Reformation 500th Anniversary

If you are of the mind that the world is falling apart now, you ought to have seen what we Lutherans (no relation to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.) were starting exactly 500 years ago in Europe!

Note: We’re considering traveling to Germany next year. I would like to see Europe. Never been there.


  1. Though it’s been a long time since I read it, I think you’ll find that Chapter Four, “The Chaos,” in Houston Stewart Chamberlain’s “Foundations of the Nineteenth Century,” has that racial component as its subject.

    At is the Google Books scan of the work’s Volume 1, and at is Wikipedia’s entry about the work.

    Because a chore is pressing upon me as I type this, I don’t have time to confirm that there’s only one “Chapter Four,” since the book is elaborately organized, in two volumes, with “Parts” and “Divisions” in addition to chapters. If there’s more than one “Chapter Four,” well, then, the one I’m talking about is the first Chapter Four.

    The graphic below is the chapter’s two last pages …

  2. Protestants didn’t create any civilization. They hijacked it. Chiefly, Protestants don’t build Cathedrals because they don’t believe in having them, even as they are some of the grandest architecture of Western Civilization.

    And those that do have them, such as the Anglicans, are apologetic about having them.

  3. Protestants converted the Catholic cathedrals they confiscated in Germany and Switzerland, as in Lausanne, just like the Muslim Turks did to Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, the basilica at Nicaea, the site of the first ecumenical council, and every other significant Orthodox church in Turkey.

    Just as under Muslim control, Catholic sacred art was destroyed in those Cathedrals. In France, the Calvinist Huguenots would become known for routine vandalism against Catholic churches.

    Eventually this vandalism would escalate to such an extent, a profound sense of the violation of the sacred that the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre occurred.

  4. Most democratic governments (who all call themselves ‘republics’) end up cost more than monarchies.

  5. You doubt the Church’s place if you say that it’s a horrible thing that Christmas should have ever been banned, because if it was the Church which set up the holiday then it follows that the Church has the ability to take the holiday away.


  6. Not true. The Scots and Irish remained Catholic, and hardly anyone has a lighter complexion than they. Also, many Germans remained Catholic such as in Bavaria, Liechtenstein, and others and did not follow the lead of the Schmalkaldic League.

  7. No, it allowed demagogues to proliferate, and the former unity of Christendom was fractured because the people were deceived by those demagogues.

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