Farewell, Steven Otter

Dan Roodt has drawn my attention to this recent tragedy in South Africa:

“In life Steven Otter castigated his fellow whites for their “misperception” of black crime in South Africa. Yet in one of those harsh racial ironies the country is famous for, he was stabbed to death by two black robbers in his home on Reconciliation Day 16 December 2016, dying in the arms of his coloured partner, Nathalie Williams — in front of her 7-year old daughter.

South Africa’s minister of culture, Nathi Mthethwa, issued a statement lamenting his death: “We are devastated and outraged to learn about the fatal attack which claimed the life of author and former journalist Steven Otter.”

In reference to the time Otter spent living in the black township of Khayelitsha, minister Mthethwa said: “Steven Otter embodied the spirit of non-racialism. Detailing his decision to move to Khayelitsha he said he was embraced with open arms… our nation has lost a selfless man of great character.”

Otter’s former boss, Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille, equally expressed her condolences over the brutal killing of someone who had once been her official spokesman when she still had her own political party, the Independent Democrats. However, both De Lille and Otter shared a more sinister past affiliation with anti-white, revolutionary parties, such as the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), and Julius Malema’s Afro-Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), respectively. …”

Damn. It’s such a shame when that happens. I guess the black burglars either didn’t know or didn’t care that Steven Otter was “one of the good ones” in South Africa.

Note: Steven Otter’s book Khayelitsha is on Google Books. Here’s an excerpt:

“By moving to Khayelitsha, I embarked on a search for the truth of the matter. I knew deep down that racism didn’t make any sense, but I very often thought racist things. What unfolded in Khayelitsha, therefore, was a journey to the heart of my racism, the only journey powerful enough to drown out the racist voices of the majority within the white society of my youth.”

Yeah, whatever bro. Now you’re DEAD. How does it feel? As Preston Wiginton said a few weeks ago on CNN, “sometimes being a bigot is wise.”


  1. You know, if ever there was someone looking for kharmic retribution, it would be you, gloating at someone else’s misfortune.

    Get a grip, realise crime knows no race, and try not to be so bitter about life.

  2. I know he was a liberal moron who thought he could swim with the sharks and got bit. Just like I know you are a worthless POS who chooses not to accept a basic truth : where there are a lot of blacks, there will be a lot of crime. I don’t care if you don’t believe it. I got proof. Go anywhere that dindus hang out and you will see it. Prick.

  3. yeah we did try it and it was very successful until libtards like you decided it wasn’t fair without knowing what the hell they were talking about.

  4. Don’t you worry your little snowflake head over it. Eventually as you keep telling whites how racist they are and how bad they are you will usher in a new age of race reality. One that ignores libtard ignorance and PC and simply deals with facts. The fact that blacks are far more prone to violence for one. So as a race realist I want to thank you and say keep it up libtarb. You’re doing the job for me.

  5. Otter promoted anti-white tropes and canards prevalent on the left. This libel against whites promotes black hatred and gets whites killed, particularly in dangerous places like South Africa where whites are a despised minority in danger of genocide. In all fairness, he is being judged based upon his words, deeds, and associations. Given he put himself in the public spotlight and is an author, I think it is fair to examine and critique his belief system, particularly in light of his demise. Your “labels” like “bigot and “racist” are really just phrases intended to discourage discussion on this subject. As far as being “bitter and angry”: just look at your language. You sound like the bitter and angry person.

  6. lately it seems that just when i start to get a bit down in the dumps, a feel-good story hits the headlines to perk me back up again. such is this one. i have often felt “Why be angry with jews? We are at war with them and they are just doing what they can to win.” i have reserved my special hatred for the race-traitors among us. i hate them a hundred times more than blacks, browns and their jewish enablers. since i do not believe in a heaven and hell i do so hope this Otter POS race-traitor died a horrible and prolonged death. Good riddance to all such diseased filth.

  7. I opened the article with a completely open mind and even temperament. I got angry when I started feeling the piss and vinegar from all of you bitter and twisted far-right bigots, which I really wasn’t prepared for.

    I don’t see how calling it like it is is intended to discourage discussion. As far as I’m concerned it was intended to let you know how I felt, that’s all.

    And it comes as news to me that whites are despised. Some people will always be despised, by some people. Sweeping generalisations can only make it worse.

    Again: crime in SA is primarily about ‘have-not’ vs ‘have’. The more you play the race angle the more it feeds on itself.

  8. ‘White flight’ is mostly about opportunities. BEE has meant white people who formerly could rely on having a job can’t any more – in many cases deservedly.

  9. Oh and labels like libtard, snowflake, race traitor, and vermin are intended to encourage discussion? I see.

    I opened this article with a completely open mind and even temperament, but was knocked back by the piss and vinegar running out of my monitor. I *got* angry when I picked up the bitter tone of some of the neo-nazi sentiment being expressed here. So, yeah, I’m angry, but only at people whose attitudes are so completely blinkered they can’t see just how laughable they sound to those not somewhere out past the edge of the flat earth.

  10. “SA is primarily about ‘have-not’ vs ‘have”. I call bull$hit! It is actually very simple. Anywhere on this planet you have a large population of blacks you have violence that is way out of proportion. You justify that anyway you want to make yourself feel better but it doesn’t change what is.

  11. I don’t need to justify it because you are the one talking bullshit.

    I’ll withdraw the as soon as you show some statistics to prove your wildly racist assertion.

  12. I could get them but don’t need to. Just drive through any black area anywhere on earth. The truth is obvious you just choose to ignore or lie about it. People like you ask for statistics and when given them you will try to find a way to dispute them. You simply refuse to accept the truth. Nothing I can say will change your little snowflake view.
    I am from Atlanta. I have worked in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Nashville. They all have a common trait. The black hood is the most dangerous place in the city. Murders, rapes and robberies are common. I don’t care what excuses you give to you justify it it doesn’t change reality. I know from experience what it really is. I am not a racist, I am a realist and you are full of shit. None of you liberals that talk about racial injustice ever want to sit foot in any black area. At least not alone.
    So go ahead talk about how smart and superior you are but remember people are waking up to the fact that is all you have. Talk.

  13. I have had my share of karma for my poor judgement in life. I prefer not to call it karma though. My creator teaching me a lesson. It’s too bad this idiot didn’t realize before his demise that his anti racist campaign was in error.

  14. You are right. The statistics bear you out, and so does the evidence of my eyes.

    I have seen more of South Africa than most South Africans. As a foreigner with a rental car and twelve months to travel I have been to all the western provinces and five neighbouring countries. I have also lived, when I was young and poor, in the U.S. on the border of three different crime ridden urban neighbourhoods. (Two black in Illinois, one Mexican in California).

    Still there is no need to vent so much spleen on poor Steve Otter. He knew how dangerous a Xhosa neighbourhood was when he lived in Khaya. You can tell from his book. I’ve been to Khayelitsha and several other “townships” – informal settlements with huts with dirt floors and corrugated iron roofs – and I have been menaced many times. Eventually you learn not to go there, or if you have to, to go before noon when the tsotsis are asleep and the better class of Xhosa are up. Black people are not all bad. There are those who warn me when there is danger, and if you are a house guest of a family you are safe.

    Otter was murdered in a home invasion in Harfield Village – a nice neighbourhood. Practically across the street from where I go for fine dining. It had no connection to his politics, at least so far as we know from the newspapers. Home invasions are the scourge of South Africa. Everyone I know has razor wire, barred windows, electric fences, or a security van that passes by their house every fifteen minutes all night long. In Durban all the drain pipes that come down the outside wall of buildings were wrapped in barbed wire.

    I am pissed off that Otter played dressup in EFF colours. He wasn’t the brightest guy in the world, but he wasn’t an unredeemed leftist.

    The South Africans who call themselves “coloured”, like Steve’s girlfriend, are not what you imagine. They are primarily the descendants of Dutch men and an ancient race that lived there before the blacks migrated down from equatorial Africa over the centuries. They don’t mix with blacks and frankly look down on them. Poor coloured neighbourhoods are self segregated from black ones. Under Apartheid they were compelled to be segregated. Now they choose to be. Poor coloured neighbourhoods produce more than their fair share of criminal gangs, but there are middle class districts that produce plumbers, school teachers, civil servants, lab technicians. They don’t speak any native language. Just a slangy Afrikaans and English.

    I’ve attached a photo of the district where I once stayed the night. It is a demographic time bomb. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2280caa14af5f5db3410dee0aa22e82a83af44c08b919cce1e40741c0fc0de4a.jpg

  15. Yeah blah blah blah. Like I said you have *no* idea what the *f@ck* you are talking about, who you are talking to, or even what day it is and yet you are quite happy to spout your poisonous, bilious nonsense. Come, spend some time in Cape Town and we can talk again.

  16. Kudos to the idiot for moving to the ghetto. If only American liberals did the same, within a year or two we’d bury all of them and move forward as a liberated nation.

  17. “I could get them but don’t need to” – translation: I can’t get them and have no intention of trying, because I know they would disprove my wildly racist

    theory, no matter which way you look at them.

    Never mind redneck, put on your white-sheet uniform and go to the meetings.

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