Richard Spencer Assaulted In Washington, DC

In the aftermath of the NPI conference, I knew whose side I was on.

I was disgusted by the cowards who disavowed Richard Spencer, disavowed Pepe, and repudiated the Alt-Right in order to virtue signal to the Lügenpresse. As the campaign against Richard Spencer intensified in Whitefish, I was even more confirmed in this belief. These people were trying to drive Richard Spencer out of his home for standing up for our race and civilization. They even went after his mom. As a Southerner, the cowardice of the Alt-Lite and the rudeness of our enemies struck a nerve with me, and I was impressed when Spencer held his ground while others fled into the tall grass.

I wasn’t with Richard Spencer when he was attacked in Washington, DC this morning, but I wish I had been there standing beside him. In the background, you can see someone holding a “White Lives Matter Too Much Sign,” and then the masked coward lands a sucker punch before running off like a hyena. Shortly thereafter, another one of these cockroaches felt compelled to make their point by spitting in his face.

We can have happy talk about civic nationalism, coming together and uniting as a country and moving beyond race, but the battle lines have been drawn and singing kumbaya isn’t going to change that. I’m not on the side of the anti-fa or the cucks. I’m with Richard Spencer.


  1. You are not doing anything with your uterus. You are aborting the fetus inside of it. I, along with society at large, have every right to say you can’t kill it. Same as I, and society at large, have every right to to say a hospital cant kill someone hooked up to life support system by removing them from it simply because it is their life support system. I can say you can’t murder your child.

  2. There are indeed good arguments in support of abortion. Mostly those debating whether or not a recently fertilized egg is human life. I do not go along with any of them, but they are logical arguments. “My body, my choice” is elementary reasoning at its finest. Of course, elementary REASONing is all I’ve come to expect from a woman.

  3. Look – I’m on record about “Hailgate” – it was a fucking disaster – and I’ve taken tons of shit from the fake Nazitards for speaking out against it.

    The fact that “Mike Enoch” is a Jew himself – yes, not just his wife, he himself is at least 75% Jew – puts things about “controlled opposition” in perspective.

    “Mike Enoch” was apparently the one that started the stupid “Heil Hitler” salutes at the NPI conference – Kike Enoch was also one of the major people behind pushing pro-whites to shill for Trump – then provided Trump the excuse he needed to denounce groups like NPI.

    If “controlled opposition” means anything – it means people like Kike Enoch.

    As for Spencer – we at Aryan Skynet have been discussing him for a while now. I tend to still think he’s ok, but I’m hardly uncritical of him. I suspect he is excusing Enoch for the same reason Greg Johnson is – they both want a piece of Kike Enoch’s supposedly large audience – it’s as simple as that.

    As far as woman hating, that is the province of idiot clowns like Andrew Anglin and his stupid (((Daily Stormer))) honeypot. I don’t see NPI as pushing any woman-hating stuff.

    NPI and Spencer are just one thing. They appeal to me as I’m from the middle class and went to college. I don’t think they are going to appeal to everyone.

    As of right now, I think Spencer and NPI are, on the whole, good for the pro-white cause. But I wouldn’t want pro-whites to put all their eggs in one basket.

  4. Not that much but Celestial doesn’t seem to have a problem with Spencer accusing all those middle and lower class whites of being ‘privileged.’

  5. Not true. In my youth I went to one and I wasn’t fat. Lots of women there weren’t either. Although there does seem to be a bit of truth that today’s feminists are sort of fat. That’s because there’s not much substance to today’s feminism, while there was some to the first couple waves of it.

    These types of comments, though, only serve to alienate women, even middle of the road ones. It’s like saying all pro-white men are womanbeaters because Andrew Anglin promotes slapping women as a means of ‘dealing’ with them.

  6. You’ve said it was “ridiculous” (twice) and “senseless”. You haven’t said that it was reprehensible, or cowardly. That is (to flip a phrase) praising with faint condemnation. Shows exactly which side you’re on.

    Why do you jews always work so hard at confirming the stereotypes? Can’t you see what you’re inviting?

  7. Tough to measure how the ‘middle class’ perceives Spencer. If you’re middle aged the middle class you grew up in was very different from today’s. How long ago was it Breitbart published an article claiming only 1/3 of americans truly qualified as middle class in terms of wealth? Imagine what the percentage is now.

    You don’t find featuring a gay man to lecture young men on how to have sex with women misogynist?! Have you read what that faggot Donovan writes about sex? How about allowing Roosh to attend a conference, who bragged about raping fair white women?

    Spencer is trying too hard with his hair, too. He’s like late 30’s, too old to be that edgy.

    Last, I blame him for the salutes. If he didn’t let such shady characters into his conferences, the whole thing wouldn’t have happened. Toasting ‘Hail Trump’ was an idiotic thing to do if he couldn’t control who filmed the event.

    I think he’s more likely controlled op than legit. While there are varying capacities of controlled op, his is probably somewhat overt.

  8. hoodies anarchists organized without recourse from the police to bust up the ring leaders.That’s about to change..

  9. “Controlled op” by whom? Who are the controllers here and what is their goal?

    Spencer has introduced a lot of people to pro-whites ideas. Certainly, it’s been two steps forward, one step back in terms of effectiveness.

  10. I agree it’s counter-productive to alienate women.

    But the type of women who are alienated by comments about fat lesbian feminists are not the type of women we want anyway.

    Not a few of the type of women we want are the first ones to mock fat lesbian feminists. Young, racist “trad” leaning women are legion and joining the “alt right” in droves.

    Older middle aged women still holding on to the last vestiges of 1970s second wave feminism are useless to us and best ignored. In fact, counter-signaling against them attracts the type of young, non-pozzed women we want and it gives them the social cover they need to openly express their contempt for the anti-whites and the SJWs.

  11. Brad: Pro Tip: In the real world, you never have a security detail, you have personal secretaries. It sounds better in the newspaper, and on TV if your “secretary” defends you. The title driver works too, but, doesn’t have the same ring as secretary.

  12. Most normal well adjusted women don’t appreciate pettiness towards other women and sexual objectification of them by men. You’re a man, I doubt you understand female sensibilities the way women do.

    The fantasy that ‘young women are joining the pro-white in droves is exactly that – a fantasy. Alt Right is not even flirting with pro-white anymore; it’s emphatically disavowing it and shaming it. I don’t even see ‘droves’ of young white women joining the Alt Right anyway. Milo is repulsive to the well adjusted ones with high self esteem.

    The media’s claims about participation at the Women’s March and anti-Milo protest are exaggerated but the actual numbers for both dwarf those for pro-white.

    That’s just reality. Not internet fantasy.

  13. once someone rejects the single jewish cause, in most cases, their trajectory takes them out of the pro-white movement. The reason is that once you do that, the stupidity of the commentators on blogs and forums becomes obvious. It becomes obvious that you’re a smart person associating with dumb people.

  14. once someone rejects the single jewish cause, in most cases, their trajectory takes them out of the pro-white movement. The reason is that once you do that, the stupidity of the commentators on blogs and forums becomes obvious. It becomes obvious that you’re a smart person associating with dumb people.

    Occidental dissent is a shithole except for Hunter Wallace himself. The commentators here totally remind me that I was right to reject an alliance with white nationalists back on

  15. Cernavich is not the alt-right. Alt-right by its very definition is about white nationalism. Cernavich is a huckster and so is Milo. I don’t know what they are, but it ain’t “alt-right.”

  16. You’re wrong. The majority of White women voted for Trump, for instance. The Women’s March represented the “social left” who are a very motivated minority. For every ten women who sympathize with that movement – one of them will actually show up to some sort of “protest.” That’s 10%.

    For every one hundred women that are “trad,” implicitly pro-white, and reachable, one may or many not show up to a “protest,” 1%. The kind of women we want aren’t the “street protest” type. That goes for the men we want as well.

    Even if you are a woman, your anecdotes are no more valuable than the anecdotes from the women I know personally. So there’s that.

  17. If the narrative changes to White Liberation, similar to Gandhi vs the British Empire, their goose is cooked.

  18. Where is your source for this claim that the majority of white women voted for Trump?

    I’ve seen no stats on this. I had the impression that the majority of white people didn’t even vote.

    The percentage of overall americans who voted was around 55%. Of the white women who voted, Trump dominated working class ones heavily, while Hillary took the college educated demographic. So the majority of white women who voted did go for Trump.

    I’d say, however, that the white working class qualifies as sorta ‘street.’


    To be more precise: the majority of white women that voted voted for Trump. That, despite the fact that Trump had all sorts of negative qualities and his public persona is essentially the textbook definition of a “sexist.”

    In any case, your use of “women” and the “working class” to counter-signal Spencer seems more convenient than substantive. If hope is lost because Spencer turns off the tiny handful of working class whites and women who have even heard of him, we’ve got bigger problems to worry about anyway.

  20. Yup. I was involved in an Anti Beaner Invasion event, a few years ago. I do have a big mouth, in person, and I’m good cuz I can fire back insults with the best of ’em. I was dating a great big Texan, at the time. He wasn’t involved in this stuff. The political angle freaked him out. He was and is a sniveling careerist. The other people I was with were well acquainted with politics, of course. Anyway – I was trashing some Beaners. telling them to “vamos”. One of the larger and more belligerent ones turned on me. He was going to punch me or something, when he noticed 4 very LARGE White men behind me, standing there, silently, armed folded across their very well-developed chests. 3 of them were giving the taco the White Man’s Glare – “I will tear you to pieces if you advance on step further”. The soon to be ex stood there, gaping, but he was a big guy, and the orc didn’t notice that he was a big pussy. the orc spun around and walked away.

    That is the last time I saw the Career Cuck. We spoke on the phone a few times, but he his reaction was “I have a good job and I just want to have a nice life!”. I tried to tell him that he won’t have a nice life if he doesn’t help turn back the Brown Tide. The town we demo-d in is a total taco HOLE, now, fyi. Too many of the White locals were either cowed, or complicit. It’s tragic.

  21. Disagree. If the common view of feminists is ‘fat and unattractive’ middle of the road women will not want to associate with them

  22. White nationalists sit there talking about how they can’t find a job. Let that sink in a bit.

    Maybe you’re morons.

  23. If the pattern is anything to go by Spencer should be making sure his accountant is doing a very careful job. After the assault comes the audit.

  24. He often makes things up. But most often he simply dismisses facts he finds threatening and makes grandiose claims of having ‘supreme knowledge’ about a topic he holds only amateur experience in (if any). For some reason he seems to be avoiding the personal invective here he’s known to hide behind on his own blog.

    Far more than a ‘tiny’ handful of working class whites and women watch MSM tv, unfortunately. That tack was just a sleight of rhetoric, basically.

  25. Sure, plenty of spin, but the only women worth a damn voted for Trump. He’s spot on there.

  26. Richard’s not getting much back up on Twitter, disappointing. Agree with you, he’s a fighter in the thick of it and could use some help. Hell I’m only a ‘Libertardian’ around here and I’m doing what I can.

    You guys need to step up

  27. Nothing personal from a friendly relationship, but I can’t continue to comment here. The political gap between you and I is just too wide now. It was different when you were advocating a left right synthesis and pushing communitarianism, but each phase has drifted more in the direction of right wing ideology. It’s at the point where we have little in common.

    I don’t, however, support people like you being targeted by the left physically. It’s totally stupid. It’s totally symbolic. White nationalists aren’t running the country or the “bourgeoisie class.” They’re simply wrong on almost every theoretical question.

  28. Yeah Spencer should probably drop that angle & I myself was not to happy with ‘Heil-gate’ either.

    Eh I am probably a lil too conservative for the Alt Right but I do enjoy being challenged by new ideas / world-views.

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