Cuckservatives: Bill Mitchell Defines Trumpism As Mainstream Conservatism

Why doesn’t Bill Mitchell claim the mantle of mainstream conservatism?

In the video below, he explains that he thought Alt-Right meant being against the establishment, but now realizes it means white supremacy, racism, anti-Semitism, etc. He wants to purge racists from the Trump movement. He wants you to quit identifying with the Alt-Right because it is a damaged brand. You shouldn’t care about the fate of White people. You’re crazy if you believe there is a White Genocide. If you believe in those things, The Daily Beast and SPLC will write negative articles about you.

It is strange. If Bill Mitchell was against “the establishment,” why didn’t he affiliate with the conservative brand or the Tea Party brand? If you believe all the same things Sean Hannity believes in and he is a multimillionaire who has been a fixture on FOX News for the past 20 years, why are you calling yourself Alt-Right? You’re a mainstream conservative, not Alt-Right. Maybe we should give Bill Mitchell the benefit of the doubt and assume he hopped on the Alt-Right bandwagon to promote himself.

Unlike these people, we’re not embarrassed to identify as Alt-Right, White Nationalists, Southern Nationalists, etc. We’re proud of these labels. We’re proud to be White. We’re proud to be Southerners. We’re proud to be Christians. There’s nothing immoral about identifying with your own people or treasuring your own culture. I don’t care what Think Progress or or The Huffington Post has to say about that.

Bill Mitchell tried to glomb on to the Alt-Right during the campaign, not the other way around. We didn’t go around saying on Twitter that we were “conservatives.” Quite the opposite. Now he wants to be called “America First” because Richard Spencer and white supremacists ruined the Alt-Right brand. What does that say about him? The only brand he doesn’t want to claim is cuckservatism which is his real brand.

Mainstream conservatism is the damaged brand. We spent the entire campaign from Day One attacking cuckservatives. 16 other cuckservative candidates ran for presidency. They all lost. ¡Jeb!, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were rejected because people have been hearing the same conservative bromides and talking points for the last 35 years. They voted for Trump because he was an outsider who rejected their policies.

Bill Mitchell wants to define Trumpism as mainstream conservatism. He wants Trumpism to be respectable to The Daily Beast and Sean Hannity. Oh, and he’s going to the Deploraball, which is “deplorable” only in the sense – as far as I can tell, there is no other difference – that it is a Fag Prom for the #PozzRight hosted by Queen MILO.


  1. Dear Formally,
    I’m so sorry I misst this. Yes, your post of Sam Watkins is fantastick.

    Furthermore, it still is the truth of the way things are, and I share his political convictions to a tee.

    Furthermore, it hearkens to a conversation I was having with John Bonnacorsi about the English Civil War being a definitive point between Olde England and New England, and how the South is the Olde (Charles’s cavaliers) and The North the new – Cromwell’s Jewish funded Roundheads.

    Thank you so much from bring Mr. Watkins into our conversation! I wish I would wave my finger and bring several million of his like, right back into this time period.

    We need clear-headed Southerners, each with a full set of balls.

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