The Alt-Right: Obituary For a Brand

We’re starting a bunch of shit tonight, y’all!

Greg Johnson has weighed in at Counter-Currents with his two cents on Hailgate:

“The great irony here is that I have published quite a bit about Hitler and National Socialism at Counter-Currents, whereas literally the only thing Nazi-like about Richard Spencer is his haircut. This is why everyone was so surprised, whether pleasantly or unpleasantly. When I first met Spencer in 2008, he was dating an Asian woman (something now public because of an article in Mother Jones). The only foreign regime he strongly identifies with is Putin’s Russia, which is valiantly battling against “Nazis” in Ukraine. As long as I have known him, Spencer has been chummy with Jews like Paul Gottfried. NPI, like American Renaissance, has always played patty-cake with certain Right-wing Jews. Before Spencer came on board, NPI had published Edward Rubenstein, Byron Roth, and Michael Hart. But, unlike American Renaissance, they published Kevin MacDonald as well. Spencer has continued in that vein, publishing additional books by Roth and Hart, plus Richard Lynn’s The Chosen People, and various essays and introductions by Paul Gottfried. Before long, Spencer will be back to business as usual, which means that most of Spencer’s new-found friends will simply go silent — or be back at this throat. …”

I mean, seriously … just stop right there. No one on this planet has spent more time pouring over, translating and publishing manuscripts from obscure esoteric fascists over the past six years than Counter-Currents. If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black, what is folks? What are they even arguing about?

I’m watching this and I don’t get it. From where I am standing, NPI, Trad Youth and Counter-Currents are all immersed in some degree of fashiness. Spencer & Co. all have that “fashy” haircut. Trad Youth is all into the Romanian Iron Guard and Golden Dawn. Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents spends all its time celebrating Wyndham Lewis, Julius Evola, Francis Parker Yockey and any number of fascist intellectuals.

I’ve already said that what happened at the NPI conference was the culmination of its own fashiness. The Heil Heard Around The World was years in the making. They’ve eschewed a more mainstream aesthetic in favor of the edgy, fashy look. It just came back to bite them in the ass and now they are like I can’t believe this has happened!

I can’t be the only one who sees the humor in all this.

Note: I’m not fighting with anyone here. Just laughing at people squabbling over their own fashiness. Guys, if you really believe in that stuff, own it!


  1. Owning the interview too hard is a sure way to not get any more interviews. Taking a hit or two and letting the interviewer save face (at least in his own mind) can go a long way.

  2. What many are missing about the recent split between the “new right” and the “alt right”, is that the puppet masters have the “alt right” by the strings thanks to the triumvirate of Spencer, Enoch and Anglin.

    Ever heard of Dylan Roof? Of Coursh!

    How how would it be for them to launch a Dylan Roof of the “alt right” steeped in all the “fashy” symbology and wearing a “Feel’s good man!” T-shirt and MAGA cap, this time committing an even greater atrocity?

    Last time they leveraged Roof for cultural genocide of the South.

    This time? The end of the free internet? Yeah, that looks pretty plausible.

    They just had a trial in England where the throw-away assassin who killed the MP to influence Brexit was convicted. He never said A WORD in his defense! Soon he may “die” in prison, never to be seen again!

    This isn’t hard, folks.

  3. The reason why some of the biggest “anti-Semites” are Jews, is because the Jews…aren’t Semites at all!

    Moreover, using that as ( just one of a number of) façades to hide behind, they have always maintained-just like the blacks-that only they can judge their own. And therein lies there only claim to “chosen-ness.”

    It’s as Michael Hoffman said-they are the “self-chosenites.”

  4. I respect Greg. He’s penned some of the better pieces of Alt Right web writing this side of Kevin MacDonald. On balance, I probably agree with Greg ofter than with Spencer. However, this post reveals in him a level of pettiness and mendacity of which I never expected him capable.

    His entire cackling-with-glee article can be summed up in one line:

    “Donate to Counter Currents, not to Radix!”

    Pathetic. Bordering on traitorous.

  5. > Spencer’s apologists

    In fact, I’m anything BUT that. Quite the opposite: I’ve mocked him mercilessly for his wrong-headed pan-European notions (“Let’s take over the EU” — delusional) and for various other things. I’ve agreed with you on pretty much every difference of opinion that you and Spencer have had before.

    But the one time Spencer does something really, really right (indeed, wonderful), and you see fit to join in with the cucks in denouncing him for it, turning what could have been a great moment of rallying and unifying, into petty division. Disappointing in the extreme.

  6. > as if media liberals would say

    There’s been the most appalling aspect of this entire story: that anyone purportedly on the Right suddenly cared oh-so-very-much about what “media liberals would say,” rather than delighting in their dismay. THAT is how everyone and every faction of the Right should have reacted to this — either metaphorically or even literally flashing Roman salutes in the media’s faces, to a man.

  7. Hello Mr. Johnson, nice to see you here. I’ve seen good articles on Counter Currents in the past and I respect your work.

    Have you ever seen any proof that Enoch is what he says he is? He’s claimed in the past to have been raised Episcopalian which seems odd considering his ethnic claims (Serbs are normally Orthodox and Norwegians are primarily Lutheran). There also aren’t that many Norsemen / Serbs in the area of the U.S. he hails from. You can understand my skepticism of those who live off a movement but refuse to show their face.


  8. Not “won over” in the least. Spencer is just as wrong now on all of the things that he was wrong about before.

    That. Doesn’t. Matter. This incident, this oh-so-timely shit test (to invoke a concept that deserves a much better term), and how people reacted to it, that is what is at issue.

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