Lügenpresse Condemns RT America For Poisoning The Narrative

This is hilarious:

“RT, a state-run Russian television network that broadcasts around the world in English, was implicated in a recently declassified United States intelligence report that accused the Russia government of meddling in the American presidential election to tip the vote in favor of Donald J. Trump.

The Russians are accused of hacking the email systems of the Democratic National Committee and conducting a widespread disinformation campaign that included the propagation of fake news stories on the internet and the airwaves.

RT’s coverage of Hillary Clinton “throughout the U.S. presidential campaign was consistently negative and focused on her leaked emails and accused her of corruption, poor physical and mental health and ties to Islamic extremism,” the declassified intelligence report said. …

Russian intelligence agents used a variety of means to spread misinformation. “We mean everything from internet trolls to propaganda and misinformation spread by media companies like RT and Sputnik,” Wilhelm Unge, a spokesman for the Swedish Security Service, said during a speech to that agency last year. …”


1.) First, I didn’t even watch RT America all that much during the election. I wasn’t reading Sputnik News. Neither had any impact whatsoever on my negative view of Hillary Clinton. I’ve watched and retweeted a bunch of RT videos on YouTube and Twitter mainly the American media is less interested in covering foreign affairs.

2.) Second, I have DISH and have started watching RT America since the election because there has been so much Russophobia as of late. If the Lügenpresse hates RT America, I figured I would check it out. I’ve found that I enjoy RT’s coverage of issues that interest me like the recent Italian and Austrian elections.

3.) Third, where does the Lügenpresse get off accusing RT America of being biased against Hillary Clinton? According to a recent Harvard study, Trump’s coverage during the general election was overwhelmingly negative: CBS News 89%, USA Today 88%, Washington Post 87%, LA Times 86%, New York Times 86%, NBC 83%, ABC 81%, CNN 81%, Wall Street Journal 80% and FOX News 73%. In the general election, 77% of Trump’s total coverage was negative compared with 64% of Hillary’s coverage.

4.) Fourth, Trump was at a disadvantage in that not only were the Lügenpresse and Hollywood celebrities out to get him, but the conservative punditry was overwhelmingly against him as well. RT America’s impact on the election was miniscule compared to the Megaphone which was controlled by Hillary’s allies.

5.) Finally, the Lügenpresse went to the extreme of illegally publishing Trump’s tax returns while dismissing concerns about Hillary’s health as an insane conspiracy theory until she literally collapsed on national television at the 9/11 ceremony in New York City.

Rod Dreher made a good point this morning when he said he reads the Lügenpresse in order to learn the official Narrative. That’s why I watch NBC Narratives. It’s an important thing to know. At the end of the day, these people only have themselves to blame for their loss of legitimacy. They are looking for scapegoats.


  1. A last note, Dear Scarlett,

    People do crappy things to each other, lie about it, and try to manipulate each other with all of that.

    Unfortunately, it’s international.

    I try to follow The Good Book, be a good husband, and call out evil where I see it.

    I also stand for North Carolina, and against those who try to pillage her; which, most often, is The New England Yankee government and their Jewish allies.

    Holocaust or not does not change any of that.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

  2. Yes, I know, Miss Scarlet.

    Only, your presumption is a bit different than mine – you see Yankee government as okay – just spoiled by usurping Jewish apples.

    I see Yankee government as evil – made more diabolical by usurping Jewish apples.

    I know the Jewish community has been out to get the new czar since he took measures against them, but, in reality, it is just a continuation of the war they made against earlier czars.

    I hope Russia wins, not the least of because I am a member of the Russian Orthodox church.

  3. ‘History does indeed (((echo))).’

    History, Miss Scarlet, is a brutal competition between powerful men, powerful systems, and many many decent people are crusht by this.

    This reality does, indeed, as you suggest, not interact with time, or, as I will assert, nor race, nation, or creed.

    It just is.

    Thank you for your time. I must work.

  4. I am also for Russia, one of the few bulwarks against degeneracy and Cultural Marxism.
    I pray God gives Putin the strength that he needs this time.
    But “they” want his head badly.
    The last Czar was not so blessed.
    As a Roman Catholic, pre-Vatican II, I respect the Orthodox Church very much.

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