Pat Buchanan: President Trump Must Break The Judicial Dictatorship

Editor’s Note: As expected, the Ninth Circus has ruled against the Trump administration on the Muslim ban. No one seriously expected any other result.

As Pat Buchanan points out here, the mainstream punditry is historically illiterate:

“As for Trump’s disparagement of the judges, only someone ignorant of history can view that as frightening.

Thomas Jefferson not only refused to enforce the Alien & Sedition Acts of President John Adams, his party impeached Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase who had presided over one of the trials.

Jackson defied Chief Justice John Marshall’s prohibition against moving the Cherokees out of Georgia to west of the Mississippi, where, according to the Harvard resume of Sen. Warren, one of them bundled fruitfully with one of her ancestors, making her part Cherokee.

When Chief Justice Roger Taney declared that President Abraham Lincoln’s suspension of the writ of habeas corpus violated the Constitution, Lincoln considered sending U.S. troops to arrest the chief justice.

FDR proposed adding six justices to emasculate a Supreme Court of the “nine old men” he reviled for having declared some New Deal schemes unconstitutional.

President Eisenhower called his Supreme Court choices Earl Warren and William Brennan two of the “worst mistakes” he made as president. History bears Ike out. And here we come to the heart of the matter. …”

He always gets straight to the point:

“That a district judge would overrule the president of the United States on a matter of border security in wartime is absurd. …

Meanwhile, Trump’s White House should use the arrogant and incompetent conduct of these federal judges to make the case not only for creating a new Supreme Court, but for Congress to start using Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution–to restrict the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, and to reclaim its stolen powers.

A clipping of the court’s wings is long overdue.”

If memory serves, Buchanan has been calling for this for well over a decade now.

Update: Buchanan addressed the matter in “The Abdication of Congress and the Rise of Judicial Dictatorship” in his 2004 book Where The Right Went Wrong.


  1. They dictated it at the lodge.

    Madison: “Hey, Shlomo, uh, what’s this part in aid of?”

    Washington: “Yeah, couldn’t it be used to empower –”

    Shlomo: “– Just shut up and sign!”

  2. I am not defending the US Constitution, I am calling out the intellectual dishonesty about it both here and everywhere else.

    If any White country tried to put for “Ourselves and Our Posterity” in a Constitution today, the anti-Whites would declare WAR.

  3. What Trumps needs to do in the meantime is send all refugees and illegals to California, Washington, and Minnesota and then cut all their federal funding until they clean up the mess. But make sure that all their neighbor states’ borders are extremely secure with federal troops given orders to shoot all intruders on sight and shoot to kill.

    The courts need to be purged of all commies, pinkos, lefties, liberals, and “moderates.” I never met a conservative “moderate” and don’t believe they exist.

  4. “The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.” – Mao Zedong

    No Arabs in White countries, no sea for terrorists to swim.

  5. Virgil, quick, come see – there goes Robert E. Lee!

    Robert E. Lee statue to be removed from Va. park after council vote

    Move is expected to cost $300,000; council has to determine how to pay for it

    By Ken Shepherd – The Washington Times – February 9, 2017

    A statue of Robert E. Lee astride his trusty steed Traveller could soon be evicted from a Charlottesville, Virginia, park named in his honor after the city’s council voted to remove the Confederate general, WTOP News reported Thursday.

    “The measure, which passed Monday, gives city officials two months to recommend how to move the equestrian monument, which has been there since 1924,” WTOP said.

    The city council still has to work out how to finance the removal of the statue, estimated to cost $300,000, according to WTOP.

  6. “conservative “moderate” and don’t believe they exist.”

    We call them Cuckservatives and there are many. The only Conservative I would trust, calls himself a Nationalist.

  7. The Mexicans just started infesting my northern Washington state town in a big way, ads for work are in Spanish only sometimes.
    Please, no more beaners.

    I’m still in shock that they can derail the presidents will so easy.

  8. “according to the Harvard resume of Sen. Warren, one of them bundled fruitfully with one of her ancestors, making her part Cherokee.”

    Fauxcahontas is a Cherokee like Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Costner, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Johnny Depp, James Earl Jones, Chuck Norris, Burt Reynolds, Cameron Diaz, Tori Amos, James Garner, Crystal Gayle, Ben Harper, Jimi Hendrix, Loretta Lynn….

  9. Dear Afterthought,

    I wish that I saw what as going on as ‘the sprint to the finish line’.

    Unfortunately, I see it only as the very beginning of the end.

    Trends that began 20, 40, 60, 150, even 225 years ago, have blossomed into a toxick cocktail, and, though many in this country are awakening, many are not and have not.

    We have entered the late 1850s, and it will be a long way before we reach the end of a new Reconstruction Era, and can begin a new prosperity – not just in the financial sense, but, more importantly, in the cultural.

    A massive divorce has first got to come, and, because so many have a vested interest in the status quo, and because so many just plain hate change, even if that augers improvement, there is, still, going to be a whole lot of hemming and hawing – as aptly exemplified by the do-nothing congress.

    What is your reaction to your question, and to my answer?

  10. The problem is, Mr. Jackson, we have long been at the point where folks quote The Constitution, but have so thoroughly blackt out what you mention, here, that the whole context is hopelessly skewed.

  11. ‘The Federal Courts don’t give a fuck about the Constitution or Federal Law.’

    Unless it means using it to stick it to the South.

  12. If John wants me dead, Captain, he sure has a funny way of showing it; as, despite his disinclination to Southern Confederates, we have become friends.

    At any rate, have a very good night.

  13. Just a gut feeling, but, I think Assad will be the hub of a new Middle East Trumpian scheme, and it will be a much better one than any in a very long time.

  14. I agree, Mr. Jackson – any sort of a ‘nationalist (even a Yankee one) is infinitely more trustworthy than one who will not proclaim it.

  15. The secret is only kept from Cuckservatives, Mr. Jackson – everybody else, particularly the Left, knows it well.

  16. You see goyim you can only ban Somalis after a Somali blows up a mall or ban Yemenis after a Yemeni blows up your planes or a Syrian after a Syrian shoots up a school. You can never anticipate these scoundrels actions. That’s profiling and raciiisssss goys.

  17. “but for Congress to start using Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution–to restrict the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, and to reclaim its stolen powers.”

    Boy, the Trendy Lefties would really scream, then. They’d claim it was un Constitutional and cry about the death of Democracy.

    Unfortunately, Mr Trump is not a Lawyer. That’s his chief disadvantage over the other Presidents and legislators. GH

  18. Sen. Warren, one of them bundled fruitfully with one of her ancestors, making her part Cherokee.

    She is originally from Oklahoma and lived in Texas for many years. She moved with her husband, up North.

  19. California is a one party third world led State.

    They always claim they’re a rich Blue state that supports Alabama with their taxes.

  20. “Unless it means using it to stick it to the South.”

    In other words, it exists to meet the legal needs of Yankeedom and to justify whatever schemes they have in mind.

  21. Hunter, is there any way to get this info to Mr. Trump. I think his greatest disadvantage is that he’s simply not a lawyer. Or an historian of legislation.

  22. Sure does, not because of any crocodile tears over the starving Malthusian masses there, but because that tripled population is going to invited by the political class to defile Western Countries if they have their way.

  23. They want to portray the law as a sort of “so what” anachronism just like unenforced some blue laws still on the book about silly stuff like you can’t have sex with your wife on Sunday, etc. The (((new narrative))) that “America was created for foreigners” is supposed to supersede all that.

  24. Running from court to court is a waste of time or Russian roulette at best. The anti-White judiciary will always rule against him again and again. Trump has to defy them or throw up his hands in disgust and tell his supporters “Sorry folks. That’s just how our are great Constitutional System works” blah, blah blah. This is his biggest test yet. If he fails we might as well have Clinton.

  25. No preference shall be given to any race religion or creed. Except Jews who shall be escorted to the front of every line for special treatment. Anyone read Patrick Slattery’s article on the Lautenberg Amendment where congress gave a no questions asked gibsmedat migration status to Soviet Jews in 1990…expect Trump to wedge this one in soon.

  26. Hey, leave Minnesota alone! They voted almost exactly 50-50 for Trump, it’s the Uber class-those Bolshevik communist Jewish imports into that fair state that should be strung up by their thumbnails.

  27. Trump isn’t pro-White. He isn’t opposed to 3rd world immigration. He only wants to admit the “safe” ones. Anti-Whites fight him on this because I suspect they fear a pro-White domino effect which could sweep him up. A domino effect that isn’t out of the question.

  28. The President has little help in the legislative branch and ZERO help in the Judicial Branch. That’s why it’s important for the election of Nationalists in every single office in America. Democracy is all about majority rule. We need the majority and control over all 3 branches of Government. WPWW !

  29. “Anti-Whites fight him on this because I suspect they fear a pro-White domino effect which could sweep him up”

    I really don’t think they are that smart. As you say they both agree that White Genocide must occur, the only thing they disagree on is how it should be done. Both groups are mental midgets is my theory.

  30. Pat Buchanan once wrote that the House of Representatives had the power to overturn Supreme Court decisions on a simple majority vote, well, what are they waiting for if this is the case?

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