RamZPaul: A History of Leftwing Political Violence

RamZPaul is touring Europe. Lucky bastard. He got to speak at the Identitarian Ideas IX conference in Sweden. He also attended a torchlight march in Estonia.

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  1. My personal “Mt. Rushmore” leading to my enlightenment: Jared Taylor, RamZPaul, Richard Spencer, and Hunter Wallace. via OD, AmRen, and V-Dare

    No one is ever going to agree 100% of the time on everything. There is much we can take from those who agree 80% of the time

    • I’ve always liked Ramzpaul.

      In recent years, I have made a point to end online beefs that I had in the past and avoid creating new ones. It has gotten to the point where I get along with a bunch of people who have long running feuds with each other.

      My new standard is to try to imagine on whose side this or that person will be when the shooting starts. It clarifies who is a real enemy and who is a rival or antagonist. Many of these divisions will fade away in a real conflict.

      • Seen similar things that relate to your much more lengthy experience.

        Anonymity, ideological debate which equates to nothing more than intellectual masturbation on fine points of disagreement, everyone wanting to be the HNIC, and “non-negotiable” points of contention, have really hampered actual community building before there is any chance for it to form.

        Though there seems to be a growing consensus that the time is now to get serious.

      • I agree. For several years now, Ramzpaul has been making videos, under his own name, that could have gotten him arrested in any number of countries (though not in America). He seems like a good guy. And he is on our side.

      • It’s a good policy. But for some types like Harold Covington, peace just can’t be made so it’s best just read their good books, listen to their good audio files and try to get away from them, get away from their negativity, their personality cults.

      • “…In recent years, I have made a point to end online beefs that I had in the past and avoid creating new ones…”

        This is very wise. We should try to get along with the 1488’ers to the cucks to defeat the multicultural state. We don’t have the power yet. This little bip in power may be washed away. We need all the help we can get.

      • Haha its Mt Rushmore, can only stroke 4 egos at a time. But now that you mention it, when I first started poking around OD years ago, I didnt exclusively identify it with a single person. So many thanks as well.

        • Very good. I’m selling a hard copy glossy magazine best of Occidental Dissent. It’ s mostly Hunter Wallace, but also includes some of my best words of wisdom. What to purchase a collector’s special edition?

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