‘Muslim-Free America’ Posters at US Colleges

American Vanguard is in the news for their members’ activism in Florida, Texas and New Jersey. Mic reports:

Students from the University of Texas at Austin, University of Central Florida and Rutgers University tweeted photos of a flier reading “Imagine a Muslim-free America.” The flier was in black and white with a silhouette of the twin towers depicted in the background.

Muslim students at the University of Texas at Austin have complained loudly that the university’s statement about the posters defended free speech and did not condemn the posters’ content.

Check out other AV posters.

These fliers sound like a good way to trigger the Left and use the power of the hostile media to spread our message. Wouldn’t it be nice to read articles about how shitlibs at Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, etc. were freaking out about attractive, simple posters promoting a pro-South, pro-White message and guiding people to OccidentalDissent.com?


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  1. Day after day, year after year, every post on OD is negative and ugly. Can we, for once, have a beautiful, positive post? A simple post of Brad and his beautiful wife and child? Something that gives hope? Something beautiful? Something that inspires? You constantly dwell and live in the negative. It’s getting really old. Give us something beautiful for once.

  2. That “Imagine a muslim-free America poster” really says it all. And it uses the word “imagine” , which of course is the name of the lefties’ favorite song. That must surely trigger the shit out of them. Kudos to UT Austin for defending the right to have those posters on their campus.

  3. Imagine the thrill of getting on a plane without Muslims having been near the thing? It would be like catching the tram ? in Vienna.

  4. Canada’s Muslim murder epidemic honor killings and muslims who forced under age white girls into sex and prostitution. All my sources are main stream media from Canada.


    Trial begins for man facing 48 charges of forcing minors, women into prostitution
    A man who is alleged to have lured several teenage girls to his apartment in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough with a vague promise of easy money is on trial at the Montreal courthouse where he faces forty-eight charges alleging he sexually assaulted nine minors and forced some into prostitution.

    Walid Mustapha Chalhoub, 33, is also charged with drug trafficking, extortion and a series of sexual offences in a case where he is alleged to have manipulated the victims — nine minors and an 18-year-old woman — into taking part in crimes like fraud through a bizarre scheme. In her opening statement to Quebec Court Judge Serge Boisvert, prosecutor Rachelle Pitre said the minors signed contracts with Chalhoub after having been invited to his home, where they drank alcohol and smoked marijuana with him and other people. One witness who testified Tuesday said she went to Chalhoub’s apartment with a friend after they heard of his offer to make easy money through social media.

    Walid Mustapha Chalhoub
    Reza Moazami
    Vancouver pimp guilty of exploiting minors, including 14-year-old he forced to have sex five times a day
    Two prosecutors emerged from B.C. Supreme Court Monday morning. Both women smiled, but more telling was the relief in their eyes, set in their voices.
    After years of investigations and a trial that began 12 months ago, Reza Moazami, an Iranian-Canadian pimp, was found guilty of exploiting, coercing and assaulting almost a dozen young women, most of them minors, all of them abused.
    He was convicted of 30 of 36 prostitution-related counts.
    One of his victims, an Afghan immigrant, started working for Moazami when she was 14 years old. When police eventually found her, she was dressed in blue lingerie, waiting for her next “date.” Another girl, also recruited at 14, was forced to sell herself about five times a day.

    Slain Ottawa sisters mourned, brother charged in killings
    Beyond drifts of snow at the gates of Ottawa Muslim Cemetery on Sunday, grief-stricken mourners said farewell to slain sisters Asma and Nasiba A-Noor, who in life touched many by their devotion to family, community and the Qur’an.

    Only 32 and 29, the sisters were remembered at their funeral as “inspiring and influential” members of the Somali community. Nasiba taught Islamic Studies to girls at the Tarbiyah Learning Centre.

    More than 1,500 mourners attended their funeral, and many said the sisters were bright, popular, and too young to die.

    Ottawa police were called to the McCarthy Road home around 9 p.m. Friday. Detectives say their lives were cut short by their 29-year-old brother Musab A-Noor, 29, who is charged with first and second-degree murder in the
    Suspected target of restaurant killing arrested
    OTTAWA – The man believed to have been the target of Sunday’s deadly restaurant shooting was himself arrested in a police raid late Tuesday, in a police strike that also helps to thwart any plan to exact revenge for the killing.

    Seven people were arrested Tuesday evening in a raid by the guns and gangs unit, and more than 30 charges were laid. Three people were arrested Tuesday evening at a home in Kanata and four others were arrested in a traffic stop near Arnprior.

    A 12-gauge shotgun was found Wednesday afternoon during a search of the home on Castlefrank Road.

    Marwan Arab, 20, was shot and killed Sunday evening at Shifa Restaurant in the Pinecrest neighbourhood behind Ikea. His cousin, Ayyub Arab, 22, survived after being shot once in the hand and twice in the chest. Behzad Behruzi, 29, was with the Arabs the night of the shooting and is believed to have been the target of the gunfire.

    When a lone gunman began shooting inside the cramped restaurant, Behruzi fled out the back door.

    On Tuesday, Behruzi was arrested alongside Mohamed Hamad Mohamed, 26, and Abad Abdi Shire, 21 — friends of Marwan. All three were charged with a slew of weapons offences and Behruzi was also charged with drug possession.

    Behruzi is known to anti-gang police, while Marwan and Ayyub Arab, who had had minor run-ins with the law including an upcoming court date on charges of theft under $5,000, were not on their radar.

    Ayyub Arab is known to national anti-terror police, who ordered that alleged terror recruiter and financier Awso Peshdary not be in contact with the young man he had met through the Algonquin College Muslim Students’ Association. His family, however, insist that the shooting was not terror-related.

    Police had become increasingly concerned that friends of the cousins would seek retribution themselves for the shooting, and increased their surveillance efforts after the homicide.

    Police have also charged Jodilyn Lynn Crozier, 40, who lives at the Castlefrank Road home, Ahmed Ahmed, 31, and two teenaged girls with firearms offences. Police suspect the men charged in the raid were using Crozier’s home.

    All seven appeared in court Wednesday. Friends and family also gathered Wednesday at the Ottawa Mosque for Marwan’s funeral.

    Muslims in Canada Explain When it is OK to kill and consider nine year old girls women
    muslim says who cares about Canadian law another muslim says the koran says kill all other religions

    Teenage girls touched at WEM water park, man charged with 6 counts of sexual assault

    February 08, 2017
    A 39-year-old Syrian refugee has been charged after several sexual assaults took place at the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark this weekend.
    Officers say Soleiman Hajj Soleiman father of six children inappropriately touched girls while they were swimming. Police were called to the park at around 10:30 PM Saturday.

    Mohamed Huque, executive director of the Islamic Family and Social Services Association, says he’s worried the story about Soleiman’s refugee status will unfairly vilify an entire community. (Courtesy of Mohamed Huque )

  5. Someone spread a bunch of cheesy fliers in a plastic bag saying “the klan wants you” around the streets of several small towns in Kankakee County. When they listed the towns they were all super small “Grain Elevator” towns right on I-57 where someone coming south from Chicago would feel safe getting off at the exit, throwing the fliers out the car window, and jumping right back on the Interstate. From the crude look, my guess is some leftist made these up in an attempt to troll what they think are small “racist” Trump towns. Down here in Champaign I had a horrendous Lesbian-Feminist professor for a Sociology 101 class I regret taking back in the 90s. Nasty hostile dyke, she HATED downstate Illinois so much that she and her non-white lover lived way up in the queer part of Chicago and she actually commuted 150 miles to work! She always disparaged the small farm towns on I-57 so I know the left up there is filled with negative stereotypes about this part of the state. Wouldn’t surprise me as an antifa stunt. If genuine, then it was some teenage nerd who got beat up by blacks at school and thinks this “comic book” garbage is the way to fight back.

  6. It won’t be long before the screamers and thugs come to shut it down. Universities and all other enemies of free speech need to be defunded.

  7. > attractive, simple posters promoting a pro-South, pro-White message and guiding people to OccidentalDissent.com

    You should design some and put them on the website tbh.

    But actually it’s even simpler than that. Years ago in Georgia during the “flag controversy” there was a campaign which placed Confederate Flag stickers everywhere, road signs, bulletin boards, you name it. These stickers are easy to find and easy to make, you can get the sticker paper in lots of places and print them several to a page and cut them yourself. Small stickers are also insanely easy to place without any notice.

    Can you imagine the impact of hundreds of persons just placing the Confederate Flag in sticker form across the South?

  8. But aren’t Americans, Muz and Kikes united?

    The Kike’s whore Sean Hannity and Kyke Ari Fleisher (one of W Bush’s Kike-handlers) and Kike “Hungarian refugee” Steve “Hilton” (Herzog/Hircsák/Hirtsac István) (Kike Cameron’s mouthpiece) celebrate the Anglo-American-Saudi-Bahraini-Emirati-Jordanian-Egyptian-Kike alliance against “Evil-In-Our-Time” Iran:

    • I did reenlist, Mr, Owen – a number of years back; and I am still waiting for my fellow Southerners to arrive.

      A few soldiers without an army are not much good.

      Keep flashing this, however, and maybe the army will show up.

  9. “Muslim students at the University of Texas at Austin have complained loudly that the university’s statement about the posters defended free speech and did not condemn the posters’ content.”

    Is there no better proof that Freedom and Democracy are White conceptions that don’t apply to the dusky hordes of Africa and Asia?

    • Jewish problems and Muslim problems are different. Anti White jews rarely if ever physically attack, kill White Americans. Hostile Muslims do this all the time.

      The Jewish problems are cultural, political. Jews control/dominate the mainstream media. Jews are universally terrible, as bad as can be on immigration:


      The strangest thing to learn is that Jews in the USA, Europe, the West are overwhelmingly on the same side as invading, rioting, raping Muslims in the West and this has been true

      for ever.

      Jews were kicked out of Spain or forced under the Spanish Inquisition for taking the Arab Muslim Moor side against Whites in the 15th century


      This bizarre fact of Jews and Muslims against Whites is almost as strange as $ millionaire Jewish financiers in New York City funding the Bolsheviks/Communists in Russia – but they did.

      My point is to just to a responsible, pro White activism and oppose Muslim invasions, Muslims raping our women. The anti White Jews will call you a “NAZI” the same as if you are opposing Jews.

      Do good propaganda posters opposing Muslim terrorism, Muslim invasions like the Swiss People’s Party – they work. The ADL, SPLC and other anti White Jew organizations will still shout “RACIST”, “Hater”, “Nazi”.

      It’s worse than worthless to try to make friends with Muslims with the idea that they will fight against Jewish Hollywood, Jewish TV, Jewish Lib Leftism. It just doesn’t work.

        • Yes. But effectively fighting someone like George Soros is different than putting down a BlackLiesMatter rioting mob. For some reason our side has been completely ineffective in opposing George Soros, all we do is complain. White Europeans in Russia and Eastern Europe like Soros’ native Hungary take effective action.

  10. I hate to be the one to ask but can someone explain what that eagle in American Vanguard’s logo is carrying? I went to their website and still can’t make it out nor could I find an explanation as to what it is and represents.

      • Thank you. Once you named it I was able to research it.

        It’s history dates back to Roman times. As far as a symbol for fascism, it was hijacked by the Italian political group National Fascist Party (having derived their name from the emblem) from 1921 to 1943 and by The British Union of Fascists of the 1930s, but has enjoyed a wider usage and meaning that includes

        A symbol of power and authority
        A symbol of a magistrate’s power and jurisdiction
        A symbol of order

        The emblem is found throughout the US on flags, seals, statues, and insignia and even certain old Mercury dimes.

  11. This is a natural reaction to the racism our people face on college campuses. Just recently, a California college asked white students to start wearing a visible symbol identifying them as white on their clothes. Supposedly, this was to remind them of the white privilege. We all know what parallels this has.

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