1. NRO was BTFOd when the Troll Raids on their comments section happened during the Primaries. They haven’t recovered. My guess is NRO closes up shop within a few years. I would prefer Weekly Standard and Commentary also go away forever, but Rich Jews won’t let their neocon print organs die.

    • I doubt National Review has been profitable for a while. It also panhandles, so it likely has wealthy donors keeping it afloat as well.

      • I heard 80% of their readership is over 65 and they have hardly any young people coming up. No one wants what they’re selling.

      • My vague understanding is that several Conservative Institutions like Rush Limaughs radio show & NR get grants from Thw Heritage Foundation.

        They can operate at a loss for awhile.

        • I guarantee that Rush is still profitable and makes a lot of money. There is very little overhead with his show, its just him and a few staff members. Boomer Cucks still in the workforce listen to Rush while driving to job sites in their company cars.

          A magazine with declining and aging readership like NR is a different story, and NR relies heavily on donations. These donations were made to influence policy and curry favor with Republican politicians. Since Trump hates NR, no doubt some of these donations are drying up. NR will be gone within a few years.

          NR is a magazine with much greater overhead than a radio show, they have to pay writers, their printer, the post office, graphic designers, maintain a website, seek out advertisements in print (which isn’t as effective as Rush’s radio medium).

          • Limbaugh at one time had lost a lot of advertisers. He had said something controversial during the Obama era. Also some of his core baby boomer audience has passed away due to old age.

            His ratings are down a little, but it is theorized that more people are listening to his podcasts though.

            Personally I like Talk Radio and as a gen xer Rush certainly influenced me (particularly his old tv show, there was nothing else like it at the time.)

      • I didn’t participate in the Troll Raids because I stuck to Twitter during the campaign. I did read the NRO comments from time to time. Seeing Cuckservative fags like Aristotelian lose it was glorious. NRO like most Newspaper, Cuck, and liberal sites now relies on Faceberg comments to prevent us from taking over the comments section.

      • I was there an hour before we unleashed hell, at the top of the hours and its start the attack on NRO it was like the gates of hell opened upon the neo cons, it was like another shoha!

  2. Who will die first, NR or CNN?

    They still have the Donate button.
    “Help us rebuild NRO”
    No, the self-immolation was your fault.
    OTOH, if they would don a pussy hat and go face down in Cheetos as levels were hit…

  3. We are first and foremost organisms. The main purpose of life forms is survival. Survivality, not abstract notion such as ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’, is the main theme of existence.

    We can incorporate temperate doses of idealism into our lives, but life comes first, and life must first survive, and it does so by defense, offense, and continuance(reproduction).

    So, any ideology that undermines survivality is ultimately harmful. It may lead to short term success, but if it dooms the chances of survivality in the long run, it is a failure.

    Most essential are survivality and vitality.

    So, organism must be the ism before all other -isms.


  4. After reading Buchanan’s American Conservative mag back in the day I just can not go back to NR.

    With Buckleys death the ‘protective shield’ around what a ‘respectable conservative’ is has collapsed totally.

    Libertarians, (Sen. Paul), Populists (Trump), Right-wing Conspiracy Theorists (Alex Jones) have basically taken over the Republican Party from Neo-cons and squishy moderates. It is amazing to behold.

  5. So what exactly were the wonderfull benefits of the post WW2 Phyllis Schafly-NEO-con Elliot Abrams Pinochet-Franco-Stroessner anti-commie crusade?

    1)integration of the US Military

    2)the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

    3)the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    4)an exponentially growing nonwhite POTUS Chelsea Clinton Voting Democratic Party Bloc

    5)The 70 occupation of South Korea=Korean “Americans” enthusiastically voting THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS INTO WHITE RACIAL FORIEGNERS..in post-white toilet “AMERICA”

    6)60 thousand names of mostly White Working Class Teenage Males on the Vietnam Memorial who died homo-pedophile norming Vietnam so fat Log Cabin homosexual Male Republican Federal Judges with bow-ties and SYPHYLLUS SPHIROCHEETES in their filthy rectums can go on a gay tourism trip to Vietnam with their SF gay hairdresser husbands…

    7)Barack Obama POTUS 2008-2012..

    8)America becoming an overpopulated majority non-white TOILET=NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN FAMILIES waiting on a 300 year waiting list to have a 15 minute family vacation in Ol Yellow Stone National Park….waiting behind the Chang-Chung-Wang-Pate-Subrahman-Dung Families…

  6. THE RONNIE REAGAN ANTI-COMMIE CRUSADE=The Old whore Phyllis Schafly+Pinochet+Franco+Stroessner+Elliot Abrams+The Village People Langley Headquarters+The Village People USMC+homosexual pedophile revolving door at the Ronnie Reagan Whitehouse….and that revolving door wasn’t just for Ronnie Reagan jr…

  7. Pat BUCHANNAN was our last hope…and Pat picks a retarded Nigger sheboon for his GD VP!!!=toxic consequences of the COLD WAR=the integration of the US MILITARY=the passage of the 1964 Civil Right Act….

  8. Rich Lowery=END STAGE CUCKHOLDERY=toxic consequences of The Ronnie “OXFORD BLACK SHOE POLISH IN THE HAIR EVERY MORNING IN THE POTUS MAKE-UP-CHAIR” Reagan Latin-Central American Death Squadron anti-Commie crusade…started by POTUS JFK=BUSING OF WHITE TEENAGE GIRLS INTO nigger gang rape high schools+the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act=reprobate Teddy’s permanent monument of demographic extermination to the conpiracy theorist CUCKS favorite PINUP BOY!!…JFK….

    Whatever do the JFK CONSPIRACY THEORISTS use to glue their JFK pin-up boy posters to the bedroom wall with?….YIKES!!!!!

    Bill Buckley=A GD PANSY who picked flowers on Fort Dix Military Recruit Boot Camp Marches(TRUE STORY!!!)=spawned the CUCKNIFICANT Ricky Lowery!!!…in his torn bloody rectum…Who was the father?…Phyllis Shafly’s husband?…Ben Wattenberg?

    Lowery..THE CUCKNIFICANT!!!!

  9. I wouldn’t use NR for toilet paper. I’d be afraid of catching an incurable disease. God, how I despise cuckservatives.

  10. “President Trump cuts Rich Lowry’s balls off with the precision of a surgeon:”

    Aw, c’mon Hunter. Rich Lowry never had any to begin with.

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