Jesus Christ, I have spent the evening writing about Trump Cabinet picks, watching MSNBC and reading various articles on Alt-Lite drama, and I was completely unaware of the reaction to what has transpired in Chicago:

“FOX 32 NEWS – Chicago investigators are questioning four African-Americans after a Facebook Live video shows a group of people torturing a white mentally disabled man while someone yelled “F*** Trump!” and “F*** white people!”

Chicago police were made aware of the video Tuesday afternoon. A young African American woman streamed the video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding the young white man hostage.

“The video is reprehensible,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

“It’s sickening. You know it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that,” Police Supt. Eddie Johnson added.

In the video, the victim is repeatedly kicked and hit, his scalp is cut, all while he is tied up with his mouth taped shut. …”

I tune out of Twitter for a few hours and was completely out of the loop.


  1. Evidently, those Yankees in Natchez talked Robert E. Lee into fighting for them. Bastards.

  2. Thank you for your magnanimity, and for your brave publick display of it.

    I love you, too, John.

    Your government will never stand in the way of our friendship, as personal esteem for another must always ‘trump’ politicks!

    God bless you!

  3. Rap music should just be outlawed. Not only does it inflame already violent blacks, it also influences low-IQ whites to look at black thugs in a positive light.

  4. ‘When you get rid from blacks , liberals will find new weapon against white people.’

    How true, Juri.

    In fact, though everyone widely recognizes the word, ‘Liberal’, most little realize what it really means – ‘against their own kind’ in any time place, or context.

    In the South, we have a time-honoured term for them – ‘scalawag’ – someone so vile that they are not even worth the twine it takes to fashion a noose.

  5. Absolutely, Mr. Owen, which is why we gerrymander in North Carolina.

    We are only too aware that you cannot fully enfranchise the negro, as that simply is passing The Northern government a bone.

    More steps need to be taken, if secession is not, to prevent those who have not been in our state at least ten years from voting.

    It would also be wise to ban all Jews from politicks, in our state, as they are the most ardent and diabolical agent of The New England Government.

    I believe the voting age ought also be raise to age 30, as most 19 years olds are far too immature to understand what is at stake.

    Furthermore, our legislators, in North Carolina, have taken steps, since 2012, to destro9y the hold over our university system that The Left has taken.

    It’s coming down, thank God.

    Our children have been poisoned enough, already!

  6. Yes Mr. Daniel. The usual suspects think this was done out of hatred for blacks. Rather, it was done because it was understood for whom the blacks would vote. Southern politics, since at least the 1840s, have been reactionary and defensive.

    As an aside, the new Democratic candidate for governor of Virgina was born in Virginia, of an Ohio mother. Who’s side is he on? Certainly not Virginia, the Southern state..

  7. Not to pester you again, Mr. B. But I thought you might find this interesting. This is the obituary of my third grade grammar teacher. Her parents and grandparents were alive when the picture of the wagons loaded with cotton bales, in front of the Grayson courthouse, was taken. She’s the one who insisted on the use of Oxford’s dictionary in preference to Webster’s. She was typical of the teachers I had at the time. Be sure to read her curriculum vitae.


  8. I don’t mean to pester you again, Mr. B. But here is the obituary of my third grade grammar teacher. She insisted on Oxford’s, as opposed to Webster’s dictionary. She was typical of my teachers in those early days.

    SHERMAN – Doris Ann Hibbert, 96, lifetime resident of the Sherman area, passed away Saturday, March 8, 2014, at her home in Sherman. Doris was born to John Wade and Lela Neves on May 4, 1917, in Bells, TX. She was a graduate of Bells High School. She received a bachelor’s degree from Austin College and a master’s degree from the University of North Texas. On June 1, 1946, she married John Edwin Hibbert at the First United Methodist Church in Bells.

    John and Doris moved to Sherman where they were both affiliated with the Sherman Public Schools. During her teaching career, Doris taught at pre-school, elementary, and college levels. She retired from Sherman Independent School District after forty-four years of dedicated service.

    Doris was an active member of the First United Methodist Church of Sherman where she served in many capacities, including education director and chairperson of commissions and committees. She was also active in the United Methodist Women and the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

    Doris was a member of Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, American Association of University Women, Shakespeare Club, Stratford Club, and Daughters of the American Revolution.

    She was civic minded and volunteered her time for Home Hospice of Grayson County and United Way.

    Mrs. Hibbert was preceded in death by her husband John E. Hibbert in 1999. – See more at: http://m.legacy.com/obituaries/heralddemocrat/obituary.aspx?n=doris-ann-hibbert&pid=170119208&referrer=0&preview=false#sthash.gQI1XcOm.dpuf

  9. Whitaker wrote something about this where he showed the first rulers of the United States were Southerners, who lost it to the WASPs (what you call New Englanders) in the great Civil War. The WASPs ruled from then on until they finally collapsed under pressure from organized Jewry in the 1950-1960s. WASPs were allowed to live on in comfort, as long as they followed the lead of their new masters. These WASP Castrati are what we now call Limousine Liberals.

  10. Coulter I have long thought of as Pro White, but this behavior makes me wonder if it is a Conservative tactic to keep Whites on the hook. And have you heard about Laura Ingram’s children?

    badeagle dot com/2010/04/14/american-white-women-adopting-dark-foreign-children/

    Conservatives always leave an escape route, so they can disavow when it suits them.

    “How do you do, my fellow Conservatives. Aren’t those BLM people awful? Almost as bad as the KKK! Can’t we all come together, so Black men can have access to White women?”

  11. “The most shocking anti-White hate crime in years?” Not even close.
    Here’s just one. A couple of years ago, I forget where, three black savages invaded a house where two White teenagers were watching tv. These animals raped the boy and then raped the girl while the White boyfriend was made to watch. To cover up the rape of the girl, she was made to drink Draino to supposedly destroy the evidence that was down her throat. I don’t remember if one or both of them were murdered after being tortured. A typical day in duh culture.
    The only shocking thing about the BLM kidnapping hate crime, is that the scum MSM, including the frauds at Fox News, couldn’t cover this one up.

  12. Never have I felt pestered by you, James, and I’m certainly glad you brought to my attention Mrs. Hibbert’s obituary. As I was reading it, I employed Wikipedia and Google Maps for a filling-out of my understanding of it. Wikipedia gave me good information about the localities that were involved and about the University of North Texas, where Mrs. Hibbert did her graduate work. The Google Maps street-view gave me a good sense of Bells, where she went to high school, got married, and is buried, plus the church, in Sherman, where her funeral took place.

    For some reason, your statement that Mrs. Hibbert was typical of the teachers you had at that time touched me. From what you’ve said of those teachers of yours, I have some idea, I think, of the part they played in your life, so I was very pleased to get a clearer picture of Mrs. Hibbert.

    For you, I suppose, Mrs. Hibbert was of the grandmother age cohort—or close to it. For me, she was of the cohort of my parents and my older aunts and uncles. She was born, in fact, not a month-and-a-half after my mother’s eldest sibling, the oldest of my uncles (most of whom, of course, are gone now).

    Even with cultural and personal differences that mark them, the women of that cohort seem to be of a type. The instant I saw Mrs. Hibbert’s photograph—with the pleasant countenance and the nice outfit—I knew she’d been to the hairdresser in preparation for it. About two decades ago, I met a Japanese woman who was visiting her son, an acquaintance of mine who was temporarily working in the U.S. As my acquaintance and I could hardly fail to notice, my mother and she looked quite like each other—and like Mrs. Hibbert. Three women—one from the small Texas locality of Bells; one from Philadelphia and its environs; and one from the Japan with which America had been at war while the three of them were in early womanhood: alike in some basic ways.

    For Mrs. Hibbert, I am glad, because she has you, her faithful student, who has honored her with attention to her obituary and with a report, to me and the other visitors to Occidental Dissent, of her memorable qualities. For you, I am glad that you had the opportunity to be shaped, in part, by her, with her good education and her sensibility.

  13. As usual, Mr. Owen – a very good comment!

    You clearly have a P.H.D. in being right!

    You cannot get this from a university, but, from only having developt your own eyes and ears…

  14. Thank you. Mrs Hibbert and the others taught us the distilled remnants of the culture of the Old South and Texas. It was subtle and axiomatic. Without conscious effort.
    It shaped my cultural and political views. I knew nothing of political correctness, until 1996. Mrs Hibbert would, no doubt, say she taught us the fundiments of language. Of how to speak and write clearly. To organise our thoughts. But she would deny that she had also taught us culture. It was a given, and taken for granted.

  15. I know the good people here would want to sign this petition.


    Pardon of four African-American Chicago young adults who allegedly hazed white male Trump supporter while livestreaming
    Created by R.G. on January 05, 2017”



    It was started yesterday and so far has generated a grand total of three signatures.

  16. You’re welcome, James—and thank you for your additional comments about Mrs. Hibbert. For me, they’ve clarified not only her part in your personal formation but the milieu of your rearing.

    With the rest of once-formidable Catholic America, which had, among other things, considerable control of Hollywood, the Catholic Philadelphia in which I was reared is, in a way, my “Old South,” gone with the wind, or with the gale, as I might more-accurately say: the cultural gale that was the 1960s. Joseph Breen, who, as head of the Production Code Administration, censored Hollywood more-or-less continuously from 1934 to 1954, was a Philadelphia Catholic, a graduate of Philadelphia’s Roman Catholic High School. When you think of the America of the black-and-white movies of the 1930s and ’40s—the old “old movies”—you’re thinking of him.

  17. “The most shocking anti-White hate crime in years”

    Worse things happen EVERY SINGLE NIGHT

    I think it’s the arrogance and stupidity of these facebook-niggers that shocks most people.

  18. His parents drove him to a McDonalds to hook up with one of the Niggers, so that he could then enjoy a sleep-over at the Nigger’s crib.

  19. Those old movies are still popular. TCM is a popular channel. The moral message in those films was real. Not some Communist talking point called morality. As I said before, real culture appears axiomatic and is subtle. It’s natural, organic, not forced like Leftism is.

  20. Around the year 2000, James, I was struck by a little girl’s reaction to a “Hot Wheels” toy, from, maybe, the late 1960s or the ’70s. “This toy is old, isn’t it?” she said; and when I asked her how she’d known that, she said, with respect to the toy’s illustration of a gas-station attendant, something like, “People dressed more neatly in that time.”

    That little girl had been born in 1992, and it was as if the old America, which had begun to disintegrate a quarter of a century before her birth, made more sense to her than the America in which she was growing up.

  21. Definitely. I remember the transition to Self Service. Interestingly, they played 80’s music at my wife’s, friend’s, daughter’s prom, a few years ago. I’ve also noticed that they’re bringing back board games and other toys from way back when. Kids definitely crave the stability and sanity of those days. And the heroes, too.

  22. Yes—that transition to self-service goes unremarked; but for me, it has long been the signature example of capitalism’s adjustment to the expansion of the welfare state. As everything became more expensive, the gas stations stayed in business by substituting self-service pumps for the attendants they could no longer afford to employ. The loss of the service that was provided by those attendants is not reflected in the gasoline’s price.

    PS A few years ago, that little girl I mentioned was a young woman with a license-plate frame that read “Jersey girls don’t pump gas.” This is because she’s from New Jersey, where there are still gas-station attendants; and she was temporarily living in the South, where her young female friends were at a loss to figure out what one does when one pulls into a gas-station without self-service pumps. Though she never affixed to her car the license-plate frame, which her mother had given her as a sort of flag to fly, the situation struck me as an amusing reverse, in which the Jersey girl was the delicate, non-gas-pumping Southern belle.

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