Study: Racial Gaps In SAT Math Scores Are As Large As Ever

15 years.

In other words, I have been posting on online forums and writing on blogs for 15 years now and in that entire time the black-white gap in SAT scores in the United States hasn’t changed a bit. The years roll by and turn into decades, the egalitarian blank slate dogma endures, billions of dollars are squandered trying to achieve Martin Luther King, Jr’s Dream, politically correct fanatics hound this or that person out of polite society for some heretical comment and nothing changes:

“Analyzing data published by the College Board for college-bound seniors in 2015, we find very large racial achievement gaps. Blacks and Latinos remain clustered at the very bottom of the distribution. Blacks in particular lag far behind, with an average score of 428 out of 800, significantly below the average score of 534 for whites and 598 for Asians.

These inequalities are especially concentrated at the tails of the score distribution; we estimate that at most only 1,000 blacks and 2,400 Latinos scored above a 750, compared to some 16,000 whites and 29,600 Asians. Perhaps most disappointingly, we find that the black-white score gap has remained virtually unchanged over the past 15 years, despite significant efforts to close the achievement gap. …”

Why aren’t we allowed to question the legend of racial equality?

A century of intelligence testing and other measures of educational accomplishment have shown nothing but enduring racial gaps. We’ve sunk more money into chasing the El Dorado of racial equality than any civilization has invested in any other project in the history of world. We sit back and let our blighted cities like Birmingham, Detroit, and Selma decline, depopulate and return to wilderness.

Equality doesn’t exist. It never has existed. It never will exist. Period. Full Stop. End of story. I’m condemned as a “racist,” laws are passed to legislate equality, but reality remains unswayed.

Note: BTW, we have been to Pluto and lead has successfully been transmuted into gold since the 1960s. That was easier than to demonstrate than “racial equality” in an American college classroom.


  1. That, James, is fascinating. Never would I have guessed that a 20th Century American student had used an abacus in elementary school. For me, as I’ve said, it was associated with the Chinese, not only because I’d seen Chinese characters using it in old movies but because the Chinese man used one at the laundry where my father had his shirts done. (I didn’t see this, but my father mentioned it to me.)
    My uncertain statement, above, that the abacus was a Greek invention, which reached China via the Silk Road, seems to have been somewhat, sort of, in a way correct. From a quick look at Wikipedia, I have the impression that an ancient Roman abacus and an ancient Chinese abacus are similar enough that there’s a question whether the device moved from one civilization to the other, though the direction in which it might have traveled can’t be known.
    For the record, I’ll mention that I had, in my early years, a small abacus and a larger one—the soroban, apparently, which has been mentioned in the present thread by another commenter. The soroban, if I’m remembering this correctly, was presented to me by my father, who probably thought I’d benefit from some familiarity with the device. Had I become aware, at that time, that students in Texas were using these devices in school, I’d have been knocked out.

  2. Yes Sir. It was intended to be a first step in the mechanics of computation. A physical, hands on feel for it, that would lead to mental calculation. We were also taught that the abacus was the beginning of computer science. But we were expected to move on from it.

  3. That is fantastic. That is serious instruction, of a type that, one day, all white children will undergo, in a proper world.

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  7. Well—that, JPS, is another interesting remark: “… it resembles their casual attitude towards music.”

    If you won’t mind saying what you mean by “their casual attitude towards music,” I’ll be pleased to hear that, too.

  8. PS More evidence that things get better when the Aryans come to town …

    China’s tallest existing pre-modern pagoda is the one pictured below—the Liaodi Pagoda, which dates to the Song Dynasty.

    Yes—that Song Dynasty, 960-1279, the dynasty that, as Wikipedia notes, “saw the first known use of gunpowder, as well as the first discernment of true north using a compass.” That would also be the dynasty during which, as I’ve just seen at a webpage, “maritime trade”—meaning, apparently, China’s maritime trade—“for the first time exceeded overland foreign trade.”

    Emperor Zhenzong, under whom construction of the pagoda began, AD 1001, intended it, according to Wikipedia, as a storage place for “Buddhist scriptures gathered by the Chinese monk Huineng from India.”

    Yes—that India. Aryan-speaking India.

    Tall buildings, munitions, navigation. Somehow, as I say, you can always tell when the Aryans have come to town …

  9. I watch science forums and see nothing amazing from Asia. Wild mind blowing stuff comes out of White countries occasionally. Asian countries, either nothing, or they steal from America, or they build on existing science which Whites pioneered. If we cut the cord on Asia tomorrow, their development would halt.

  10. Algebra, numerical system, originated in formerly White India.

    What did you think CASTE SYSTEM meant? Caste means Color. The darker the color, the lower the caste. Do you know any real history at all?

  11. They work harder to beat the tests is all. After school they go to night schools and practice doing these tests over and over and over.

  12. Ah-so Grasshopper. But have you heard culture is a product of genetics? Who’s culture are they copying this time?

  13. I suspect a lot of it is laziness. Our people have had it too good for too long.

    I’m not so concerned about it if it is dropping. White inventiveness can solve any problem, as long as White countries continue to exist.

  14. “…They also managed to invent
    their own writing system from scratch!…”

    When the printing press was invented in China, nothing happened.

    When it came to Europe there was religious revolution, an explosive intellectual awakening, world exploration and settlement. White men reached both Poles, walked atop the highest mountain, deep under the oceans, flew through the air with heavier than air machines, split the atom and walked on the Moon.

  15. Ever see The Music Man? Meredith Wilson was in John Philip Sousa’s band. But that was nearly a hundred years ago. There was once a lot of interest in music among Americans. The interesting thing about The Music Man, is that when it was presented in the 1960s it makes the events of fifty years prior seem like another era. It’s been more than 50 years since 1962. So the question is, are we relics of the past when we think of early 1960s America as being normal? What percentage of skilled musicians voted for Trump, do you think? It’s because we let the Jews dominate our culture. This country was never Germany but we brought a lot of Germans here, once it had musical potential. Jews have strangled American music.

  16. The Antikythera device (a complex astrological mechanism) suggests the Greeks were making stuff with clockwork that we can’t recover.

    My guess is the Greeks originated most of this technical gear.

    What in the end was this later Greek Fire that their enemies noted?

  17. If we’ll put aside your wider remarks, as to the changes in America since the early 1960s, and focus on what you’ve said about music, I’m not sure I’m in agreement with you. There’s been a change in the musical idiom, but music is everywhere. At YouTube, you can see countless videos by Americans and others, who perform popular songs very skillfully.

  18. JPS and J. Bonaccorsi are having a discussion about music.

    I’ll add my two cents.

    A relative told me that he heard a singer named Ed Shearan who had the perfect voice and was a great singer.

    Well, I saw a video of Shearan singing ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ which is OK, but nothing special. Seems like it would be easy to find millions of identical voices.

    Sad that so many popular male singers sound effeminate or boyish today.

    Old fashioned and definitely out of style but TEF had real talent and ability.

  19. You’re still on that? I’ve already made it quite clear that I’m not a sock puppet.

    At the same time, I find it fascinating that you follow me around and post the same nonsense whenever I comment here. It almost seems like you feel threatened by my ideas…

  20. Funny, I bet whites and Asians playing in the NBA hasn’t increased in 15 years either but no one is concerned about that! Do you see blacks spending THEIR money to study WHY this is? Oh right, when it comes to basketball, whites and Asians for the most part, cannot compete with blacks.

    What was it that that black woman said about whites losing to blacks in track events? “They (whites) should run faster”!

    So there you have it. If blacks and Latinos can’t compete with whites and Asians, they should study HARDER! Fair enough.

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