1. “The Alt-Lite is more pro-homosexual and gay marriage”

    OF course they are, the vast majority of them are gay.

  2. From HuffPo;

    White House Web Site Has No Mention Of Climate Change, LGBTQ Issues…

    Yep. Leftists aren’t really champions of the working people. They care more about rights for left handed, three legged Martians, and other pet, social engineering schemes.

  3. For years I was very pessimistic about the Death of the West.

    Trump sounded like Pat Buchanan! America First!

    I think Trump is going to buy us some time to turn things around. Whites actually have a chance now!

    Oswalt Spengler may go down in History as someone who was not a prophet, but as one who gave a very serious warning, which Whites eventually heeded.

  4. The lying press compared the crowd size at the Trump inauguration unfavorably to the crowd size at the Obama inauguration. Trump supporters have jobs or want jobs and are actively looking for jobs. Obama supporters either work for government and can take a day off to attend the inauguration or are on welfare and attended Obams’s inauguration to while away the day.

  5. It’s in the hands of The Lord, Mr. Whitaker; for, if Mr. Trump is to prevent large scale bloodshed, he is going to have to reprise much of what the small-town and rural man see as consistent with his sense of values.

    I think that, as a whole – and irrespective of region – the small-town man, and his rural counterpart are not going to countenance any more leadership by the big city coastal liberals.

    If somebody can somehow make that tenable, it will have to be Trump, for the Republicans are no longer prepared to do much.

    When Trump was elected, I praised The Lord over and over, and told my wife that with Miss Hillary having been defeated, perhaps we had evaded in imminent uncivil war.

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