FT: Le Pen, Trump and the Atlantic Counter-Revolution

Here in the United States, there is no question in 2017 which we are more keenly interested in than the outcome of the upcoming elections in France and the Netherlands:

“France and the US both regard themselves as exceptional nations. But their history has often followed a similar pattern. The American revolution of 1775-83 was swiftly followed by the French revolution of 1789 — leading some historians to talk of the late 18th century as the period of the “Atlantic revolutions”.

Will future historians one day be writing about the “Atlantic counter-revolutions” of the early 21st century? It could happen if the election of Donald Trump as president of the US last November is followed by the election of Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, as president of France this May. …”

If France elects Le Pen, our momentum could be unstoppable. It would unleash a domino effect of resurgent nationalism across Europe. The French presidency is a powerful office:

“France’s electoral system is unique in Western Europe. In most countries, the head of state is either a hereditary monarch or a president indirectly elected by parliament. These leaders leave most, if not all, of the day-to-day governance of the country to the head of government: the prime minister. In France, presidents are directly elected by the public and have substantial powers, making them the most powerful national leaders in the region. They can appoint and fire ministers, including the prime minister, almost at will, and submit bills to a national referendum. They can take extraordinary powers in case of a national crisis. They can also dissolve the lower house to provoke a snap election, and the electoral fate of the congressmen is so strongly linked to that of the president that their parliamentary majority is much more obedient than in the United States Congress. …”

Do you think France will blow?


  1. Im not putting my money on the French. This nation is one big cuckcuckcoo. They never had freedom and they can,t dream of freedom and even do,nt understand what the freedom is.

    Of course I hope too for miracle but with Trump, it was clear from beginning that he will win but in the Europe there are some sort of glass ceiling. Nationalist party breaks thru all obstacles only to get their traditional 15 – 20% for decades and nothing seems to change that.

    My hope is major economy crisis or USSR scenario when marxist elite loses nerves and does something very violent so the whole society freaks out. Mutti Merkel brought herself muslim army for reason.

  2. She has made up ground in the polls but still trails by a lot. The FN under performed in the last election. So I am guessing that Le Pen will not take the presidency. She has long bet on the next election anyhow, her supporters point out.

    At this point though, short of a massive nationalist revolution can France be saved? It seems like it would take a near mitacle.

    • Maybe, but this is a unique time in history. Never before has the ability to say “I revolt against the system” been so easily shared via social media as it is today.

      In the past, anyone who strayed from the controlled narrative was “whack-a-moled” into submission by the media and politicians. Now, ideas are networked in an instant from South Carolina to Alabama and Virginia.

      The same is occurring in Europe. SperoPatria in England, retweets a statement from David Duke in Louisiana, absolutely mind boggling when compared to the past. An idea was spread instantly bypassing DC, Manhattan, San Francisco and LA.

      I have numerous followers in France and Europe. The French and English are fed up. It’s coming.

      One thing I have noticed about the neoconservatives is their dislike of the French. Constant berating them. This should play well for us. Once the French turn, they will be a massive ally. They, of all Europeans, wish to be differentiated from from their neighbors.

      We are about to witness a rebalancing of power between the US, France and Russia. The hold outs will be England and Germany. If we can swing England and Germany, nationalist will have won the day. It will be one of the shortest global coups in history and you Mr. Cushman, are apart of that.

      • Disagree! The French cleave closely to Germany. The lesson of ww1 and ww2 is that France fears Germany.

        • That doesn’t make any historical sense. Especially when viewing France’s post WWII attitudes in regards to foreign policies.

          • The EU is a Rothschild/Franco/Germano pact, Captain, and there is every possibility that the menage-trois may end in divorce.

          • Aside from that it is a way for French Elites and German Elites to divide up the economic pie.

            I separate that from the (((Elites))) here.

          • It’s true, Captain.

            Yet, the elites cannot do it without the consent of the redneck and blue-collar man.

            Will they continue to consent?

          • The motivations for disinvolving will always be the same – identity (sovereignty) and economicks.

            How, specifically, that is parset, is, as of yet, unclear.

            I suspect that, in the end, Miss Marine will have to make the campaign about the survival of The French Nation.

          • Under the surface I think that Trump won because white men know a military showdown with China is in the works. Reindustrialization and trade war with China give the US a chance not to be buried under a billion and a half Little Emperors.

          • Captain – my version of why Trump won is that small-town and rural Whites said, ‘to hell with this city-slicker version of America crap.’

            As to a military showdown with ? China, I think it unlikely.


            Because they are insecure about their ability, and are not successful at anything military, in centuries.

            Sabre rattltin’, however, they will do – to a point.

            Thank you for telling me that the right wing French like Germans.

            I think it’s more complicated than that. They have a dualistick attitude towards the Le Bosch.

            As far as I know, right-wing French love Putin, and Miss Marine has promiset a new alliance with Russia, as a hedge against Germany (Jewish governance – in unspoken implication)

            Obviously, Miss Marine is going to have to wage and unspoken campaign of White rural and small town France ‘making France great (White) again’.

            It’s a battle that will be fought on almost identical lines to what the Trump-Hillary election was.

            That said, I am very fallible, so I could be way off. Those are my views, however.

            Thank you for your thoughts!

          • Although Russia receives a lot of Chinese goods, I believe that this country is it’s largest market; and, in such a case, we are, whether we like it or not, inextricably tied to each other – economically.

            For the foreseeable future, I don’t see a shift in this.

            Do you, and, if so, why?

          • Do you know the international trade figures that existed in 1913?

            Or the trade data between the Third Reich and USSR in 1941?

            I do.

          • I don’t know them, Captain.

            In fact, I don’t care much about money matters. I get that from my rural Confederate side.

            Be that as it may, I get your drift.

            So, let me insert a wedge into it : neither China nor The JewEngland Government have homicidal lunaticks at their head, as opposed to what Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia had.

            Trump wants to do deals. That’s his religion.

            That said, I am not disregarding your thinking or trumpeting mine, I just put my money on personalities.

            Have a great day~!

          • France and Germany were each other’s biggest trading partners in 1913.

            In 1941, the Third Reich was economically kept afloat by the USSR.

            You can go from mortal enemy to friend and back again very easily.

          • Well, these are good points, Captain – particularly the one about 1913 – as none of those governments were headed by certifiable megalomaniacal nutcases.

            The one war that needs to be fought is in this country, but, it is entirely possible what you say.

          • Be that as it may, it doesn’t negate the fact of French attitudes of her position in history. But this difference of opinion doesn’t reflect anything significant to this discussion, so I won’t engage it any further.

          • The Agriculture minded French get a very good economic deal from the Metal Bangers next door.

            The point would be to incentivize these people to run from German cash.

          • France, Mr. Saint, is in the terminal phases of multicultural egalitarian democratique cancer.

            Does France, as a whole, regard anyone as ‘foreign’ anymore?

            This election will tell.

            If any limb is to survive, it may just be that the others will have to be cut off.

      • I think that, to win, Mr. Saint, two things will have to occur – #1. God intervenes. #2. Miss Marine will have to frame her candidacy as a resistance to the Bosch hordes, a 4th time.

        If she tugs on those strings, there is a chance.

        Your comment on social media is very apt.

        • There are no German hordes. There is broad amity between Krauts and Frogs.

          Give them a real reason to split.

          • Did you listen to Miss Marine read Merkel and Hollande the riot act, Captain? ; – ‘cuz, in it the French siren uses polite words to say that,’ y’all Bosches ain’t gunnuh be running us noway, nohow!’

          • Captain, Miss Marine’s speech, to my ears, was to the small-town and rural White Frenchman.

            It’s a rousing call to those descended from Napoleon’s guard.

            Will they hear it?

            I don’t know.

            Confederates and Bonapartists are in a long hibernation.

            My hunch is that God will rouse them. (us)

          • Easy enough to defuse. Trump must get ahead of this and invite her to the Whitehouse.

            Gamblers luck hopefully.

          • Trump already had her to The Tower. I imagine that he will be working behind the scenes for her – just as President Obama did in this recent election in Israel, where he attempted, as did Clinton before him in 1996, to defeat Natanyahu – though, in the latter’s case, he was unsuccessful.

            Yes, gambler’s luck is what is needed.

            China and Trump will exchange words, and then come to terms.

            They’re both interested in commerce with each other, not war.

    • She is only strong in the Norman-Aryan Northeast, right?

      You’re right, Mr. Cushman, it’s going to take a miracle, because every other party will conspire against her.

      Maybe France will wind up having a secession, because with Burgundy, Loire, Alsace, Normandy, Aquitaine, Carcassone, Gascony, Provence, Bordeaux, Lorraine, and the Ardenne, there are, in such a surprisingly short space, many different peoples, many different histories, and, thus, many different desires.

        • I’m not, Father.

          I really don’t know what to think.

          I’ll keep my fingers crosst that, with the same things he did for The Trump candidacy, he will do that for both Wilders and Miss Marine.

  3. One way or another it will explode.

    Very few historians explore the concept that France fell in 1940 because National Socialism was the least worst option.

    After that the French rewrote election laws to make sure a fascist wouldn’t win.

  4. I pray, and have long prayed, that Miss Marine will win, but, I doubt it.


    Because the French have elevated the degenerate scalawag to a national hero, not to mention all the aliens in their midst.

  5. Well, if the French followed our 1776 revolution with one of their own a few years later why shouldn’t they do the same thing again by electing their own version of Donald Trump?

    Meme magick and the Trump Effect will make Mme Le Pen’s victory a reality.

      • Let’s note that the first moment of that clip is misleadingly edited. The remark that the “black man will have the whip hand over the white man” was not from Powell himself. It was part of a larger remark, which Powell was quoting, from a constituent …

        “A week or two ago I fell into conversation with a constituent, a middle-aged, quite ordinary working man employed in one of our nationalised industries.

        “After a sentence or two about the weather, he suddenly said: ‘If I had the money to go, I wouldn’t stay in this country.’ I made some deprecatory reply to the effect that even this government wouldn’t last for ever; but he took no notice, and continued: ‘I have three children, all of them been through grammar school and two of them married now, with family. I shan’t be satisfied till I have seen them all settled overseas. In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.'”

        At http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/3643823/Enoch-Powells-Rivers-of-Blood-speech.html is the speech’s full text, whence the above is excerpted.

        • My reaction to this man of yours, John, would be this ; there is no more to fear of the Black man having the whip in his hand, after you’ve had 160+ years of the New England Government man wielding it for him.

          • With the thrust of your remark, Junius, I agree. Not for a moment have I thought whites have anything to fear directly from blacks, who are able to cause trouble for whites only because of the political dominance of the liberals. My own point was simply that the video, as edited, gives the impression that Powell himself was making the “whip hand” statement, which, in fact, he was merely quoting.

          • Thank you, John. I am not surprised you get that, and am mighty glad of it.

            It’s mostly my fault, because I am brecome more and more troubled by how few non-liberal White Northerners fail to see that, in either rooting for, and or assisting The NEG, and their Jewish allies, break the back of traditional Southern Society they have sewn the seeds of everyone’s downfall – the ripple effects now tumbling back upon them – only they ain’t ripples no more.

            God bless you!

        • It doesn’t really matter does it? Powell knew it would be twisted either way.

          • If my memory is correct, that clip is from a BBC show—a 40th-or-whatever anniversary documentary, I think. Personally, I was a little surprised that the BBC would edit the piece in that flagrantly misleading way. A sad decline in British subtlety, I guess.

    • Because The French, Mr. Kleinfeld, are a nation of people who not only eschew The Lord, they idolize degeneracy, and regard it as the true measure of ‘being French’.

      I know this from actual experience, not from reports.

  6. Le Pen will win. The pundits have it all wrong, AGAIN.

    Le Pen will face the leftist Macron in the run off. Macron is a Gen X Male Hillary Clinton: Globalist, Banker, in favor of mass immigration. Macron is also more left wing. Le Pen will win enough moderate and center right voters and she will be President of France.

  7. Does anyone else think the Germans are overcompensating for war guilt on the one hand and expressing resentment for losing the war on the other https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c9e8c3aa5e1751ef9b81131ec591b78741d0897a2809e1c3dac30e420b7e50e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a8163a23c58c1c9ac546584746c463cbdfe3876827050c942e82ab0b74867cf.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f5b3c440320dad51b513f04e1c3537618678a039ac2085bb733fe3b55422df46.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6c68e55923e4603813429edf47a00027434ee89d1faf2bfb105ff75c5002118c.jpg

    • Yes, Mr. Pace, but, Saracens aren’t the ones destroying French but, the French themselves.

      The Saracens are like pimples – manifestation of a dirty bloodstream.

        • Yes, Sir – that’s why I used it, just as I employ the semantick, ‘negro’ or ‘Yankee’ or ‘Scalawag’ and why I spell like I do.

          I see absolutely no reason to change what our forefathers wrought.

          Always good to hear from you!

    • France has been a GODLESS Nation since the mid-1700s when the likes of Montisqueau, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Diderot were alive. Voltaire proclaimed that Christianity would be EXTINCT within a century after he passed, he died in 1778. Well Voltaire was PARTIALLY Right, Christianity did go largely extinct in France though it took much longer than he thought.

      The philosophers poisoned the minds of the people and by 1789, you had the French Revolution. The French Revolution was similar to Russia in 1917, but things took place much more slowly. From 1789 until 1792, it was unclear what would happen, the Conservatives and Liberals were at a stalemate, the government passed from the National Constitutent Assembly to the Legislative Assembly until finally on August 10, 1792, the Jacobins had enough power to seize Louis XVI and completely take over. Louis had been given shelter in Paris at the Tulieries Palace after the mob stormed Versailles in 1789. On August 13th, the King was imprisoned and on September 21st, the National Convention came into being. Of course we all know the rest, the murder of King Louis and Queen Marie, the murder of the Dauphin, the slaughtering of nuns priests and monks all over nation, which Thomas Jefferson approved of. Napoleon himself didn’t stop the persecution of Christians until 1801 when an agreement between the Vatican and France was established, the Concordant of 1801, which was in France’s favor of course.

      From 1801 until 1940, the work of Dechristianization continued, but at a slower pace. The French Aristocracy who had survived the Revolution, many by becoming Revolutionaries themselves, were anti-Christian and by the time of Napoleon III, most of the French ruling class was Atheist-leaning. Napoleon III himself was Pro-Catholic and did many things for them, but once he was deposed and the Third Republic began in 1871, it was Secularism at a rapid pace. By 1905 France was officially declared a secular read Atheist state. It has been so ever since


      • Recal that France saw itself as Hegemon in the 1700s. They had the biggest population. 20 million. Britain only had 7 million. Cunts like Voltaire and Rousseau thought the party would go on forever. Then Germany unified gradually after the Napoleonic wars.

        • I disagree. France was already on the downward slide after 1763, when for all of its advantages, it couldn’t better a combined English/German/American Army and Spanish Army in the Americas nor the British Navy and Privateers worldwide. The Pope had slowly turned against France after the Declaration of the Clergy of France in 1682, which stated that the Catholic Church in France was under the joint control of Louis XIV and the Pope. This pissed the Pope off to no end. The Church was under Catholic Law his domain upon earth, which he shared with NO ONE!

          The increasing independence of France from Rome, combined with the gigantic increase of Atheism/Deism/Secularism during the era of Descartes and Spinoza, set the table for Rousseau and Voltaire in the 1700s.

          When France lost all of her American colonies, save her Caribbean Islands French Guyana Saint Pierre and Miquelon fishing islands near Newfoundland, the country immediately began its slide into dysfunction. Agriculturally France hadn’t advanced since the 1300’s she was still using old technology while England and the German States were adapting to the use of Iron Plows and seed drills, not to mention growing potatoes and maize which practically meant that Britain and the German States were immune from famine. The grain crops ie wheat barley oats rye could be rationed better, one wouldn’t have to choose whether to feed himself or his livestock as he had years before because a surplus of maize meant lots of livestock food. Potatoes meant even the poorest wouldnt starve. Potatoes were illegal to grow in France between 1748 and 1772 and even after the ban, the nation was slow to adopt them.

          As France never advanced technologically the nation teetered on famine every single year. The lowest German Peasants ate better and lived better than the French Peasant, because Germany was adopting new technology.

          • Another thing screwing France over was during this time was FEMINISM, although it wasn’t called that yet. Feminism began to appear in the 1600’s among the French Nobility when noble Frenchwomen reasoned with their husbands and lovers that babies were BAD. Coitus interruptus was the practice among French noblewomen, resulting in an extreme drop of the better population of France. Coupled with the expulsion of almost all Hugenots, the result was a DYSGENIC COLLAPSE.

            Remember, France was always TWO populations, a Germanic nobility descended of the Franks and the Gallo-Roman Peasantry, made up of the mixture of peoples who lived their from Prehistoric times to the Roman Era. The two classes looked completely different from one another, the Nobility were tall and fair skinned while the commoners were often short swarthy like Southern Italians or Sicilians. There had been some genetic merge between the two populations over the years, but overall even after 1200 years of Frankish occupation, the Gallic people remained distinct. Almost completely illiterate and oppressed, the Gauls were ready for revenge. Fearing their own peasants, the Nobility began renting their homes to landlords and living in townhouses near Versailles and in Paris.

            The French Revolution, which started after the 1788 famine and economic collapse saw the Gallic peasants rising up and murdering their landlords, Although at the time the Parliamentary government in Paris wasn’t completely hostile to the Nobility, some of the Nobility became Jacobins to save their skin, after the collapse of the two governments under Jacobin pressure, then the consolidation of power under the Jacobins after the coup in August 1792, then the slaughter began. As thousands of French nobles now lived in Paris and not on their ancestral estates, they were consolidated in one place and easy to round up, those in the countryside were outright murdered by the peasants. The lucky ones escaped to England, Germany, Spain and even the Americas.

            Although Napoleon’s coup in 1799 saw the restoration of sanity to France, the damage done by Louis XIV on the Church was never undone and it only worsened under Napoloens Concordant, which officially stated to Rome that Rome had only a supervisory control over the Church of France, not a direct rulership. The church’s only pushback was during the reign of Napoleon III but since the Third Republic was declared in 1871, Secularism has been France’s god.

            Add these things up. Religious Wars + Weakening of the Church + Christianity falling into disfavor+slutty noblewomen+dysgenic breeding+ outright murder of hereditary aristocracy+mandatory atheism+ after 1815 creeping secularism= France 2016

  8. Amnesty is my red line. Even talking about it is a betrayal. They came here illegally (when legal alternatives were plentiful); they have to go back.

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