Voxsplaining PewDiePie

Take a look at this:

“Over the past six months, members of some gaming forums and 4chan have gradually started referring to Kjellberg as being “redpilled,” a common alt-right metaphor for “waking up” to the “truth” about leftist propaganda. The image below, posted to 4chan’s /pol/ form by an alt-right supporter in December, implies that Kjellberg has adopted the fashion and grooming trends of the neo-Nazi movement, which is characterized by the “working-class” skinhead fashion code of flannel shirts and the “nipster” look — Nazi hipsters with neatly trimmed facial hair. …

And in another video from November, Kjellberg overlays a swastika, along with audio of a speech from Hitler, over unrelated commentary about clickbait YouTube channels. He then goes on to refer to BuzzFeed as “a bunch of cucks” — “cuck” being an alt-right buzzword. …”

I honestly have no clue.

Who knows? Even if PewDiePie isn’t Alt-Right or a Nazi, he has been cast as one of us. He is being treated as one of us now by the witch hunters. The Inquisition has been summoned. It is time to burn the heretic at the stake, ruin his reputation, destroy his career and silence him.

Regardless of whether or not he is one of us, I’m confident that PewDiePie hates these people as much as we do now. He’s learned a few things about the Lügenpresse over the past week.


  1. I hope its deliberate on Trump’s part that he doesn’t “disavow” anonymous people left and right. Yesterday he handled the antisemitism hullabaloo by just personalizing it, “I’m the least antisemitic person” which was interesting because the guy wasn’t attacking Trump personally. In a way, Trump gave the whole issue a swift kick.

    Tucker Carlson had a guest a few weeks ago, a self-described radical feminist, who is taking on the transgenders as anti-woman. Finally. Of course its anti-woman. She gets death threats.

    We will have a lot going on from a lot of quarters over the next few years. The media wants antisemitism in the mix because they think its an automatic win. Its going to be fun to watch. Let all the poison thats in the mud hatch out.

  2. Jews whining about “anti-Semistism”, because someone painted a swastika somewhere is fucking hilarious. They expect special protection against “mean symbols & words” despite the Jewish owned MSM working 24/7 to undermine Trump! Seriously! WTF? Christians put up with CONSTANT libel & desecration of Jesus and Christian symbols — often perpetrated by Jews! And Jews are 2% of the fucking population! WTF? Come to think of it, if they’re only 2% of the population, how is it “anti-semitic” to notice Jews own 95% of the world’s news and entertainment media? Why do they so often times change their surnames to more “gentile sounding” names? Why is researching the German perspective of the Holocaust ILLEGAL in 14 European countries? Talk about blazing “red flags” of lies and bullshit!

    • You should look at Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry”; the special protection comes from a special status largely based on fiction and exaggeration.

      • Thanks. I’m well acquainted with ZOG and the Holohoax. ? It’s a massive red pill to swallow for the vast majority of Americans, but MANY are awakening every day now! We need to keep red pilling America AND the world to evil ZOG monsters.

        • David Duke is pretty good for red pilling. Have learned a lot from his broadcasts. From Kevin MacDonald / Occidental Observer too. We just have to keep putting it out there. You can feel the discourse moving to the right and against ZOG. The leftist panic and cuckservatives bitching about “anti-Semitism” are the best evidence that the paradigm is shifting. I used to feel edgy as a normal right winger until I got red pilled on the JQ, then everything changed. You never see the world the same way again. It’s like a veil is removed from your eyes.

  3. The functional people of the West have distrusted Leftism for years, but as it gained power, it revealed its true form, which is closer to “Soviet” than the image that moderate Leftist parties have projected over the last few decades. Now the backlash begins and, as we see them destroy lives on a daily basis, it becomes clear that we cannot coexist with them. Leftism is not just another political choice; it is a path to suicide and murder.

  4. Making PewDiePie a Nazi was a YUGE tactical error on ((their)) part.

    “We Are All Nazis Now” is an awesome weapon.

    Promote this by always responding to accusations of “Nazi! and “Fascist!” with “Yup”.

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