Bruce Springsteen Supports the Taliban!

Editor’s Note: The Bruce Springsteen article is a parody.

I confess that I once camped out overnight on Nashville, TN sidewalks to get Bruce Springsteen concert tickets. This was in the mid-1980s when most of our Alt-Right folks weren’t even born. The Springsteen concert was performed in the Ryman Auditorium (Grand Ole Opry House) and wasn’t bad. Bruce Springsteen was one of the best American rock-and-roll performers way back then and his songs didn’t feature preachy, political correct, anti-Southern, anti-White lyrics. In this concert “The Boss” did spend a few minutes pushing some Liberal Left causes which I found annoying and others heckled him and told him to “Go back to New York”.

Bruce Springsteen is now pushing 70-years-old, trying to stay “relevant” and insisting on going on concert tours pretending it’s still 1978. “The Boss” is going down the predicable route of has been pop singers, former celebrities still trying get some Variety ink pushing the Lib Left cause of the day. What’s the cause of the day, Bruce? Well, it’s opposing all things Donald Trump including opposing President Trump’s efforts to keep out Islamic extremist/terrorists from ISIS, Al Qaeda terrorized countries/places.

A Letter of Apology From Bruce Springsteen for Letting Trump Win

Bruce Springsteen insists that he could have made the difference and defeated Donald Trump by championing the cause of mass Islamic immigration migrations from countries like Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.

Bruce “the Boss” Springsteen seems unaware or unconcerned that these same Afghan/Pakistan Taliban tribesmen have banned all music, including all Bruce Springsteen music!

Let’s make the UN make Bruce Springsteen a special cultural envoy to Afghanistan so he’ll be stuck in a place where he can’t perform his music or even talk about politics!

Can’t we get our Islamic friends to issue a male version of the burka for has been Hollywood celebrities so they can’t show their faces or speak in public?

The good news is that has been Hollywood celebrities like Bruce Springsteen aren’t able to dictate American Presidential elections winners. Increasing numbers of Americans, particularly in the American South don’t give a rat’s ass what “The Boss” has to say about our immigration policies, Islam or anything else. A few other elderly rock stars of the ’70s like KISS’s Gene Simmons are suggesting that entertainers simply shut up about politics and, well, entertain, sing, dance, do a few juggling tricks.

In better times, folks like Bruce Springsteen were confined to the role of court jesters, and were allowed to make fools of themselves to earn their supper. I now admit that the local Southern boys in the audience that mid-1980s night in the Ryman Auditorium were right when they said …

“Shut up Bruce.”

Note: “The Boss” performed for Hillary in Philadelphia the night before she lost Pennsylvania to President Trump.


  1. Hunter has been slammed with so many exciting Alternative Right projects, so he has less time to edit. I haven’t published much of anything on OD since the great Donald Trump victory. I wanted to contribute something to insult the annoying, has been celebrities doing mind meltdowns – so I just noted Bruce Springsteen. I encourage our readers to do some constructive editing of their own – if you catch a typo just let me know. The Western world is coming our/Russia’s way so lets continue to do constructive things, promote successful people in the Alt Right and be race realist and also

    Age realist.

    Bruce Springsteen is an annoying, same old, same old Liberal Leftist celebrity….

    He’s also very old – a has been. Feel free to disrespect idiot old people.

    There’s no fool like an old fool.

    I would love to see the great British ex Pat John Derbyshire take apart Bruce Springsteen. I hope the Derb is reading this now.

  2. I don’t agree that ‘The Boss’ is trying to remain relevant. Well, that’s only part of it maybe.

    Mostly he wants to justify the ‘privilege’ he’s achieved by convincing himself he’s still for ‘the good…the people!’

    It’s a way of cleaning his lefty conscience of class guilt.

    It’s the worst most virulent form of anti-white that exists. It’s what motivates a huge amount of irish anti-white. It’s not just the shekels some are selling out for – for as many or more it’s the moral superiority. More than half of the status people strive for is psychological.

  3. Springsteen didn’t write that article. Tim Sommer did, says so right at the top, and at the bottom with an asterisk that says “not actually Bruce”. It’s a parody, though the humor is entirely unintentional.

    I was fooled at first also, right up until I read the following line:

    “Can you imagine if he attacked Bruce Springsteen? Even without doing the math, on just that alone he might have lost enough votes to lose him the election.”

    Not even a millionaire leftist musician would say something so tone deaf and obnoxious about himself

    • I see now that the letter wasn’t written by Bruce Springsteen but the letter does include a link to Bruce in concert in Australia where Bruce IS saying this same “let’s welcome all the Islamists in to the West” nonsense. So I’me going to keep up this blog as I didn’t quote from the Tim Sommer letter (pretty dishonest of this guy Tim Sommer. Was it really meant as satire, parody?)

      And Bruce Springsteen has been doing pretty much 100% Hollywood PC, Obama political Lib Left politics for at least 25 years.

      His songs used to tell stories of regular White working class guys like in “The River” . I haven’t seen any of that for around 30 years.

      I have to call out Bruce “The Boss” (not) Springsteen as one of the worst Rock and Roll/Pop music traitors of the 70s, 80s ride up there with John Cougar Melloncamp and Steve Earle.

  4. “his songs didn’t feature preachy, political correct, anti Southern, anti White lyrics”

    Springsteen, 1983: “In ’65, tension was running high at my high school. There was a lot of fights between the black and white — THERE WAS NOTHING YOU COULD DO.”

    • Yeah, I remember that (excellent) song. It didn’t seem preachy or anti White. Just lamenting the decline of his small Northeaster town and the real problems of racial conflict (Black crime) that no one seemed to have any idea how to stop it. And his father was talking about just giving up, doing White flight to the South or somewhere else.

      I thought that was a beautiful song just telling real stories about real White people.

      It certainly wasn’t idiotic 2016 BlackLiesMatter or “Let’s welcome 1 million plus unskilled Muslim male migrants EVERYFUCKING YEAR.

      This as* Bruce Springsteen is doing this pro Mass Muslim immigration propaganda in Australia! Why don’t the locals in OZ give him a boot party?

      I didn’t hear any booing.

        • I agree fatalistic. But that’s hardly the same as being viciously anti White, promoting Black riots, forced busing, excusing Black rapes, murder and mayhem. I think Bruce Springsteen’s 1970s and early 80s music stands up well.

          The pathetic Hollywood PC Lib Left, has been creature he is now – sold his soul to the Left Coast, anti White devil. If you want to call this demon Jewish, or mostly jewish, so be it.

          • He was always what he is now. Regarding “selling his soul” — no, it was back then that he sold out. He suppressed his politics because he has always known that the people who support him financially (merchandise, record and ticket sales) are 99.9% White, and the vast majority of them oppose his politics. Now he’s more open about his politics. He has always despised the majority of White Americans.

          • The line, in the CONTEXT of his career, is blatantly Anti-White.

            He says about “black and white” violence (i.e. black violence AGAINST whites) “there was nothin’ you could do”.

            He sang about Apartheid: “I ain’t gonna play in Sun City!” He sang about alleged famine in Africa: “We’re saving our own lives! We are the world. Make the world a brighter day for white genocide…” He said repeatedly about alleged discrimination against blacks, about black poverty, low education results, high incarceration rates, etc: We have to do something, Hope’n’Change!, we can’t accept the status quo, and so on.

    • Hollywood, Left Coast, PC Liberal Leftism is a fundamentalist religion on to itself. It will have various “Christian” (in name only) disguises. The new Black loving, Muslim loving Liberation Theology Pope Francis is a classic example. Pope Francis wants to tour with Bruce Springsteen and be a pop music star that makes the world one.

  5. The entertainment industry is controlled by Liberals and Jews. That’s a good reason why you see Liberals in entertainment but still against the Muslims. The only races Liberals don’t like is Muslims and White People. My view is Jews and Muslims are equally the enemy of Christianity and the White Race. Both reject Jesus Christ and don’t share our Faith and Values. WPWW !

    • OK, a lot of truth to this. But, please notice that the worst, Leftist, hate White people Jews like New Yawk Senator Charles Schumer, Marxist turned open border Libertarian Tamar Jacoby or anti racist (hate White people) activist Tim Wise almost ALWAYS take the Muslim migrant side against regular White people and they have done this… forever.

      Please share our OD Classic about 15th Century Spain where the Jews were eventually expelled or put under the Catholic Inquisition for….

      taking the Muslim Moor side
      Being tax collectors for the Muslims
      Selling White girls in to sexual slavery to Muslim buyers

      Spain Might have had some good reasons to expel the Jews

  6. I knew Springsteen was a commie lover back in the 80s, when he supported that dictator Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. His biggest hit, “Born in the USA”, is NOT the patriotic song most suppose it to be, it’s a criticism of how America treats its vets.

    That jerk thinks way too highly of himself and his influence. And he regards himself as a latter-day Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger. I never found his music that interesting or inspiring.

    BTW, If I’m not mistaken (((Gene Simmons))) of KISS is a Trump supporter!

    • I think you are right that Gene Simmons is a trump supporter

      So was Howard Stern bough Stern is buckling under tremendous entertainment industry (Jewish) forces to go against Trump.

    • My cousin, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, is also a conservative, and I believe he’s also a Trump supporter.

    • Do you know where he lives in NJ? I do. You can see his estate from…the bridge.
      I hate what the English call “luvvies”. They NEED to be forced to live their tripe.

    • You mean “this machine kills fascist” sticker on his guitar (((woody Guthrie))) and (((Pete seeger))).
      The dept. of the interior contracted Guthrie to write music for the dam projects going west ” roll on Colombia” was one of them. I briefly saw a song called “deportee” most likely to do with Hoover deporting Mexicans due to the (((depression))).

  7. Springsteen at the Ryman? SACRILEGE!!! Mother Maybelle rolled in her grave. Unless of course she was still alive back then. Lol. U get my point

    • Yes but the fault for sacrelidge at Ryman was the country music establishments fault

      They moved the Opry to some cheesy suburban amusement park Opryland

      Country music sucked in the early 80s just Kenny Rogers

  8. What do people think about the MAGA rallies Trump supporters are organizing around the country:

    If you read on that page, it states that they are pro-legal immigration. In the most communist state (NJ), the displacement of american workers by legal immigration contributes more to whites’ dispossession than the illegal, or thereabouts.

  9. Berkeley Option: “If you say something that offends me, I will bash your skull in with a baseball bat and should have the right to do so.”

    Btw, if we call it ‘free speech’, it puts us on the moral defensive.

    Though legally justified, it implies we are saying something offensive or untrue under protection of free speech laws.

    We must come across as both legally justified and morally justified.

    We must say we want to speak the Truth. Truth is more righteous than ‘free speech’.

    As the MSM spins it, the other side has the truth and we have untruth, but we want to speak our untruth under protection of Free Speech laws.

    No, we have the truth.

    Truth triggers the deluded, and the violent reaction we are seeing is proof that the other side cannot win an argument and must resort to threats and violence.

    TRUTH, not ‘free speech’. We have the right to speak the Truth.

    PS. Too much of the violence is goy vs goy, just as the GLOB wants it. As long as it’s goy vs goy, the GLOG puppet-masters will provoke both sides to attack one another.

    We must change the narrative by focusing on how Jewish Power manipulates these issues to play divide-and-rule by pitting goy vs goy.

    How pathetic that we have white ‘leftists’ allied with POC in attacking other whites?

    Those who control the media control the narrative. And they are the ones who wink-wink encouraged this kind of violence. Open Season was declared with the attack on Richard Spencer. The media not only didn’t condemn it but endorsed it. The message went out loud and clear. ‘Punch Nazis’ and since Trump is ‘literally hitler’, ‘you may hit any trump supporter, and we in the media will not condemn you.’

    So, NO, we are not for ‘free speech’. We are for TRUE SPEECH.


    What in the hell is this idea of ‘sanctuary city’?

    A nation is supposed to be a sanctuary for its citizens protected by rule of law.

    Turning cities in that nation into ‘sanctuaries’ for law-breakers, invaders, and cheaters undermines the very notion of what a nation-state is all about.

    Also, it means that the urban elites, the main power-holders of the nation, prefer to side with illegals and invaders than with their own fellow citizens.

    What in the hell is this idea of ‘sanctuary city’?

    A nation is supposed to be a sanctuary for its citizens protected by rule of law.

    Turning cities in that nation into ‘sanctuaries’ for law-breakers, invaders, and cheaters undermines the very notion of what a nation-state is all about.

    Also, it means that the urban elites, the main power-holders of the nation, prefer to side with illegals and invaders than with their own fellow citizens.

    These ‘sanctuary cities’ are Above-the-law cities and extralegal cities.

    Also, they want illegals to use as servants for cheap wages and sanctuary-buffer-cushions against black crime.


  10. Re: Retardsteen & ilk – I’m beginning to think stars like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix did the Right Thing, by OD’ing early.

    • Paul Kantner, 1970: “Put your old ladies back into bed, put your old men into their graves. Cover their ears so they can’t hear us sing, cover their eyes so they can’t see us play. We’ll ball in your parks, insane with the flash of living, calling for acid, cocaine and grass.”

  11. What do you think most Hollywood celebrities takes sides with Islam? They’re infidels and it would be hypocritical not to.

  12. Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle were once folk artists champions for our people then…
    they took the 30 pieces of silver.

    Oh well.

    We remember them before they sold out.

  13. Please watch this live Bruce Springsteen concerts and ask:

    Why isn’t this guy our folk nationalist leader?

    Everyone seems to be shouting out – yes this is our home town.

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