1. There are real life consequences for naming the jew. Some people don’t have the stomach for it. Some people are blackmailed. Some are threatened. You cannot presume everyone to the left of himmler is automatically a traitor. Taylor has been promoting white interests for a very long time andhas a very successful website. What have you done?

  2. I appreciate Jared Taylor’s work, but then again he dates an Asian if i am not mistaking.
    I like Japanese people like brothers and sister, but i won’t date out side of the race, that’s not good for both whites and Asians.

  3. Whites have been conned for decades to believe that we are immoral if we don’t hate and support our own Genocide.
    Smash the GENOCIDAL Anti-White system with a consistent message. Nothing is more powerful than sound!

  4. Whites need to start defending themselves; plain and simple. If we fight back, we get in trouble, yet we are being literally genocided at every turn. So what have we got to lose fighting back? Our ancestors would fight to the death, regardless of what the ‘consequences’ were. We whites aren’t going to get permission to fight back, nor do we need it.

  5. Or it’s all about their families, too. So you have a wife and a couple of kids depending on you; you open your mouth, there goes your job, your wife will leave you, taking half of whatever you have left plus your kids to be beaten up by a series of “boyfriends.”

    Not many people have the mettle to martyr themselves by speaking up, particularly if they don’t see that it will do any good to do so. The googles and skypes can say whatever they want with no consequences, or even rewards. Whites will lose everything they have if they step out of line even verbally, in a lot of cases.

    You’re not protecting anything if you lose everything and end up as a Walmart toilet scrubber trying to pay alimony to stay out of jail. Not your community, nor your culture, nor your heritage.

    Until Whites start to organize to the point of assisting each other if they decide to “take one for the team,” most will not see any point in speaking out for a team that doesn’t have their back when the (((powers that be))) cause them lose everything.

    In short, I think it’s not so much “rampant individualism” in many cases, as a sense of total isolation and helplessness, leading to people preferring to keep their head down and shut up and still get what little they can out of life, than to speak out — futilely, as they perceive it — and end up a statistic.

  6. Thank you, Ironsides, for your thorough and well thought out reply,

    Yes, you have to exercise caution in speaking out, but there are venues for it, as well, as advocacy groups.

    That said, there is isolation and a feeling of helplessness which are very real, and yet, with some effort they can be overcome.

    I’ll say to you what I, myself, follow : don’t focus on what you cannot do, but, spend your energy finding what you can and do that.

    The Good Lord always provides a way, but, sometimes he makes you look.

    Have a nice day!

  7. I despise the lying piece of shit. I despise even more the faggot moderators who enable him.

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