The Trump Honeymoon Is Already Over

He was, for many, hailed as the God Emperor.

Two months ago, President-Elect Donald Trump had no more fervent group of loyal supporters than the Alt-Right. This was especially true during the worst stretch of the campaign after the Access Hollywood tape was released in October. Trump was condemned and disavowed by 1/4 of elected Republicans and 1/3 of the Republican Congress. He was written off as a sure loser by virtually all conservative pundits.

That was then. We’re still several weeks away from the inauguration, but now the bloom is already off the rose. There has been a shift in our thinking about Trump in the Alt-Right. It stems from two causes:

1.) First, the November 22 disavowal and condemnation of the Alt-Right with The New York Times, which was a major buzzkill. There was nothing new about that particular disavowal. At various points in the campaign, Trump had disavowed David Duke, Jared Taylor, William Johnson, James Edwards and the Ku Klux Klan. There had been a number of disavowals and a host of things (for example, Eric Trump saying David Duke deserved a bullet) that were set aside but not forgotten in the heat of the campaign.

There were many, many things that happened during the campaign which were glossed over for the greater good of victory. There was, for example, Trump’s explicit embrace of the LGBTQ community (he made a point to add the Q) as well as his promise of a “New Deal for Black America.” For a year and a half, it did not escape our notice that Trump talked about The Blacks, The LGBT community, The Hispanics, but never once mentioned The Whites who, as it turned out, were the sole cause of his upset victory on November 8th. This was grudgingly accepted because it was thought at the time that Trump’s victory over the GOP establishment and Conservatism, Inc. would bring about a great change in the political landscape that would be “good for the Whites.”

Instead, Trump’s disavowal has led to two months of fighting on Twitter with the Alt-Lite. It turns out the GOP establishment wasn’t overthrown on November 8th. Paul Ryan is good now. Mitch McConnell is good now. It is the Alt-Right that is disavowed. The Alt-Lite brands want to ditch the racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia of the Alt-Right. Mainstream conservatism is the hot and edgy new movement.

2.) Second, as if Trump wanted to put an exclamation point on our dissatisfaction with the fact that nothing has really changed since November 8th, there has been the transition. I was very happy with the choice of Mike Pence as Vice President. At the time, I liked that choice because I thought it added balance.

But now? It seems like Mike Pence as Vice President begat Reince Preibus as Chief of Staff. All these people who supported Trump during the campaign, not just the Alt-Right, but even conservative retreads like Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, who we honestly don’t even like but who at least had loyalty going for them, who Pence was supposed to be balancing were passed over for Cabinet positions.

The “best people” that Trump talked about in the campaign were Pence and Reince … and top Republican donors like Todd Ricketts (Commerce Deputy) and Betsy DeVos (Education), General Mattis (Defense) and General Kelly (DHS), Goldman Sachs Jews like Steve Mnuchin (Treasury) and Gary Cohn (National Economic Council), Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao (Transportation), Nikki Haley (UN), Rick Perry (Energy) who called Trump a “cancer on conservatism,” Cheap Labor Express darling Andy Puzder (Labor), a slew of #TruCons like Scott Pruitt (EPA), Mick Mulvaney (OMB), Tom Price (HHS), and Reince’s buttboy Sean Spicer who will be White House Press Secretary. Hell, I tried to say that Ryan Zinke (Interior) was a saving grace of the Cabinet, but even he put out a press release condemning Richard Spencer and “hate groups” in Whitefish, Montana.

This was supposed to be a great victory for populist nationalism. We were very excited about Jeff Sessions (Attorney General) and Steve Bannon (Chief Strategist), but at some point early in the process it became crystal clear that Reince and Pence had taken over the transition. Peter Navarro for National Trade Council was the only name after Sessions that stood out from a pack of generals, billionaires, #TruCons and Republican establishment cronies. Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, embodies the overwhelming impression that one gets that this is going to be a pro-business, conservative administration. Now, with the Cabinet more or less complete and just when we were expecting no more drama, there are reports that there is a scramble among the transition team to fill one of the last spots, Secretary of Agriculture, with an unqualified Hispanic.

This series of Bill Mitchell and Cernovich tweets illustrates how the Alt-Lite has become the new DemsRRealRacists. Combine that with the spectacle of Rick Perry and Nikki Haley in the Cabinet, Goldman Sachs in top economic positions in the Cabinet, Todd Ricketts, whose family financed the #NeverTrump Our Principles PAC, in the Cabinet, Andy Puzder in the Labor Department and the likes of John Podhoretz, Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol boarding the Trump Train over Israel.

Speaking of Israel, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz famously tag teamed Trump over Israel in one of the Republican debates over his position of neutrality and wanting to negotiate a settlement that would result in a two-state solution:

But that was then. Even before he has been sworn into office, Trump has adopted the Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz position of unqualified support for Bibi Netanyahu. It is a position that makes George W. Bush’s position look moderate by comparison and which Cruz and Rubio would have likely moderated in the general election.

In Congress, there are already storm clouds on the horizon: Paul Ryan’s statement yesterday which sabotaged Trump’s position on Russia, Graham and McCain wanting new sanctions on Russia, and rumblings that the GOP Congress is already preparing to cuck on financing the Trump Wall.

3.) Third, I said there were two causes, but the third cause is already on the horizon. The third stage of disillusionment could possibly be the first hundred days. After assembling this Cabinet, what is Trump going to do with his newfound power? What’s at the top of the legislative agenda? Is it going to be trade, immigration and foreign policy or is it going to be all these other things?

All signs point to the Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell GOP Congress moving immediately on their agenda of tax cuts, Wall Street deregulation and repealing Obamacare. In other words, things conservatives want to do, which conservatives would have done no matter who won the presidency, and which could very well (remember the first two years of Obama’s administration?) end up consuming the first year of Trump’s presidency with big polarizing fights over issues like healthcare, large tax cuts and Wall Street. This brings back memories of the W. years when passing the Bush tax cuts were at the top of the Republican policy agenda. Then it was off to war and the rest is history.

It is an understatement to say that OD is going to be watching the first hundred days like a hawk. If Trump does a lot of things we like on trade, immigration and foreign policy, we will feel much better than we do now and will cover him positively. If he doesn’t and moves instead on all these things Reince and Paul Ryan want to do, it is fair to say that we will become more anxious and disillusioned. Trump should have a lot of power over immigration, trade and foreign policy so what he does on these key issues in the first hundred days right out of the gate will tell us a lot about his presidency.

We should know fairly soon how much the status quo has really changed. If it appears that Conservatism, Inc. is humming along as usual and has been empowered to enact its 1980s agenda and that the people voted for radical change only to get business as usual, it is not going to go over well. Those who say White Nationalists were not part of Trump’s coalition are mistaken. This community voted for Trump in extraordinary numbers with unprecedented enthusiasm. The #TruCons might not like to hear that, but it is a fact. The Alt-Right and White Nationalists solidly supported Trump. As everyone remembers, it was the #TruCons who didn’t vote for Trump and and who opposed him to the end through both the primaries and the general election.

The general attitude right now toward God Emperor Trump is an anxious wait and see approach. We’re going to wait and see what he does in the first hundred days. Still, it is remarkable that in the span of two months how far we have already moved away from the unqualified reverence of the campaign. There have been two steps back which I have outlined here. Is there going to be a third step back by Spring 2017?


  1. This is not your country. Crawl back up your daddy Satan’s anal tract. That’s your point of origin. You’ll be very happy there!

  2. Lol! Putin is playing you kikes. You are afraid of him. He’s waiting for Trump to get in office – and then you go boom! Buh bye!

  3. Like I said, the GOP has historical levels of power right now. Everything that Trump talked about during the primary is possible. Everything. The Wall, immigration restrictions, trade renegotiations, all of it.

    I don’t get why people like yourself cannot see this. More importantly it is now or never, because time is not on our side.

  4. Unfortunately being White and Anglo is no longer a good enough qualifier. I am raising White kids, lol, why do you think I am so concerned about all of this my friend?

  5. It’s amusing, Yuri, but if hundreds of millions of Muslims freak out against Israel it will be the US which goes after them. Hello, WWIII and nuclear winter. We are Israel’s servants.

  6. Sorry, but this is a ridiculously juvenile assessment of who Trump is and what his candidacy is about. You must have been expecting a Superhero, someone able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. What we have is an actual man with obvious flaws- but with real ability, experience, and commitment- doing his best to do something about a problem of leviathan scale. He is going to need real support- isn’t that fascists are supposed to be good at, getting into formation to buttress their leader? Elvis hasn’t even gotten into the building and you’re already pouting and complaining like little boys. Some Nazis!

    Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best.
    ? Otto von Bismarck

  7. I doubt anyone ever truly believed Donald Trump to be some sort of savior for our folk. Instead he was simply better than the establishment GOP choices. Then better than Hillary and her extreme leftist marxist “we hate white people” party. By “better” I’m referring to him being hated by the left, the media, the establishment GOP, forthright common sense talk of no backing down, the wall, limits to Muslim immigration and opposition to amnesty. But please understand, Trump is no savior for our folk, he’s Alt-Lite and might buy us some time to delay us being a minority….nothing more. In modern diverse, multicultural USA self-determination can only occur with a break-up of the country……and that won’t happen under the administration of someone like Trump.

  8. No, it is not possible. You’re being naive. The Senate and the Congress are GOP but they will do everything to undermine him.

    Look at McCain and Graham talking about sanctions that go completely against his stated foreign policy goals.

    Yes, Republicans hold power, but they still do not follow Trump.

    What is your solution to this?

  9. I think a lot of you guys mean well, but are completely naive about politics and where Trump stands. He isn’t an Emperor. He doesn’t have that power.

    A lot of Cucks in government will undermine him. Elected officials who cannot be easily bypassed.

  10. I understand that Trump will probably fail, and that there are a lot of cucks in government. That is why I agree with Hunter’s article.

  11. If immigration cannot be controlled during Trump’s first term, then it is time to write the eulogy for the US as a first world power. Not having borders means not having a country isn’t just a meme. Not being dramatic when I say we will be Brazil in my life time.

    I would then proceed to focus on local politics and pool parties,raising my kids, and awakening Whites, because that is all that will really matter. Maybe I will learn to speak Russian or Hungarian as they are the only “European” countries with any sense left.

  12. It would have been nice if Spencer et al had curbed their enthusiasm at the NPI conference at least until after Trump had been officially sworn in as POTUS and had moved into the White House. Impatience is a real big problem with the American White Nationalist Movement.

    I think it comes from growing up watching television where every problem is resolved with a positive outcome in less than an hour. Look at how long the White Nationalists of Europe have been in this fight. They are organized, articulate, sharply dressed and, most of all, they have endless patience, because they are all too aware of what an uphill climb they are in for. Yet they persist without imploding.

    Yes, Spencer and the two Jewish trolls and the Asian trollette he let in forced Trump’s hand. Just like David Duke forced Trump’s hand. We must come to grips with where we are right now instead of expecting the clock and the pendulum to magically swing back to 1957 in only one election because the Democrats were defeated.

    The Democrats lost, but that does not mean we won. The same RINOs and Neo-Cons are still very much present in the Republican Party. We lost with getting Ryan, and four of the Gang of Eight: Rubio, McCain, Graham and Flake ousted from their seats.

    Moreover, I am not as pessimistic as you are where Trump is concerned. He has only two years to pull off his agenda if he wants to see re-election and I think his ego is too big to allow himself to be a one-term president on the heels of eight disastrous years of Obama. He is smart enough to dance with those who brought him; the Whites behind the Blue Wall. I highly doubt he is going to be distracted by Wars for Israel or allow Paul Ryan to gut White middle class entitlement programs.

    We need to stop piling on Trump and focus on how to help him drain the swamp of those maggots. Believe me, I am as skeptical as you that Trump can erase identity politics and impose civic nationalism, but we must allow him to try, especially where it concerns getting out of his way to bring good jobs back (and affordable family formation) to working class Whites.

    Obama hinted at his own agenda with the Gates Flap during his first term, got slapped down, and backed away. He doubled down with a vengeance after he won his second term. We must resign ourselves to the idea that Trump is going to push civic nationalism that keeps pushing anti-racism even as he brings back jobs and strengthens the safety net for working and middle class Whites. Of course, whether he likes it or not, he is going to be challenged by so-called people of color who are egged on by the Democrats to press for special entitlements which must inevitably alienate his White base.

    I think Trump is going to have to do a delicate balancing act: beat his chest and bellow his devotion to Israel for Christian Zionists, deliver tax incentives for “True Conservatives,” and do some obligatory but noisy sabre-rattling for the neo-cons whether we like it or not until he wins his second term. Only after then will we see how explicitly Trump addresses White American concerns. I am more optimistic about this than most.

  13. This is a Trump Cabinet. Pay less attention to which status candidates he put on his cabinet and more attention to where he put them. He put Rex Tillerman (a businessman with ties to Russia) in as secretary of state. He put Jeff Sessions in as Attorney General to clean up the Anti-White Justice Department. He put Pete Navarro, the China Critic, in charge of Trade.

    I strongly suspect that Trump put Pudzer and Perry and other status quo candidates on his cabinets to pacify the True Cons and Neo Cons but there is nothing to say he won’t keep them on a tight leash and make them resign if they don’t perform the way he wants them to. Pudzer wouldn’t have made that statement if Trump hadn’t made his expectations clear; Pudzer works for the government, i.e. the Working Class Whites behind the Blue Wall who swept his administration into power now, not Carl’s Junior.

    Yeah, I know we have been burnt before but this has been done by Republicans who dog-whistled to us so timidly it gave them lots of room for plausible deniability when they inevitably broke their implicit promises. Trump has been very explicit about what he plans to do. I believe he will make every effort to keep those promises rather than lose face with the very people who made him the most powerful man on earth.

  14. Trump is very pro-Russia yet he makes General Mattis the Sec of Def –
    a man who is very suspicious of the Russians and anti-Russian in
    several ways. That’s ok – Trump dictates the path forward and General
    Mattis will help him accomplish many things – including reform the
    military to where it was (bring back Christianity, get rid of the
    Tranny-loving regulations, etc.)

    He makes Mattis (who is suspicious) of Russia the Secretary of Defense, but he makes Rex Tillerson with strong business ties to Russia the Secretary of State. Reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt’s motto, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” What message is Trump conveying to Russia? He wants to be Putin’s friend, but no way, no how will he be Putin’s vassal. Putin gets that, thus no knee-jerk retaliation to Obama’s pettiness of the last few days.

  15. 1.) Are we supposed to be happy about being “disavowed” while
    #NeverTrump conservatives are being picked for Cabinet positions? If so,
    why? Why are pro-Whites no good, but transsexuals and queers and blacks
    and all these people who didn’t vote for Trump and ferociously opposed
    him are good?

    I am not suggesting that we be happy about being “disavowed,” just fatalistic. Pro-Whites don’t burn down cities filled with urban White voters or immediate suburbs with liberal or left-leaning soccer moms. Blacks do.

    When Trump campaigned and talked about all he would do for so-called people of color, he wasn’t addressing you and me, or even the so-called people of color themselves. He was addressing True Conservatives who think Democrats are the REAL racists and self-righteously adhere to their principals and virtue signal as badly as liberal leftists do. You need to chill, Hunter.

    So far, Trump must be thanking God Almighty over Obama’s little tantrum in trying to push through a bunch of shit he has to undo. The one thing he can’t undo is a UN resolution. After bellowing his devotion to Israel and shaking his sabre at Iran, the domestic stunts he will have to undo will give Trump the excuse he needs not to get involved in Iran. Chill, Hunter, and start paying more attention to what Trump does than what he says.

  16. People are all too quickly forgetting that prior to Trump’s election, Whites were rapidly being treated by the American Cultural Marxists like the kulaks of Russia were treated by the Bolsheviks. Hollywood, courtesy of Tarantino, was even putting out White snuff films.

    Since Trump was elected Whites are no longer in the position of being involuntary participants in the knockout game who have to worry about being fired from their jobs if they complain about it. And it’s only going to get better.

    Politics is all about perception. Trump’s win is being seen, as Van Jones put it, as a “Whitelash.” More people than Jones see it that way. If Spencer and his clowns could have kept a lid on it, we could have seen more establishment types standing up for White people and telling people to shove the race card where it does them the most good.

    I think a lot of the resentment here is that the Alt-Lite is capitalizing on all the hard work and dedication put in by you and other members of the Alt Right. I understand the angst, but the best thing to do is continue being the vanguards that shove the Overton Window into an increasingly Pro-White direction and leaving it up to the Alt Lite how to filter out any “Anti-Semitic” wording for public consumption.

    Yeah, there is no money in it, but the job of unsung hero still remains open.

  17. Not necessarily. You don’t quite get it. There are people, misanthropes, if you will, who will be Alt-Right or vanguardist trolls for no pay whatsoever. All for the joy of being shit-stirrers. Andrew Anglin is one and Denise is another.

    Unfortunately, unlike Black “Nationalism,” where FedGov not only turns a blind eye but probably subsidizes it to the point where Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Minister Farrakhan and BLM don’t have to work at anything else for a living, White Nationalism is highly disincentivized to the point where not only can one NOT make a living from it, but one jeopardizes one own living by it, like when Matt Heimbach was fired from working as a social worker for abused children once his pro-White activism came to light.

    With not only the lack of any financial incentive, but the real risk of job or opportunity loss, it is a major bone of contention for Hunter and the others to watch these Alt Lite types swoop in, harvest and then market their ideas to the masses for lots of cash.

  18. There was method to Ivanka’s madness. She chose to fly coach with her husband and children to show the Trumps were down with the people. Our struggles are her struggles. For her efforts, she got insulted and harassed by this leftist loonytune homosexual and his “husband.”

    The result? A lot of the conservatards who didn’t vote for Trump got upset over the way his daughter and her family was abused by this leftist. And reamed him out all over the internet and the media. A lot of independents, as well. Notice that all the “Not My President” demonstrations started to die down right after that.

    Ivanka took one one the chin for Daddy and it paid off beautifully.

  19. I am more black-pilled than you or Hunter.

    Read Mark Steyn’s “After America”. America as you and I conceive it is already gone. The horse has bolted the stable.

    If you take the broader view of history countries form, break apart. Leaders get killed, wars happen, religions fade, culture is lost.

    Knowing this, we have to position ourselves to have the most options in the future instead of being hyper-focused on current events we have zero influence over.

    No amount of tweeting or blogging is going to “bring Trump to heel” with a white nationalist agenda. As we have just seen during the election, he is the least controllable man in America, and as I mentioned, the deck is stacked against him with his party in power being overwhelmingly Cucks.

    If you really want to move the ball politically, target his Republican opposition. Destroy Mitch McConnell. Destroy Paul Ryan. Destroy the Chamber of Commerce.

    Significantly hurting any of these enemy power structures will send a powerful message to everyone who will try to oppose Trump.

  20. I support ALL Kikes going into the oven, EVERY last one. You don’t have jew friends. You have handlers. Stop being played.

  21. I understand America has already changed, and I agree with your assessment. There is a big difference between America ‘changing’, and America declining to the point where it is no longer considered first world though.

    Paul Ryan just won his reelection, so I doubt much pressure will be able to be applied to someone like him. The best way to destroy the Mitch McConnells of the world for future generations is to make is abundantly clear that their ideas are the reason the US will inevitably stumble and fall.

    I am not trying to control Trump, I am trying to hold him to the promises he made that got him elected in the first place.

    Trump failing is very bad for the country, but it won’t be bad for WN or the Alt Right in my opinion. As far as national politics go, we tried. My advice going forward would be to concentrate on local politics and building a pro white culture, mainly concentrating on media of all forms, music, video games, movies, etc.

  22. I see.
    Thank you.
    I am pro white. I believe that whoever is trying to get to light what is happening is aok and should not be attacked.
    Thats my only beef. I dont want to be a ‘part of’. I never did.

  23. ”This was supposed to be a great victory for populist nationalism”

    Populist nationalism should be consigned to the dustbin of history. It is a morally bankrupt ideology. We need more mixed marriages, otherwise white race will soon be full of weak and pathetic inbred scum. You can’t grow up and be a strong person in a segregated or maybe even gated white middle class suburban community. You need to struggle to get ahead in life.

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