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Alt-Right Celebrates Nancy Pelosi’s Victory

This is great news for us

I was genuinely worried that Rep. Tim Ryan was going to beat Nancy Pelosi in his House leadership challenge. Fortunately, Nancy Pelosi was successful in crushing him and this likely dooms any chance of a comeback for the foreseeable future:

“WASHINGTON — Representative Nancy Pelosi of California beat back a challenge Wednesday from a fellow Democrat who said the party had lost its connection to the American working class, quashing increasingly anxious calls for a change in the House leadership she has directed for 14 years.

Her victory over Representative Tim Ryan, a 43-year-old congressman from a blue-collar district anchored in Youngstown, Ohio, ensures that the party will be led in the next Congress by the established “coastal” Democrats who have increasingly defined it — Ms. Pelosi, 76, who represents San Francisco, and Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, 66, who has held various leadership posts since 2005. The vote for Ms. Pelosi was 134 to 63. …”

My sense from watching him on television was that Tim Ryan had the right pitch for the Dems and was a threat. I’ve been keeping an eye on him.

Nancy Pelosi, however, isn’t a threat to us. She is easy to caricature as a shrill, out-of-touch, San Francisco coastal liberal. I preferred Pelosi to Ryan in the House for the same reason that I preferred Hillary to Bernie. Pelosi and Hillary are much easier to beat because they are unable to connect with Middle America.

Since Pelosi has been in charge of the House, Blue Dog Democrats have gone extinct in the South. They’ve been exterminated from Congress down to the state level. Here in Alabama, Democrats are the black party and Republicans are the White party. We’ve still got a bunch of cucks in charge of the Republican Party, but the White working class is now so concentrated in one party that they are vulnerable to Trump-like challengers.

I predict that is going to be the wave of the future … Trump-like national populists running for office against “true conservatives” all over the South. There are far too many working class Whites in the Republican Party now for it to remain a suburban party. There will be more Paul Nehlens running in 2018 in much more favorable districts. Can you wrap your mind around Governor Roy Moore?

Over on the Dem side, the White Midwestern Democrat epitomized by Rep. Tim Ryan has a target on his back. They’re the new Blue Dogs and the same process which has already transformed the politics of states like Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri is creeping across the Mason-Dixon line.

President-Elect Donald Trump is a reflection of the underlying changes in the demographic composition of the Republican Party. Watch for it to rip across the states now. That’s one reason why I haven’t soured on politics. I always saw Trump as a bulldozer who would clear the path for more interesting figures to emerge.