The New Nullification Crisis

California State Flag

Remember the time South Carolina nullified the Tariff of Abominations and President Andrew Jackson threatened to invade and hang Vice President John C. Calhoun?

Note: Well, if are a West Coast progressive, chances are you don’t. If you feel like California should be a sanctuary state, why not nullify federal immigration laws?


  1. As predicted.

    Here is another J Brown to spice things up.

    Remember, give them a little rope to hang themselves, don’t save them from themselves.

  2. Where they fuck up is they thing of California as a whole but there’s lots and lots of people in California that want exactly ZERO to do with the cities. If they got a vote in just their jurisdiction with only their voters they would be easy to peel off. There’s already a movement to split California. Maybe we could help it along. Spit the North and the Southern farm areas away from the coast and the cities. We could keep the desert(minerals), the North and the water. That would nullify a lot of their power. After that if they keep up the pressure cut their water off and give every damn bit of it to the farmers. We could do the same to New York. Their water comes from upstate and a lot of North New York state people are not really inclined to go with the cities.

    • Instead of fencing off different parts of Cali from each other why not just attack the source of the problem, viz., the Communist dictator Jerry Brown and his pet beaners? Then surround Beverly Hills with razor wire, shut off their water and power and watch those millionaire heeb pornographers and pedophiles kill each other off, like they did during General Vespasian’s siege of Jerusalem?

    • Used to be a time when California was the second Texas. The two states were even friends and allies. But the Commie-Libs took over the coastal strip, then the state. There’s likely to be a civil war between the the Inland Empire, The People’s Republic of California and Mexifornia, after session. I think the folks in farm country and the Mexicans got a better chance than the effete fags in San Francisco and Hellywood.

    • I am wondering how many of these liberals advocating this are native white Californians? Or is this just a place for privileged liberal opportunists, Mexicans, and Chinese? All the talk about how “Portland is so Liberal” got me thinking, I used to live way out in the exurbs of Washington County Oregon near Portland and my experience is most of these young people hailed from elsewhere. The place was a mecca for slacker, counterculture, liberals, lesbians, etc. (the girls who come there weren’t lookers, if they had a nice body they’d have moved somewhere warm where they could show it off with skimpy clothes on a daily basis) Just like Isis attracts looney outsiders, and foreign communists flocked to Russia after 1917, the west coast cites pull these theater loving liberals from all over middle America.

    • In 1860 the people of southern California (From San Luis Obispo County south) voted in a plebiscite to secede from the rest of California. The governor of California signed off on southern California becoming an independent entity and the California Legislature approved but the U.S. Government would not allow the split because of fears that it would lead to western secession. in 1861 the citizens of Arizona Territory, the southern half of what is now Arizona and New Mexico, voted to secede and join the Confederacy, so California shared a border with the Confederacy. Lincoln won California but only by a plurality in a four way race. Breckenridge carried three counties, including San Diego County, with a majority, the only candidate to carry a California county with a majority. Splitting California today would be even more popular as there are a lot of Californians who really don’t like way other Californians want to run the state.

  3. Seriously, let them go. Who the heck wants to fund all their future medical bills that are guaranteed with the constant chemtrail spraying and fallout from Fukushima? Then there’s the widespread psychiatric issues endemic to the population. It may have been the golden state at one time but it is now in its death throes.

    • “Seriously, let them go. ”

      It is good that they go, but they can’t take the land. Why give away perfectly good land?

  4. “Sanctuary” cities are always composed of high concentrations of 3rd worlders. CA is now non majority White. “Sanctuary” state is the next logical step of anti-Whites in charge. Whites are fleeing the state in droves as they were entering it in record numbers during the Fifties. Cut off all Federal money and let it become a 3rd world country.

  5. I’d cede California only if Trump’s Wall would extend around California and all Leftists were forced out of Oregon and Washington state in a modern day Trail of Tears.

    • I had a very long conversation with a Lefty woman, in San Fran Sodomy, yesterday. She’s an older gal. We touched on Calexit. She said there are scores of lawyers working on secession. She is worried that the US Gov will go to war w/ CA, if CA tries to leave. I told her not to worry; no one cares.
      This is the funny part. She was truly, deeply SHOCKED that the rest of the country is fine with California breaking off. That most of the rest of us are saying, “Fine. GO! So long! Don’tl et the door hit ya on the way out! Buh BYE!”. I told her NO ONE would join up to fight to keep California, and let it spoil our weekend plans, let alone our lives. She couldn’t believe it, and she was sincere. She was genuinely SHOCKED. Oh the rancid narcissism of the Left! Good riddance and good-bye

  6. Secede, secede, for God’s sake secede! I support Calexist! Please take the rest of blue stare America with you.

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