Hail Victory: DHS Suspends Refugee Resettlement Interviews

Great news, y’all:

“The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has temporarily halted trips by staff to interview refugees abroad as it prepares for a likely shakeup of refugee policy by President Donald Trump, two sources with knowledge of the decision said on Thursday.

The decision effectively amounts to a pause in future refugee admissions, given that the interviews are a crucial step in an often years-long process.

The DHS leadership’s decision to halt the interview trips was communicated to those involved in the U.S. refugee admission process on Wednesday, one of the sources said.

It means that though Trump has not yet ordered a temporary halt to the refugee program, future admissions are likely to be delayed.

Trump is expected to sign an executive order that would include a temporary ban on all refugees, and a suspension of visas for citizens of Syria and six other Middle Eastern and African countries. …”

President Trump hasn’t even issued an executive order yet and the Department of Homeland Security has already completely shut down the refugee resettlement program. There won’t be anymore of these Muslim jihadists being dumped in Middle Tennessee!

This is a cause near and dear to my heart. I’ve personally been in the streets protesting this.

Note: President Trump has even hung a portrait of the greatest Tennessean, Andrew Jackson, in the Oval Office. General Jackson was a nationalist and populist. This was a symbolic move.


  1. Very likely the (((usual suspects))) will run to the anti-White judiciary and sue the Trump Administration over these EO’s. Interesting that he has a portrait of Old Hickory in OO. This is the same president who told John Marshall, SCOTUS chief justice, that he, not Jackson, could enforce his own court rulings.

  2. I’ve got to visit the Volunteer State this summer so I can see the Hermitage and Graceland! Will the darkies be a problem, or are they relatively tame?

  3. Everyone who said that the main issue was to elect Donald Trump President is being justified by events.

    Even if civic nationalism fails in the long run, this is buying time for the Alt Right to grow and the Mantra to spread.

  4. Trump is making great moves early on. This increasingly looks like a revolution from above with support from the lower middle class. And against us are the upper middle class libs and the non-White underclass.

  5. Trumpenfurher is moving at lightening speed! He’s there….he’s over there…he’s over there….the Hebes and their very shabby golem can’t keep up!!
    This is better than I ever expected!

  6. Civic Nationalism continues to roll back the Marxist Tide!

    Shh, don’t tell anyone, the “alt right” has been taken over by Occidental Dissent! Now we can win!

  7. While I’m glad he’s enacting this ban, I really would have liked to see Afghanistan and Pakistan added to the list too. “Refugees” from those two nations have been raping and pillaging Europe with the worst of them and we don’t need to leave the door open for them to do the same here too.

  8. Even if they’re not “jihadists” who really wants all these people coming over here taking over various small business industries as a family racket. The purpose of all this mass immigration is quite clearly to create a leftist voting block to steal political power from ordinary Americans. The mainstream American community needs to get this fact beaten into their heads, the political class is dumping these people en-masse in their communities to steal it from them, not some moralistic platitudes, ellis island nonsense. Regular talk radio needs to tell them this, they already know in their hearts something is wrong with “legal” immigration too, they just need to be told from big daddy on the radio they’re correct.

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