conscripting loyal military officers into the Executive Branch.

    Conway and Bannon just aren’t getting it done: too “media / culture war” focused and not focused on getting the Executive Branch in order to push an agenda on a time table. Also, Trump needs to find a replacement for Ryan and McConnell.

  11. I won’t have an iPhone or Uber (I don’t have Uber anyway), and they won’t have food or energy. OK. Let’s do it ASAP.

    • According to them, they produce all of their and our food as well. They’re also the only people who work and pay taxes, so they say.

  12. This is why LA, SF, Miami, Chicago, Portland, NYC and Philly should be separated from their respective states and soon. Give them a fair amount of the electoral college and Federal District status. You can’t let LA take the Central Valley and San Diego with them when they go. Nor allow Philly to dictate what the rest of the state of Penn does politically.

  13. A couple of thoughts: 1. They have not absorbed Americans, either white or black. They have absorbed tens of millions of third world primitives from Latin America and other parts of the globe. I live in Los Angeles. If there are any WHITE communities of people who were “absorbed” here from another part of the USA, I would know about them. California has 12% of the US population and 1/3 of the people on welfare. California would sink without Federal subsidies. California is desparately looking for more tax revenues to fix crumbling roads, etc., after spending billions on giving free healthcare and free public education to illegal aliens for decades.

    2. Most of the “Blue states” are not “blue” states at all but large blue metropolitan areas. Much of California is WHITE people who are Red state in their values and outlook. There have been repeated efforts to split California based on this split. It’s no different in Washington, Oregon, Minnesota or any of the others. In WAshington and Orgegon it’s the few concentrated metropolitan areas that are “Blue.” A few counties at most. If these “people” want to secede, let them take the counties in which they are the voting majority. They should not be able to take the entire states of California, Oregon and Washington when their populations of lunatics are concentrated in clearly defined, densely populated urban areas.

    3. New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are very much the same. Heavy “progressive” concentrations in urban areas, but vast areas that are Red State people. Bernie Sanders defended his Soft on NRA record on the grounds that in Vermont everybody has guns but they have no gun crime. I don’t think the gun owning Vermonters will want to be lumped in with Californiians who want more Mexicans and strict gun laws.

    4. I think we should take our time on this whole secession thing. The tide is turning in our direction. I don’t like the idea of a coastal area like California being able to conclude alliances with Mexico and China. If the Red States maintain political power, California can be isolated and bankrupted fairly easily. California’s southern border with Mexico is faiirly short and easily cut off. It’s easier to keep California in the Union and control its short border with Mexico than try to cut off the rest of the border with Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

    I think it’s great that these people are so despondent that they’re asking for some kind of secession. They say they won’t “formally” secede but will still be part of the US “on paper.” What does this mean? It sounds rather like the original pre-1865 USA. Federalism. Maybe not a bad idea. Still, they’re on the run. We’re just beginning to organize, flex our muscles and see our way out of the political, intellectual and moral fog that was “true conservatism.” I am very encouraged by this. But we have the presidency and all, well most, of the power that goes with it and we need to ;use that power before we make concessions to these “rebels.”

    • “They say they won’t “formally” secede but will still be part of the US “on paper.” What does this mean?”

      Mostly, it’s nonsense. They don’t want to give up their right to correct our faults.

      • Bob Rob doesn’t have a reply under his post so I’m replying here.

        Bob’s four points are extremely good. Most excellent. I agree wholeheartedly.

        I definitely think we need to forcefully use the power we now have legislatively to dismantle some of the nonsense they’ve passed. We need to actively punish the Left for civil rights violations. Is there any difference when the State used to sit back when Negro’s were attacked than now when Whites are attacked? None at all. Is it not a civil rights violation when they teach all Whites in college
        that they are the problem with everything in the country? We need to push lawsuits on Berkley(and all other Leftist schools), take away their Federal funding, end section 8(building vast amounts of public housing for diversity in Blue counties ONLY), end laws that force integration and jail them when they are violent.

  14. Minnesota is soon to turn Red State

    Wisconsin did

    The upper Midwest is looking good almost as good as the non Texas South

    Let s get a heterosexual Southern in high office in South Carolina

  15. Is it any wonder the (((urban elites))) and their (((establishment press))) are so despised by real Americans?

  16. Liberals are such disingenuous hypocrites. There is a reason why a state like Mississippi is a net federal tax consumer and it ain’t because of Republican voters.

      • Yep. I’d be willing to join Mr. Baker in calling for cutting off such tax consumers but I doubt the Democratic voters would go along.

        • Huh. See – every time someone whines about liberals painting Trump voters as racist ‘deplorables’, I think “maybe they have a point, we shouldn’t be calling a whole group of people racists”. And then I see stuff like this and I feel better about writing off rednecks.

          • If the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Civil Rights Movement are a demonstration of your benevolent intentions toward us please by all means do us a favour and write us off. Stop talking about it. Stop threatening it. Just shut up and do it. And, by the way, stop using blacks as shields to hide your hate behind. Your “love” hasn’t exactly helped them either.

          • By the time Trump rides off into the sunset a lot of the filth will be buried six feet under, or piles of ash.

  17. First of all, the colors are wrong. The major networks swapped Blue for Red during the 2000 election. Republican states always used to be blue, Democratic states, Red.

    Anyway, no way they get to take all of those states. A lot of “blue” states have large “red” sections – like eastern Washington, parts of the interior of California, etc.

    They can have an archipelago of city-states – a federation of Singapores, except they’d be really shitty, pozzed Singapores, with no army, no agricultural land, and few factories.

    Let us conduct that experiment: how long can a left-wing republic with a population of bankers, academics, software developers, actors, entertainment lawyers, transsexuals, and women’s-studies graduates last?

    • It’s something I’ve pushed for.

      Metropolitan size cities should be quarterized before they take down the hinterland as Federal Free City Districts. The rural and countryside areas are not to be given over so easy.

  18. What we got from liberals ???……nothing. And now somebody offers them half of the country.
    No, liberals need to be forcefully multiculted. They already have country and this is Islamic State. In Europe I constantly argue with them. They claim, that Fortress Europe is bad and I keep saying, that don,t worry about Fortress Europe problems because you will be thrown out.

  19. No way. Contrary to what “American pattiot” Jorge Ramos days, this is OUR country. Shitlibs are not Americans. Two more points. You don’t get a single square inch of our country. Second, there is the issue of punishment. You will get it good and hard. You aren’t going anywhere. You shitlibs will stay here and work as we direct until you pay for what you have done but you will wear a scarlet letter. No political or covil rights and twice as many taxes as real Americans pay. Payback is a bitch.

  20. Upon reflection, perhaps a Bantustan solution for shitlibs would be more appropriate. They bear careful watching.

  21. Another whining, pissing and moaning anti-White unable to get over the fact that their “man” didn’t win. Secede on paper only?

    • All the game tactics will work against the left since the left in general has the mind of a woman.

      Agree & Amplify, Flip the Script, Neg and so forth are more effective than usual contard “muh facts.”

  22. Facts are tertiary attitude is primary. ‘Murka will descend into savagery because of the attitudes the progs take towards us “Dirt People.”

    People can squabble till death over idiotic ideology but come the interpersonal holier than thou attitudes are fights to the death.

    If the usual contard intellectual cucks spent the next week decrying the attitudes of progtards instead of debating the usual nonsense we would be at war within the month.

  23. Why aren’t there any Comments? That garbage “author” attacksMS – but fails to note the reason FOR Mississippi’s extreme teat-sucking is the YUUUGE Negro population.
    The Snark Blue States get all the Orcs.

  24. Yeah sure you’ll secede, just like Cali and just like how you’re moving to Canada if we elect Trump.

    White liberal America is that psycho-bitch girlfriend you just can’t get rid of. She threatens to leave, and when you say ‘ok please go’ she comes back and threatens to kill herself.

  25. Pretty cool idea. Why should the white folk leave the U.S.A. if the non-whites and idiot SJW whites would just leave us by taking California and much of the North to form their new “enlightened state”?
    I am a White Nationalist from southern Indiana, and I identify with Southern Nationalism, not the multicultural JudeoYankee dream currently imploding in front of us. Whatever political situation develops in America over the next few years, my volk need to remember the Three Principles.

  26. Would “Wall Street” stay in New York if New York separated from the USA? Thats what pays a lot of the taxes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. I live in a western NJ county that went 54%-41% for Trump. I think we’d be glad to break off from the rest of New Jersey and not have near all our state income tax going to – and wasted by – just 31 low income “Abbott” (State Supreme Ct case) school districts. (New Jersey has 615 school districts.)

    Of course, its not going to happen. Hillary is 44 (which is a pro Trump site and has been since he announced) has a good take down of the Bluexit article, a “self-hating white boy . . . juvenile temper tantrum” that still avoids “the truth that it was Barack Obama that destroyed the Democratic Party.”

  27. Minnesota was almost exactly 50-50 in the recent presidential vote. If they can come to some awareness of the lies of the blue state deep state, anyone can!

  28. I really really want to see this.

    The blue areas are shithole cities. I doubt western PA and Eastern WA etc are going to go with the shittier parts of their state. As for the blue parts providing all the wealth, that is pure smoke and mirrors. Virtually everything is grown in a red area, virtually everything is manufactured in a red area. The blue areas basically “run the books” on the work done elsewhere. The wealth is actually not generated in the blue states. I am pretty sure we can set up a stock exchange in Dallas or Richmond etc.

    Please let this happen.

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