The Great Disappointment

Just think about it: from a libertarian perspective, we were supposed to be preparing for President-Elect Rand Paul’s inauguration, and yet here we are

“A spectre is haunting the world: the spectre of radical anti-libertarian movements, each grappling with the others like scorpions in a bottle and all competing to see which can dismantle the institutions of liberty the fastest. Some are ensconced in the universities and other elite centers, and some draw their strength from populist anger. The leftist and the rightist versions of the common anti-libertarian cause are, moreover, interconnected, with each fueling the other. All explicitly reject individual liberty, the rule of law, limited government, and freedom of exchange, and they promote instead radical, albeit aggressively opposed, forms of identity politics and authoritarianism. They are dangerous and should not be underestimated.

In various guises, such movements are challenging libertarian values and principles across the globe, especially in Europe, in America, and in parts of Asia, but their influence is felt everywhere. They share a radical rejection of the ideas of reason, liberty, and the rule of law that animated the American Founding and are, indeed, the foundations of modernity. Those who prefer constitutionalism to dictatorship, free markets to cronyist or socialist statism, free trade to autarchy, toleration to oppression, and social harmony to irreconcilable antagonism need to wake up, because our cause and the prosperity and peace it engenders are in grave danger. …”

Libertarians have probably been the hardest hit group by the rise of the Alt-Right. It shouldn’t come as any surprise given the demographics of libertarianism: 94% non-Hispanic White, 68% male, 62% under age 50, 3/4’s of libertarians have a secular or Protestant religious background, nearly half are ideologically inconsistent and they are also more likely to be college educated and active on the internet.

Who does that sound like? Demographically, libertarians have a lot in common with the Alt-Right. The two groups have so much in common that one could wonder if the allure of libertarian ideology to many self-described “libertarians” has something to do with the social position of White males in contemporary American society. Maybe libertarianism is just another response by the same group – a kind of solution, an ideological cloak to justify what they already wanted to do anyway – to the same social pressures?

I’m not motivated by racial anxiety! Some of my best friends are black. I don’t feel any White guilt because of … uh, my liberty. We’re all individuals. Keep your big government hands off my hard-earned money because of … uh, my Constitution. Stay away from my White neighborhood because of … uh, my freedom of association!

The stunning collapse of Rand Paul in the 2016 election cycle suggests that CATO libertarians like Robert G. Palmer grossly misread their “base.” How did so many former Ron Paul supporters end up migrating from Rand Paul to Donald Trump and the “authoritarian populist” Alt-Right? Doesn’t that suggest that libertarian ideology was much less important to these people than so many had assumed?

I guess you could say that the actions of Black Lives Matter shattered illusions of colorblindness and individualism and the illusion that invoking the “Constitution” could save us from the mob. The SJWs on college campuses and the routine Islamic terrorist attacks must have heightened awareness that politics isn’t going to magically disappear and give way to a libertarian Millennium of laissez-faire economics.

As the reigning taboos have weakened in 2015/2016, maybe the old disguise of the ideological cloak has become … less necessary? We could speculate that White males are regaining confidence and have been emboldened by Trump and have less need for an ideological rationalization to pursue their interests.

Isn’t it “liberating” to be honest with yourself and say what you really think? Maybe all groups don’t have the same capacity for liberty and self-government?

Note: For more of Tom Palmer’s whining, check out “Taking Seriously the New Populist and Alt-Right/Fascist Thinkers” on the Cato Institute Podcast.


  1. It’s the same with most “Neo-Cons” (I’m not talking about the real neo-cons, like Bolton, Kristal, Frum, Steyn…) — millions of people who are called “neocons” because they voted for Bush and Cheney, backed the wars in the middle-east, etc — but don’t really care about or believe all the “Israel is the only democracy yadda yadda yadda” “Iraqis need to be liberated” “Afghan girls need schools!” Common Core, DemzAreTheRealRayssissz rubbish — they just went along with it because they thought the only choice was that or Dem insanity (including the same or different wars, wherever, wars no matter who you vote for)

  2. Yeah, a lot of Gentiles who I thought were irredeemable are proving that they were just misguided during that period which is good.

  3. I encourage our readers to keep a short list, best ever links to those who have exposed the flaws, dead ends of American Libertarianism.

    Gregory Hood’s American Renaissance 2014 explains why Rand Paul’s Libertarianism made him traitor of the year for 2013.

    Here’s a great, concise quote from Gregory Hood

    “Rand Paul, like the Beltway Right, sees cultural and racial trends as essentially fixed. Like weather patterns, they are beyond human control. Therefore, all Mr. Paul can do is try to carve out a niche for libertarianism in the areas permitted him by the media gatekeepers. Thus, he can talk about why libertarianism is good for blacks as a group, but not why it is good for whites. He can promote libertarian opposition to “racist” drug laws but not libertarian opposition to the forced-association consequences of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    And this is the essential problem of Rand Paul. The libertarian takeover of the Republican Party is not a liberation from feckless and corrupt leaders. It’s a takeover by people who are unwilling to show even symbolic solidarity with the white Republican base. The tragedy is that Rand Paul was ideally positioned to lead a real political insurrection, to turn the Tea Party into the Middle American Revolution prophesied by Sam Francis. He had a real opportunity to create a movement that could roll back the multicultural state, stop illegal immigration, and reverse anti-white discrimination. Instead, we have someone who is afraid to talk about limiting immigration but thinks it’s a winning issue to defend British Petroleum after a catastrophic oil spill.”

  4. Let us give him some credit for some things. He has come out and said the anchor baby issue was created by a bad supreme court decisions. Besides, what is wrong with an extremely limited government? We would all be better off. I can’t say SS is a great bargain and questionable whether it will be around in a few years. Bombing other countries we have no national interests does not make us friends either; that’s common sense. I also find it amusing that after RP’s run, all of a sudden some of these politicians have found the Constitution again on occasion.

    One of the reasons I voted Trump was because of RP’s treatment by GOPe.

    I’ve pointed out to libertarians that culture is an important issue and importing those that come from failed societies is not a good idea.

  5. Hey South Texas…

    Rand Paul was voted Amren White Traitor of the year Jan 1 2104 – that’s the absolute worst traitor of the year. Not a C-, but a flat out F-.

    He won/lost this award for doing saying idiotic, treasonous things like his State of the Union response where Rand Paul said America should change it’s views of immigration and go with the idea that any person in the entire world ( 50 million afghan and Pakistani Muslim males) who wants to come to the United States to work should be welcomed, not feared or hated.

    A stopped watch has the correct time twice a day.

    So yes, Rand Paul and Ron Paul are right… twice a day that these Neo Conservative (Jewish) bombing campaigns to implement “democracy” are not good.

    OK. sure, fine

    Now how about Rand Paul, Ron Paul and YOU his supporters stop enabling insane, racial/cultural treason?


    How about that?

    What do you say?

  6. “The problem was and in many instances is that both were/are traitors,
    insane on the live or mostly die issues of mass 3rd world/Islamic
    immigration invasions to the USA and the West.”

    Really, and all the other candidates were better? Do you think we’re in this situation because those we did elect were not traitors? Other than Trump, name one that didn’t hurt us? Ron Paul attacked the fundamental problems with our institutions and banking system – the global enslavement headed our way invisible to most citizens. You do realize immigration is only one of our many, many problems? The real string pullers on immigration are the same ones that control our money supply. Our immigration laws were attacked from the very beginning and the explicitly anti-white crusade has been going on openly since the 19th century. It’s nothing new. We’re just reaping the benefits of a long fought battle by our enemies. I think there’s a good change the whole melting pot crap was pushed to facilitate the great replacement. First they psychologically removed our allegiance/connection to ethnic/national origins and then they deracinated us. I believe most of our problems have been in the works for a very long time.

    How many presidential candidates have been strong on stopping
    immigration? I believe Trump is the first candidate to bring it to the
    forefront in decades despite the non-white onslaught of the last 20
    years. And, he really only refers to Muslims. Yes, it’s a start but we
    need to ban all non-white immigration, legal and illegal.

    We’re as weak on stopping immigration as much as we are on stopping traitors. We don’t even punish politicians for betraying their promises to us, we re-elect them.

    I also don’t think the Japanese have much honor left either. Abe is a traitor in many ways. He is under the thumb of the bankers/City of London as much as we are.

  7. Where did I say I agreed with RP on every point of immigration? It’s clear you are not a literate person who can read complete sentences and the ideas presented. I don’t care much for Rand though he is less bad than many others.

    I’ve talked to brown people who think the illegals should leave and I agree with them.

    RP was one of the smartest candidates to run in years. If it were not for him in some small ways Trump would not have made as much headway as he did. There are libertarians out there who are not open borders and clearly understand the dangers of cultures not compatible with this country’s ideas.

  8. “There are libertarians out there who are not open borders and clearly understand the dangers of cultures not compatible with this country’s ideas.”

    I respond:

    Oh yeah. Please give me 3 leading Libertarians who aren’t insane, treasonous on immigration to the USA/Europe/Australia – the West.

    When I have asked this question to other pro Ron Paul, Ran Paul supporters they have to include a dead Libertarian.

    All those who have run for President for the Libertarian party including this year’s batch of idiots Garry Johnson and William Weld for VP – total immigration traitors.

  9. “Besides, what is wrong with an extremely limited government? ”

    I respond:

    What’s wrong is that we need government institutions to do certain things like fight and kill enemies who have guns, bombs and things.

    We need government to secure our borders – local private organizations either can’t do it or won’t do it.

    Private property owners in California the South are notorious for wanting mass illegal immigration because the like low wager workers. If we leave it up to the free market the flood gates of low IQ, non White immigrants/migrants will continue. People will pursue short term profits and in the long term we suffer physical and cultural genocide the same as White British people in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  10. I’m not necessarily talking about the leadership. Christopher Cantwell (who supported Trump) does a good job excoriating such libertarians along with their obsession with marijuana (though I think most drugs should be decriminalized). There are other commentators within the ranks that recognize the folly.

    SS does need to be abolished and phased out. There is no money there. I myself could pay off my home with the money stolen.

    I disagree with RP on some details, but most Americans are too stupid to appreciate what they were offered.

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