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President-Elect Trump Calls For Peace With Russia

Trump slaps down the War Party

Let’s give him some credit:

Right on!

Trump is telling the Democrats that they can quit crying and pound sand over Russia. This is what we wanted him to do. If he builds the wall, changes our trade policy and sticks to foreign policy realism, he will be in good shape. BTW, if it were not already obvious, we like the fact that Moscow is supporting “extremists across Europe” (nationalist parties neocons dislike) and we hope that they keep doing it. In fact, the ideal world would be one in which we join them to help them to liberate Europe from Angela Merkel.

As General Flynn said, it is a North-South world now, not an East-West world anymore. Islam must be pushed back and out of the Occident. The Occidental countries must stick together to defeat and repel the Third World invasion.

Russia, if you defeated the Democrats and exposed the Lügenpresse, congratulations, it only makes me think more highly of you!

Note: I’m going to continue to cover Trump just like I have done over the past week. There will be things that he does that I agree with. There will be other things that I don’t. I’m not going to be a Trump cheerleader. I’m not going to black pill you either.