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Michael Eric Dyson’s White Guilt IRA For “Woke” Progressives

The virtue tax isn’t a bad idea

In his upcoming book Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon To White America, Michael Eric Dyson proposes that White progressives start individual reparations accounts to atone for slavery and white privilege. If *woke* progressives are going to virtue signal over racism, Dyson figures blacks ought to be profiting from it:

“NY Times Magazine: Your forthcoming book, “Tears We Cannot Stop,” is subtitled “A Sermon to White America.” Which part of white America do you envision reading it?

Dyson: I envision the audience to be that ocean of white folk I encounter who are deeply empathetic to the struggles of minorities — they are the ones who ask me, “What can I do, as a white person?” This is my attempt to address them in the most useful and, hopefully, edifying manner. …

NY Times Magazine: I agree with reparations, but maybe this is my white privilege speaking: I can’t imagine actually doing that.

Dyson: That is what I meant by an I.R.A.: an individual reparations account. You ain’t got to ask the government, you don’t have to ask your local politician — this is what you, an individual, conscientious, “woke” citizen can do.”

That’s actually not a bad idea: if we could only figure out a way to tax virtue-signaling, the Alt-Right might even support the “virtue tax.” We should consider this idea on its merits. As long as it is purely voluntary, the “virtue tax” could be a norm we could rally behind, say, an automatic donation of $20 to the United Negro College Fund whenever an accusation of “racism” is made on Facebook, Reddit or Twitter.

I’m assuming an app could easily be created to accomplish this. You can already link your smartphone to your bank account to make online purchases. It should be fairly simple to link your bank account to keywords you use on Twitter or Facebook. The key to making it work would be using traditional civil rights pressure tactics to force it into the SJW status system. In such a way, a SJW wouldn’t be able to unlock the *woke* status unless they have the app and have been verified as paying into their I.R.A.

Perhaps the *woke* status could be analogous to the blue Twitter checkmark on verified accounts? Of course you would need someone who is black to do the verifying. Conceivably, this could create jobs for black people in Silicon Valley.