Antifa: We’re Coming For You

H/T Ramzpaul

I’m terrified!


  1. Spencer is busy writing a dissertation on the Greatness of the Late Parthian Empire before the Mohammedan Conquest.

  2. The pathetic fat bastards parent are doing one of two things….

    1) Swinging their heads is shame. (Not likely)
    2) Beaming with pride, because his threats ‘prove’ that an autistic kid can be taught to be violent. It took the parents 35 years to train the fat fuC%.

  3. I wonder how anti-racist the arrested Inauguration SJW’s are going to be after they’re sentenced to prison and get raped by Dindus.

  4. These largely Jewish Antifa leftist rioters don’t know how prison works.

    The Nazis in prison will hate them, and so will the Blacks and Mexicans.

  5. The white antifas are like that crippled dude in the movie “300”, not acceptable to their tribe they switch allegiance and are trying to increase their status in that tribe. It won’t work they will because they are white the left’s pillow biters

  6. Trump should take a leaf out of the French book their glass walls around Eiffel will be called Aesthetic Perimeters. The Great Trumpian Wall should be called the same.

  7. Although that film was an entry point to Greek history I felt let down by their distortions. Wasn’t Leonidas commiting treason against his state by defending Thermopylae, as the Spartans were quite fond (on and off) of Persia? Xerxes also used a lot of Macedonians and Thracians in his invasion. Greeks generally hostile to Athens.

    The Movie about Salamis was also a travesty because Artmesia
    wanted no part of the battle against the Athenian fleet. The Spartans were nowhere to be found as well. It was literally Xerxes taking Themistocles bait.

  8. The fact that they’re Jews will insure that they’ll only see the inside of some Federal country club jail at worse, or a light fine at best.

    Otherwise, they have their bug out bags and EL Al tickets ready and close to hand.

  9. Trump has to support the Jews, like every other President, if he wants to remain alive. Then there’s the 800 Warheads and the biological weapons the Israelis are black mailing the U.S. with.

  10. The character in the vid isn’t even in the U.S. As for the domestic variety, as long as they keep hitting soft targets inside of their own, fashionable urban enclaves, I won’t take them seriously. I wanna see ’em hit a Dickie’s BBQ Pit, instead of a Starbucks. Or a bar frequented by steel mill hands or cattlemen.

  11. I have a feeling the Tribe has reached the end of the line with the Trumpenfuhrer. Things don’t go well for those that oppose him.

  12. Just a tad insane there – Basically shows why the government should already be beating these people down in the streets.

  13. I seem to recall a real radical member of the JDL (Jewish Defense League) getting arrested.

    As soon as the Blacks (heavily influenced by the Nation of Islam’s prison ministry) found out he was a Jew one of the Blacks took a rock and bashed his Semitic skull in…

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