1. Okay this is starting to look like the chapter in Submission during the Interrugnum between Hollande and Ben Abbes. Wtf is going on with these brainwashed assholes? Seriously,
    stock up on food and buy a bunch of guns and ammo.

    • 1 month of food, fuel, defense. At a minimum. Why?

      We lay siege to the cities and they do not have the resources to stave off starvation which will set in within 2 weeks. The first couple days will be hairy, but once actual war sets in, things like discipline, order, and coordination will trump animal rage.

  2. Trump pushes back against subordinates defying him.

    Fox NewsVerified account
    [email protected]

    BREAKING: President Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusal to enforce ‘extreme vetting’ executive order

    6:18 PM – 30 Jan 2017

  3. There is no sign that the other side is going to unlock the puzzle of how to win. Just continue to squeeze.

  4. Hunter Wallace is a fake Christian. He really doesn’t believe a word of it. Hunter just fakes being a Christian to better fit in with all the dumb as dirt crackers down south.

    • Years before he joined the League of The South, I remember Hunter often remarking on this blog that he was an atheist. His christianity is more or less equivalent to a fashion accessory, to complete the regionalist persona he had subsequently adopted.

      That regionalism, or “southernism” for want of a better term, is presently showing its white walls, as Hunter, on cue, allows himself be swept up in the 2 minutes of President Trump euphoria and blindly embraces, again for want of a better term, a generic ideology but with a shiny new wrapper — “alt-rightism”.

      • This blog has made it very clear that the Alt-Right and President Trump are useful tools which Southern Nationalists can take advantage of. In fact, there is not one article on this site (that I am aware of) which indicates that HW sees either movement as the final solution to the South’s issues.

        And let’s be honest, shall we? You claim to be pro-White but you repetitively attack this blog’s author by insinuating that he is insincere. Ergo, you come here and attempt to spread division all while claiming to be one of us.

        In my opinion it’s really quite clear that you are either A) An envious malcontent B) A rather uncreative troll.

        So which is it?

    • Is that really the best you’ve got?

      ‘wahh, wahh, Wallace isn’t a real Christian and Southerners are stupid! Wahhhh… sniffle.’

      I’m sure that no one on here has ever heard that argument before… (for the record, I am engaging in a sarcastic eye roll right now).

      And what’s truly telling is that people like you never accuse Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. of being unintelligent. But you atavistically attack Christianity. Why? Because it was the dominant European religion for many hundreds of years. Ergo, you recognize it as a part of Europe’s heritage and, for that reason, you choose to smear it.

      We know what you are: a troll. And not even a particularly competent one.

    • Opposition to the pedo-abortionist cult that constitutes the Democratic party pushes people towards Christianity. It’s a natural process. People naturally hate commie faggot baby butchers unless they are somehow invested into that milieu.

  5. It’s only a matter of time before the black, brown, and yellow leftists start attacking anyone White. And, these well-deserving defects will be their first victims. We all know here on this site that our race needs a good cleaning. If it comes to a civil war and I’m under attack, or I need to help my White comrades, I’m going after our White enemies first. I’ve got a lot of rage toward them to dispense. Nothing beats a traitor in my book.

      • But our men are chivalrous so the white female professors gotta go first (they’re often the more virulent, too!)!

    • And, these well-deserving defects will be their first victims.

      Nicholas Stix said that when he was a young activist in the 70’s, a nigger told him that even White SJWs would be killed, comes the revolution. He switched sides and became pro White and anti Left.

  6. I wonder how much King of the Kikes George Soros is paying those bums to cause trouble? They don’t look like the types who would get off the couch to look for a job, that’s for sure.

  7. Sheldon Whitehouse is one of the most worthless, do-nothing members of Congress, so why are those creeps targeting him?

  8. This crap protesters getting old, its fake out rage manufacture by usual suspect from inner circle playing dirty trick of internal political chaos.Trump continues steam roller.

  9. I noticed that one of these characters
    was carrying a “No Wall” sign. Being a New England Leftist, what Texans, New Mexicans and Arizonans think about it, probably never even entered his mind. The attitude that aggrevates Southerners to no end, is still there, even after 165 years.

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