NAACP President Gives Clenched-Fist Black Power Salute In Jeff Sessions Mobile Office

I was watching CNN this evening and Wolf Blitzer was doing a segment on the NAACP sit-in going on in Jeff Sessions’ Mobile office when my jaw dropped. The president of the NAACP, Cornell William Brooks, was in there and he gave the clench-fisted black power salute. CNN replayed the image several times without commentary:

The black power salute is … woke. The Roman salute is … well, you remember what happened.

Note: CNN played the image from a frontal angle. Can you find it for me?


  1. I got to go with the idea that outside of Thom Robb’s Knights all KKK are heavily infiltrated.

    Start something else – support minor league Ice hockey fan clubs, hockey is very White, so is the fan base. It’s like White nationalist Soccer fans in 80s UK. Get the lads together and support ice hockey in the South instead of NFL Negro Felon League, SEC college in name only football is even worse.

  2. Agreed and well said.

    Some Alt Right people were saying the Hitler Sieg Heil salute is the ultimate “FU”.

    Why not just do….


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