Study: Racial Gaps In SAT Math Scores Are As Large As Ever

15 years.

In other words, I have been posting on online forums and writing on blogs for 15 years now and in that entire time the black-white gap in SAT scores in the United States hasn’t changed a bit. The years roll by and turn into decades, the egalitarian blank slate dogma endures, billions of dollars are squandered trying to achieve Martin Luther King, Jr’s Dream, politically correct fanatics hound this or that person out of polite society for some heretical comment and nothing changes:

“Analyzing data published by the College Board for college-bound seniors in 2015, we find very large racial achievement gaps. Blacks and Latinos remain clustered at the very bottom of the distribution. Blacks in particular lag far behind, with an average score of 428 out of 800, significantly below the average score of 534 for whites and 598 for Asians.

These inequalities are especially concentrated at the tails of the score distribution; we estimate that at most only 1,000 blacks and 2,400 Latinos scored above a 750, compared to some 16,000 whites and 29,600 Asians. Perhaps most disappointingly, we find that the black-white score gap has remained virtually unchanged over the past 15 years, despite significant efforts to close the achievement gap. …”

Why aren’t we allowed to question the legend of racial equality?

A century of intelligence testing and other measures of educational accomplishment have shown nothing but enduring racial gaps. We’ve sunk more money into chasing the El Dorado of racial equality than any civilization has invested in any other project in the history of world. We sit back and let our blighted cities like Birmingham, Detroit, and Selma decline, depopulate and return to wilderness.

Equality doesn’t exist. It never has existed. It never will exist. Period. Full Stop. End of story. I’m condemned as a “racist,” laws are passed to legislate equality, but reality remains unswayed.

Note: BTW, we have been to Pluto and lead has successfully been transmuted into gold since the 1960s. That was easier than to demonstrate than “racial equality” in an American college classroom.


  1. Anyone want to explain why the Asian sample defies the expectation of a bell curve? Looks like cheating unless there is some reasonable explanation.

    • It could be the low ceiling effect, in other words the test is too easy for them. If the test was harder, their full bell curve would come into view.

      Alternatively, it isn’t the average chinaman who came to the US, but the much-above-average-chinaman.

      Also, modern scholastics is of, by, and for non-whites, if whites designed school, it would be genius that mattered, not servility. Whites do things like home school (and it used to be only the elites ever got formal education and ALWAYS at home) because we reject the hive impulse.

      • The Chinks are living in a bubble that will burst soon. Everything, all of their progress is from parasitical means.

        • Keep believing that shit you’re the master race, the so called “chinks” are beating you jerks in every tests while you silly lemmings drown in Street meth and pump out mixed race kids by the time u reach 20. Lol..

          • > while you silly lemmings drown in Street meth

            Blacks and Mestizos are charged with drug crimes more than Euros.

            >pump out mixed race kids by the time u reach 20.

            Not sure if you’re a Nigger or not.

          • Sorry, not a moon cricket. and wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Apes are their problem and they have to deal with it along with their junkie habits. These silly lemmings are living in a delusion that Trump is a hitler reincarnation, nope he is just a businessman. Get your heads out of your butt-holes. Why an asian like you keep sucking these shitheads cocks?

          • I’m not worried about them. I just don’t see why the bellcurve is being defied. JsP pointed out the SAT is not gloaded.

          • It was in the past particularly the verbal. Which is why it used to be there were only a handful of perfect scores every year.

          • Oh.
            So this test is literally not looking for genius level human material? That’s self destructive…

          • Sorry not interested in nordicist BS. Science proves otherwise. gun powder, algebra, numerical system and many others originated in Asia. Give credit when it is due, mate. face the fat whites too had their period as a marauding tribe engaged in pillaging, plundering and hijacking other denying this you’re equating yourself with the idiotic jigaboos with their afrocentrist BS. Kennewick man is another lie. Go read Robert Lindsay’s blog or racerealists blog to know about the origins and accomplishments of various races. The idea that white man created and other races copy/destroy is pure insanity.

          • I’m am happy to assume that whites invented the chariot and compound bow and therefore could rampage and pillage at will.

          • Sorry not interested in nordicist BS. Science proves otherwise. gun powder, algebra, numerical system and many others originated in Asia. Give credit when it is due, mate. face the fat whites too had their period as a marauding tribe engaged in pillaging, plundering and hijacking other denying this you’re equating yourself with the idiotic jigaboos with their afrocentrist BS. Kennewick man is another lie. Go read Robert Lindsay’s blog or racerealists blog to know about the origins and accomplishments of various races. The idea that white man created and other races copy/destroy is pure insanity, boy!

          • Well, for a people that have existed for thousands of years, I find it odd they have yet to colonize and hold land. Ant people, with inward thinking ways.

          • Algebra, numerical system, originated in formerly White India.

            What did you think CASTE SYSTEM meant? Caste means Color. The darker the color, the lower the caste. Do you know any real history at all?

      • Alternatively, it isn’t the average chinaman who came to the US, but the much-above-average-chinaman.

        This is a very good point, mate.

        We’re definitely seeing a biased sample as only the smartest Asians tend to immigrate to the West. The only exceptions are the ones let in as refugees – such as the Hmong – and they aren’t famous for their intellect.

          • You’re still on that? I’ve already made it quite clear that I’m not a sock puppet.

            At the same time, I find it fascinating that you follow me around and post the same nonsense whenever I comment here. It almost seems like you feel threatened by my ideas…

    • Are you suggesting that Orientals are smarter than White folks? They have a computer-like ability to record and process data but lack the creativity, initiative and individuality of the Aryan.

      • You are talking straight out of your manpussy. Those orientals developed logic and mathematics long before they aryans did. They also invented the rocket, gunpowder, and firearms(the latter 2 were introduced to the west via the Silk Road). They also managed to invent their own writing system from scratch! All the “aryan” alphabets are descended from Sumerian Cuneiform. The Sumerians were NOT aryan, nor semitic.

        • That would be an awesome post were it not for the fact that you’ve entirely left out all White accomplishment, which puts all other non-white accomplishment to shame. Did you honestly think you’d get by with your obvious cherry picking? Yes, I bet you did.

        • As far as I’ve been able to tell, the racial aspects of the non-European civilizations in early times are obscure. When Marco Polo visited China, in the Middle Ages, its thriving cities were just as they are now, namely, situated along the country’s east coast and in contact with the Aryan world—India, in that case. China’s Buddhism and pagodas, if I’m not mistaken, were borrowings from Aryans, just as its industry and skyscrapers are today.

          What happened in ancient times, when the Chinese were in contact with whites in what is now northwestern China–and in Mongolia, too, I imagine–can only be guessed at. As far as I know, it’s pretty clear that, for instance, bronze came to China from outside. Who’s exactly to say how writing came to be there?

          If our records from the Early Modern Period were as fragmentary as those from earlier times, would we have any idea that Ferdinand Verbiest, who accomplished so much “in China,” was a European? Am going by rough memory here, but an elaborate clockwork ornament that Marco Polo saw at the Mongol court was also seen by William of Rubruck—who learned there that it had been created by European captives.

          It’s hard to say how the Chinese—who, to say it again, were in contact with whites—came to know of gunpowder, the compass, or block printing, all of which, ultimately, were employed by Europeans to far greater effect than they had ever been used by the Chinese. The abacus—which was still being used, for calculating transactions, in a Chinese laundry, here in northeast Philadelphia, when I was a child—was an ancient Greek invention, I believe, which reached China via the Silk Road. It seemed “Chinese” to me only because Europeans had left it behind. Who knows who might have left gunpowder and the compass behind?

          In summary: Fuck the chinks.

          • We had abucai in elementary school. As far as I can remember, the abacus wasn’t a Chinese invention. We used them until we could calculate in our heads. Then they were put up.

          • That, James, is fascinating. Never would I have guessed that a 20th Century American student had used an abacus in elementary school. For me, as I’ve said, it was associated with the Chinese, not only because I’d seen Chinese characters using it in old movies but because the Chinese man used one at the laundry where my father had his shirts done. (I didn’t see this, but my father mentioned it to me.)
            My uncertain statement, above, that the abacus was a Greek invention, which reached China via the Silk Road, seems to have been somewhat, sort of, in a way correct. From a quick look at Wikipedia, I have the impression that an ancient Roman abacus and an ancient Chinese abacus are similar enough that there’s a question whether the device moved from one civilization to the other, though the direction in which it might have traveled can’t be known.
            For the record, I’ll mention that I had, in my early years, a small abacus and a larger one—the soroban, apparently, which has been mentioned in the present thread by another commenter. The soroban, if I’m remembering this correctly, was presented to me by my father, who probably thought I’d benefit from some familiarity with the device. Had I become aware, at that time, that students in Texas were using these devices in school, I’d have been knocked out.

          • Yes Sir. It was intended to be a first step in the mechanics of computation. A physical, hands on feel for it, that would lead to mental calculation. We were also taught that the abacus was the beginning of computer science. But we were expected to move on from it.

          • That is fantastic. That is serious instruction, of a type that, one day, all white children will undergo, in a proper world.

          • The Antikythera device (a complex astrological mechanism) suggests the Greeks were making stuff with clockwork that we can’t recover.

            My guess is the Greeks originated most of this technical gear.

            What in the end was this later Greek Fire that their enemies noted?

          • Imagine an archeologist reconstructing the identity of the designer of the Kalashnikov Without a textual source. They’d never know it was an adaptation of a German rifle.
            Instead they’d say “it comes from Mozambique or China.”

          • Lol. Well based on where they found the remains of the AK they would have to conclude Out Of Africa.

          • People keep repeating that the Kalashnikov

            was a copy of the MP 44 German design. NO it was not. The German design was a tilting bolt and the Kalashnikov was a rotating locking bolt. Completely different. The only thing the Germans can call their own is using an intermediate power cartridge. Great idea.. Here’s a link describing the action.



          • Yes. All of these pieces of information are like islands, which seem to be sitting out there in the middle of the ocean. It’s hard to say what we’d conclude if we could drain away the ocean—i.e., lost time—and see the mountain range, everything connected, clearly.

            Obviously, the question that another commenter has entered into with you—i.e., whether the Kalashnikov should be credited to a Russian or a German—has nothing to do with your main point, namely, that an archaeologist might credit it to Africa.

          • PS More evidence that things get better when the Aryans come to town …

            China’s tallest existing pre-modern pagoda is the one pictured below—the Liaodi Pagoda, which dates to the Song Dynasty.

            Yes—that Song Dynasty, 960-1279, the dynasty that, as Wikipedia notes, “saw the first known use of gunpowder, as well as the first discernment of true north using a compass.” That would also be the dynasty during which, as I’ve just seen at a webpage, “maritime trade”—meaning, apparently, China’s maritime trade—“for the first time exceeded overland foreign trade.”

            Emperor Zhenzong, under whom construction of the pagoda began, AD 1001, intended it, according to Wikipedia, as a storage place for “Buddhist scriptures gathered by the Chinese monk Huineng from India.”

            Yes—that India. Aryan-speaking India.

            Tall buildings, munitions, navigation. Somehow, as I say, you can always tell when the Aryans have come to town …


          • “…it’s pretty clear that, for instance, bronze—yes, bronze, I think—came to China from outside…”

            How do you know this? I don’t think it’s true. The Chinese were the first people to mass produce steel.

            I’m not Chinese nor am I a Chinese fan boy but endless preening that Whites are all about everything is foolish.

          • Since my main point—which you seem to have ignored—is that these early developments are obscure, I’m not going to get into a discussion re any early use of steel in China, just as I would not get into a discussion of the early use in China of gunpowder, the compass, and block printing, which I mentioned above.

            At is “Ancient Human Settlements in Xinjiang and the Early Silk Road Trade,” a 2008 worked published as part of Sino-Platonic Papers, a series edited by Victor Mair of the University of Pennsylvania. Below, in graphic from, are the work’s title page and pages 29-32, where I have red-blocked a set of passages I now present to you in transcript:

            “What we can conclude … is that there have been repeated discoveries of remains related to the Andronovo Culture (2300-1000 BC) from Chawhu to Keriya [i.e., basically northwestern China]. The Andronovo Culture consists of a series of Bronze Age sites situated from southern Ural, to Kazakhstan and Southern Siberia.

            “As Li Shuicheng of Peking University has pointed out, the discovery of mummies with European features belonging to Bronze Age settlements in Xinjiang [i.e., northwestern China] has brought to life an old discussion on the origin of Chinese civilization.

            “ … The introduction of both bronze and iron tolls seems to have traveled from west to east, as well as the use of wheeled wagons and domestication of the horse. For a country that has presented some of the most amazing inventions to the world, this idea is understandably not always easy to accept. Li Shuicheng for example, denies it in his article from the late 1990s, claiming that the prehistoric cultures of China instead gradually advanced to the West.

            “The concept of an eastward spread of technology has, however, gradually begun to win acceptance in China. As early as 1993, the influential archaeologist An Zhimin (now in his 80s), of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, asked if the early metal findings in China could be a sign of a prehistoric Silk Road that brought technology from the northwest. In 1998, while asking for more research on the matter, he went one step further, saying: ‘The earlier occurrence of both bronze and iron in comparison with North China suggests that Xinjiang functioned as an intermediate link in the eastward spread of metal culture’. And furthermore: ‘It can be imagined that initially bronze and iron technology took its rise in West Asia, first influenced the Xinjiang region, and then reached the Yellow River valley, providing external impetus for the rise of the Shang and Zhou civilizations.’

            “Li Shuicheng’s colleague, the archaeologist and metal expert Mei Jianjun has in recent years focused his research primarily on early metal findings in China proper and the Northwestern provinces. He states that, ‘It has become increasingly clear that the early development of copper-based metallurgy in Northwest China may have received impetus from the Eurasian steppe.’”

            “What we can conclude from the above is that the current archaeological evidence points to an eastward spread of at least some technology from the West.”


        • Whites lived in Central Asia and Mongolia thousands of years ago. Their mummified bodies, complete with blond hair, red beards, Celtic garments, etc have been discovered in tombs which prove it. That means whatever inventions the East Asian Orientals had were introduced to them by ancient Aryan settlers or, more likely, conquerors.

          • If you go to any luxury hotel near an oilfield in Asia you see a lot of British employees of BP and Shell. The locals are generally sub morons. I’d guess the chariot and compound bowmakers were some sort of technically proficient white specialists. Just like they are today. Stoner, Messerschmitt, Kalashnikov, RJ Mitchell, Glock, Guigiaro etc…

          • Your reasoning doesn’t correspond to facts. Look at “The Pursuit of Power: Technology, Armed Force, and Society since A.D. 1000” by William H. McNeill. Chinese almost started an Industrial Revolution hundreds of years before Europeans. The central control of the State stopped it from taking off as the industrialist in China began to collect too much power for the Emperors taste so he shut him down. They were making enormous quantities of steel that took hundreds of years for Europeans to catch up with in quantity.

            The Chinese right now are using a lot of advanced concretes that we don’t use. It’s a big failure to not using some of these magnesium based concretes.

          • I don’t know why but the Roman word Chariot was borrowed from Gallic word Car. The wheel was invented and perfected in Europe someplace according to all the evidence. The Romans used a Celt word for some reason for the war machine. Not an Egyptian or Parthian word. Not the Greek word either. Odd choice.


        • There isn’t much genius among East Asians. Oh, yeah they stuck a propellant in a tube…you
          Can make a gun with PVC pipe, hairspray and metal pellets and a match.

          • Good point.

            Whites invented the aerospace industry and sent people to the moon.

            But -Asian make boom- with firecracker and he is heralded as the equivalent of Werner Von Braun.

        • “…orientals developed logic and mathematics long before they aryans did…”

          Not true.

          “…They also invented the rocket, gunpowder, and firearms(the latter 2 were
          introduced to the west via the Silk Road)…”

          and did nothing with it.

          “…They also managed to invent
          their own writing system from scratch!…”

          Inferior pictograph system.

          “…All the “aryan” alphabets are
          descended from Sumerian Cuneiform…”

          Ehh…not exactly.

          • >>and did nothing with it.<>Ehh…not exactly.<<

            YES, exactly. The Greek, Roman, Cyrillic, Scythian, Runic, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Syriac, Armenian, and Georgian alphabets have all been traced to Sumerian cuneiform.

            Hanzhi, the Chinese writing system, is indigenous to Eastern China. It was the Han people who invented it. The persian speaking, caucasian Tokhari's of Xinjiang used an alphabet related to the Sogdian script. You may think it's inferior because you lack the smarts to learn it due its complexity.

          • “…They also managed to invent
            their own writing system from scratch!…”

            When the printing press was invented in China, nothing happened.

            When it came to Europe there was religious revolution, an explosive intellectual awakening, world exploration and settlement. White men reached both Poles, walked atop the highest mountain, deep under the oceans, flew through the air with heavier than air machines, split the atom and walked on the Moon.

        • Hey RR, your materials in your blog are fantastic. you can get these silly idiots a run for their money. All their nordicist fantasies are pure garbage. These folks are not even the real aryans (real aryans are people in Iran/AFghan) they should be considered an equivalent to afrocentric jiggly wigglies. They suffer from acute paranoia and grandiose thinking

      • Not I’m saying that the graph shows asian math
        SAT data defy the bellcurve distribution you’d expect to see.

      • “…lack the creativity, initiative and individuality of the Aryan…”

        My assumption is that Kleinfld is a Hasbara. He’s always pushing Whites fight each other and trying to cause friction between Asians and White. If you’re Asian and read this assume his writing is just another stupid Jew plot.

        • I’ve noticed this with Asian students. These kids are not lazy bone idle layabouts. But they are rarely truly brilliant. Stereotypes are stereotypes because they are mostly true.

    • The SAT is less g-loaded, the scores rounded up more, the SAT math is something they prepare for. As a sometime math tutor, I can tell you, whites don’t really want their children to be good at math. They don’t even understand what being good at math entails. Gooks just drill their children until they’re good.

      • That, JPS, is an interesting statement: Whites don’t even understand what being good at math entails. If you can elaborate on that, I’m interested to hear what you have to say.

        • I mean, they are anti-intellectual and it resembles their casual attitude towards music. When I say “whites” I mean American whites. Look at the videos of the little jap kids with the soroban and you’ll see – the sort of arithmetic prowess of a Benjamin Franklin is something “nerdy” and is held in disrepute. They think if they get close to 700 on the SAT they’re doing great. Asians smash the test because the curve is set by underachieving whites (of whom I was one in high school, I had about that score), had I studied math properly I might have had well over 1500 on the old scale of the SAT.

          • A test prep is just trying to get the student on the ball and familiar and give a marginal improvement. The best test preps always use authentic questions produced by ETS. It will take a long time to be proficient but anyone can benefit from daily arithmetic practice, euclid’s geometry, books like “mathematics for the million” “the music of numbers” “calculator’s cunning.” It comes down to interest, a lack of anxiety, and the building up of intuition. If a bright student develops confident diligence and genuine interest they will go far. Don’t be afraid to spend money on tutors, understand that you could easily be throwing your money away but it’s a gamble, you never know if a tutor is good. People don’t seem to like me very much as a tutor. I was accepted to University of Chicago but tuition was too much for my parents. My little brother was smarter than me, went to a university with a modest reputation but ended up at Columbia Med School and is at a very prestigious neurosurgery clinic now. I tutored him a lot but it’s hard to say how much effect it had. He went to a relatively strict Catholic Latin school as opposed to a rich kid preppie school. Good test scores are good but they aren’t good enough these days, they’re deliberately intended to not discriminate too much at the top so that they are weighed less heavily in admissions. I wouldn’t worry too much about the test. The important thing, is to have an idea of how well the student is doing relative to their capacity and adjust accordingly.

          • It should be possible for a high IQ individual to get a high SAT score. In the past there was a strong correlation, no doubt there’s still some. Mainly it was with the verbal section.

          • Well—that, JPS, is another interesting remark: “… it resembles their casual attitude towards music.”

            If you won’t mind saying what you mean by “their casual attitude towards music,” I’ll be pleased to hear that, too.

          • Ever see The Music Man? Meredith Wilson was in John Philip Sousa’s band. But that was nearly a hundred years ago. There was once a lot of interest in music among Americans. The interesting thing about The Music Man, is that when it was presented in the 1960s it makes the events of fifty years prior seem like another era. It’s been more than 50 years since 1962. So the question is, are we relics of the past when we think of early 1960s America as being normal? What percentage of skilled musicians voted for Trump, do you think? It’s because we let the Jews dominate our culture. This country was never Germany but we brought a lot of Germans here, once it had musical potential. Jews have strangled American music.

          • If we’ll put aside your wider remarks, as to the changes in America since the early 1960s, and focus on what you’ve said about music, I’m not sure I’m in agreement with you. There’s been a change in the musical idiom, but music is everywhere. At YouTube, you can see countless videos by Americans and others, who perform popular songs very skillfully.

        • If the SAT math were heavily g-loaded there wouldn’t be that many asians at the top nor would there be that many blacks.

          • The graph doesn’t show the absolute numbers of course. Just the percentages of each set.

        • You’re not going to turn bright kids into John von Neumann but a bright kid, properly educated, might seem like John von Neumann to your typical math teacher. We have deliberately low standards for mathematics, that’s a vestige of the British class system, where pedantry is looked down upon.

    • Saying they’re cheating is intellectually dishonest and complete conjecture. “We’re smarter than blacks but when it comes to Asians and Jews, there’s something fishy so they aren’t smarter than us!” Complete mental gymnastics.

      • No not at all. The distribution of scores should be distributed on a bell curve for all samples. It’s an iron law.
        Anyone looking at that data should notice the discrepancy. Someone pointed out that the math portion can be drilled. The non bellcurve shape must be explained to exclude the possibility of a hack/cheat. That’s just the way it is.

      • I agree. It is true that Whites have been more inventive. We’ve been responsible for most of the Worlds gains in technology. I’m in no way denigrating my people’s past. It doesn’t follow that this will always be true. The Asian cultures have been adverse to inventive thinking but this may all be from culture and as soon as inventive behavior is seen as good then it could all change. Asians are making significant advances and they have made many in the past but in many cases these were crushed by the Asian bureaucracy as it ceded power away from the State. The European’s splitting of power between lots of States fostered rapid advance in technology. I’m for reality no matter what that might be.

        • “The Asian cultures have been adverse to inventive thinking but this may all be from culture and as soon as inventive behavior is seen as good then it could all change.”

          Exactly. Asians were resistant to innovation due to Confucianism, which valued the received knowledge of elders and filial piety.

          In East Asian nations like South Korea and Japan where Confucianism has broken down, one sees outstanding innovation and invention.

          The Chinese are still largely authoritarian and thus are copiers, not inventors.

          • Ah-so Grasshopper. But have you heard culture is a product of genetics? Who’s culture are they copying this time?

        • You need a course in stats.

          There is a problem, not with the fact that they outperform in that sampling, East Asians who take the SAT…either the SAT isn’t tough enough or the Asians have hacked/games/cheated because the whole point of a test is to find the top 1,5,10 percent and where they are on the bell curve. The curve for them peaks at 100%.

    • They work harder to beat the tests is all. After school they go to night schools and practice doing these tests over and over and over.

  2. How will the culture-commies spin this one? Somehow they will figure out a way to blame the intellectual inferiority of the Negro on Whitey, who doesn’t actually exist because there’s no such thing as race – except when it comes time to bitch about White racism.

  3. I personally think that the average Western Euro IQ (and Colonial IQ) has decreased significantly from Victorian times due to a combination of dysgenics, degenerate culture, drugs, endocrine disruptors such as BPA in food, etc.

    • I agree. But there are still loads of intelligent Whites, and many, many are learning about the subjects in your post. We will rise again…..

    • I suspect a lot of it is laziness. Our people have had it too good for too long.

      I’m not so concerned about it if it is dropping. White inventiveness can solve any problem, as long as White countries continue to exist.

  4. Simply study an IQ bell curve of whites superimposed over negroes.
    No way in hell Mr. Trump is bringing back jobs to the negroe inner cities.
    And I am a Trump supporter.

  5. I’m afraid the liberals’ argument that the coloreds ‘are just like us’ is not borne out by the facts. But then again have facts ever stopped the liberals from making asses of themselves?

  6. Hitler (as usual) was correct in Mein Kampf when he described the Aryan as creators of culture and the Asiatics as the mere ‘bearers’ of culture. The lowly Negroid is neither a creator nor a bearer of culture, he is an anthropoid. But the Semite is the lowest and most detestable hominid of all.

  7. I’ll bet if there was a Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap category blacks would blow everyone away. The IQ argument is an oldie and where has it ever gotten us, except praising Asians for their high intelligence?

  8. Asians are obviously cheating and rigging the system. Ivy Leagues are right to exclude many Asians for that reason. But why don’t the Jews get the same treatment as Asians?

    Answer: Political power. Most Asians just go to work in fields like engineering and tech, and don’t engage in ethnic networking to the degree that Jews do.

  9. All you intellectuals should study that short paragraph that begins with the declarative sentence “Equality doesn’t exist.”

    That is masterful rhetoric that dominates the conversation, not a cuck statement that allows the Left to assume they own the moral level of conflict unopposed.

  10. Some people worry about Theodicy but what about Negrodicy?

    THEODICY: “How can an infinitely good, infinitely powerful god permit evil?”

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    DNA shows that the human species can roughly be divided into Sub-Saharan blacks and everyone else. We see same pattern in the USA. Despite political, ideological, and cultural differences among whites, Asians, Hindus, Muslims, Arabs, Mexicans, and etc, they can still get along on a neighborly basis. But Negroes spell trouble for everyone else, even for themselves. Look at Negroes in New Orleans after Katrina. Just looting and sitting on their ass looking for HEP. Doing nothing for themselves, acting just like Haitian blacks.

    Maybe Negrodicy can argue that the Negro is the biggest challenge for the human species to overcome. Negroes are Satan’s chillunm, and they exist as a test that humanity must overcome in order to be free and truthful.

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    But God’s eloquence isn’t about howling like animals. His eloquence is flows in the undercurrents. When God spoke to Job, the words were ‘silent’ but deep. God doesn’t need to shout to be heard. God didn’t say to Job, “Listen you mothafuc*a, did you make all them watermelons and shi*? You aint built all the cadillacs!! You aint built all the colt 45, beer or gun!! You aint built all them fuzzy dice!! Who you think you be?!”

    So, to measure God’s eloquence in terms of sheer volume is stupid. After all, monkeys can howl louder than Negroes, but we don’t mistake it for divine truth.

    No, true spirituality is about the deep wellspring of God. God’s whisper is deeper and ‘louder’ than the loudest hollerings of all the Negroes that be. God is truth and doesn’t need to holler like an animal to send His message.

    Christianity used to be about silence and the truth heard within that silence.

    It’s like the Endo Shusaku novel SILENCE where the priest finally hears Jesus’ words within the sounds of silence.

    For the Negro, truth is volume. Whoever can out-shout others hold the truth. This is savagery. It is jivery. It is truth-by-intimidation. It is what has become of black debating styles at colleges. A bunch of Negroes have no use for logic, facts, or reason. They just scream and holler, as if volume = truth.

    Same thing with BLM. Even though they are so divorced from truth(that negroes kill negroes and non-negroes), they think they are right cuz they scream the loudest. Truth isn’t established by volume.

    We saw how this could go wrong for Italians and Germans too. Mussolini had charisma, to be sure, but truth cannot be based on oratory. Hitler was even louder as a speaker, and he could be spellbinding, but what did he do in the end? He mesmerized Germans into fighting a crazy war that killed millions. Evil.

    Because Negro is the loudest creature, he represents the false notion that volume = truth = word of god. If this is true, then rappers must be the biggest truth tellers since they holler the most. But when two negreos face one another and scream about how “I f***ed yo’ mama, ni**a”, what kind of truth is that? Rap is crap.

    But we can see how the false god of black volume-nity is a temptation to mankind. Mankind just realize that this is a false god cuz truth isn’t measured by who can scream the loudest. If that were true, a man hollering 2 + 2 = 5 would be truer than a man saying 2 + 2 = 4. Volume-ism is destroying the West. Cuz of pop culture’s emphasis on Extreme Expression and modern ideology’s addiction to mass spectacle, so much value is determined by volumnity. Display of power is equated with force of truth. But in fact, power can be used to spread BS. Take the ending of PULP FICTION. Sam Jackson talks up a storm… but it doesn’t mean anything except “I got the gun, so I talk, you listen.”

    If the Negro tempts us with volumnity, the Jew tempts us with wittery and the homo tempts us with fancery(fancy-ery). Jews are clever and funny, and as such fool us into thinking that humor = humor. So, if Jews mock something and make us laugh, the object of ridicule must be false since it has been hit with wit. Now, we all like humor and funny stuff, but wit isn’t same as truth. This goes for Bill Buckley as well. It’s been said Buckley won a lot of debates, but it was through wit, not truth. So, he scored more points but did little for conservative discourse since he evaded the core issues and just relied on wise cracks and one-liners. Today, Jews like Jon Stewart and their cuck puppets like Colbert used humor to mock lots of truths. But anything can be mocked. Even Einstein’s theories can be mocked with humor. It doesn’t make it untrue.

    As for homos, they tempt us with style and design and whoopity-doo fancy stuff. Homos make us feel that the fashionable is next to godliness. We are so into celebrity stuff and the image that a lot of people think divinity is about homomania. We even see homo flags in churches — totally vile.

    The Negro also tempts the non-black races with muscle, booty, and the dong. The animal beastly side of us is into sports, and this means that people come to near-worship black athletes are demi-gods. Also, the sexualization of culture means that women’s lives revolve around their booties than hearts, minds, and wombs. It’s about the pornographication of the mainstream in a culture where even young children grow up looking at Nikki Minajg’s ‘twerking’ butt. And the Negro dong has led to cuck culture among white boys who worship the negro doing doing their women.

    So, maybe there is a meaning to the existence of Negroes. They are the mockery of all that is truly godly. As such, people are fooled and seduced by their false-goddery because blackness mimics and parodies godliness. Via physical and aural volumnity, they offer a parodic mockery of godly power, and senseless non-blacks fall for this false god.

    For mankind to rise to a higher level, it must rise above the Negro and keep the Negroes in their own separate world of chimpouts and sheboon-ish acts.


    • stop talking shit about HITLER you fithy whore. So suck a NIGS and a hairy MOSLEM’s dongs, the two things you’re crazy about.

  11. JPS and J. Bonaccorsi are having a discussion about music.

    I’ll add my two cents.

    A relative told me that he heard a singer named Ed Shearan who had the perfect voice and was a great singer.

    Well, I saw a video of Shearan singing ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ which is OK, but nothing special. Seems like it would be easy to find millions of identical voices.

    Sad that so many popular male singers sound effeminate or boyish today.

    Old fashioned and definitely out of style but TEF had real talent and ability.

  12. Funny, I bet whites and Asians playing in the NBA hasn’t increased in 15 years either but no one is concerned about that! Do you see blacks spending THEIR money to study WHY this is? Oh right, when it comes to basketball, whites and Asians for the most part, cannot compete with blacks.

    What was it that that black woman said about whites losing to blacks in track events? “They (whites) should run faster”!

    So there you have it. If blacks and Latinos can’t compete with whites and Asians, they should study HARDER! Fair enough.

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