Mike Enoch Interview With Dr. Thomas Main

Mike Enoch, founder of The Right Stuff and host of The Daily Shoah, recently did an interview with Dr. Thomas Main, professor of political science at Baruch College, for a book Dr. Main is writing on the Alt-Right. Main approached the subject as a classical liberal and self-described “moderate conservative.” The two discussed basic questions of equality and democracy, where Enoch pulled no punches, contrasting the inegalitarian worldview of the Alt-Right with the universalist egalitarianism that arises from Jeffersonianism and Lockean abstractions. They also touched on secession, race realism and other issues which might interest Southern Nationalists (SN).

From our perspective there was much to like in Enoch’s answers. He held his own as the professor really challenged him on some of these issues. However, it was also evident that Southern Nationalism can provide a guiding light on certain difficult questions. For example, Dr. Main asked where the racial policies of separation might end – if there is a way to ensure that our ideas do not end in absolute horror and tyranny. Enoch said he thought there was no reason for such things to happen but did not give any clear reason for thinking so. As SNs we have the limititations of traditional Western Christianity to guide us here. Southerners in the Antebellum era often invoked this influence on their culture and praised it for its moderating and civilizing effect on fallen human beings. Other plantation cultures of the former Golden Circle did the same. So, we could say today that our policies on race (or any other subject) will be pro-Southern, pro-White and consistent with traditional Christian morality.

This is one small critique of the interview. It points to the way that SN can provide the Alt-Right with a more grounded and ethno-cultural approach to questions of ideology and policy.

Overall, Enoch did quite well. It is encouraging to see Alt-Right leaders and media personalities interacting with the mainstream culture in a productive and intelligent manner. Interviews such as this are a sign of our growing importance.

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  1. Except the evidence where he said he was Jewish twice on his radio show and had his flaming liberal Jewish wife on his radio show reading Christmas poem. lol Yes, she was in on the joke.

  2. Circumstantial? There’s recordings of him saying he’s Jewish on his radio show not once, but Twice. I understand there was censorship on this issue at Alt-Right websites, but it was freely discussed at Stormfront.

  3. Well that’s strange Greg, because Enoch says he is Jewish.

    Youtube clip here:

    (((Mike Enoch))) is a Jew himself
    youtube dot com/watch?v=ZaE-1iUkrb4

  4. Mike’s interview is well worth listening to. He handles a wide range of issues and is forthright about the fight for White interests. He also has a calm demeanor, with touches of humor and real passion where it counts.

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