Fear & Loathing In Washington, DC

By Sam Dickson
The National Policy Institute (NPI) sponsored a Conference in Washington, D.C. on Friday and Saturday, the 18th and 19th of November. The subject matter of the Conference was “The Alt Right and Trump.”
300 people attended the Conference, but registration took place “on-line,” and those wishing to attend were not screened or “approved.”  Numerous well-credentialed speakers presented well-prepared and thoughtful remarks to a well-behaved and orderly audience.
The restrained and orderly behavior of the attendees stood in stark contrast to repeated criminal attacks upon NPI supporters both nights from so-called “civil rights protesters,” as they have been called by the Corrupt Leftist Media. They call themselves the “Anti-Fa” (or “anti-fascists,”) a term used by extreme Marxists against their enemies.
The “protests” went far beyond peaceful demonstrations. The Anti-Fa were able to bully two restaurants in succession into cancelling the NPI’s reservations for its Friday dinner.
When the NPI was able to secure yet a third venue, the “protesters” were able to track attendees and proceeded to disrupt the dinner by crowding around the entrance, where they harassed diners and those seeking to enter or leave.
These hooligans became more and more emboldened as the evening progressed. Many invaded the restaurant wearing masks to hide their identities. They charged up the stairway and attempted to reach the top floor where the NPI dinner was in progress.
Fortunately, the Anti-Fa were blocked on the stairway by NPI President Richard Spencer and others, and were unable to invade the dining room or to commit whatever crimes they intended, had they been able to reach their objective.
We have some idea of their intentions because the “civil rights protesters” carried spray bottles of urine, with which they sprayed Richard Spencer and others among those successfully blocking their access to the dining room.
Invasion of a restaurant under these circumstances constitutes Criminal Trespass, and it is a crime. Spraying people with urine is also a crime: It’s called an “Assault.”

The Washington police made no arrests. They also refused to remove the masks of these criminals, when requested by the NPI attendees.

The bullying of two successive restaurant venues, the criminal trespass into the restaurant, the violent assault against the President of NPI and the wearing of masks to hide their identities were of no concern to the police or to the Corrupt Leftist Media.

Apparently, “civil rights protesters” have a “right” to disrupt peaceful meetings, invade public accommodations en masse and spray people with urine. And, at least according to the District police, they have a “right” to wear masks when they are engaged in such activities.
The next day the conduct of the Anti-Fa grew even nastier, which is predictable when violent criminals are permitted to engage in criminal acts with impunity. This violent and criminal element recognized a conference attendee and his girl friend: Without any provocation whatsoever, five or six criminals then brutally attacked him.
They knocked him to the ground and proceeded to savagely kick and pummel him while chanting “Die, die, die.” Had one of the kicks struck the victim in his neck, these “civil rights protesters” could easily have achieved their stated threat of killing their victim. Fortunately, the victim’s injuries were “limited” to bruises and a bloodied head.
The victim’s girlfriend was not beaten, but she was sprayed with Raid insecticide. This also is an assault: It has the potential to do severe damage to the eye and permanently impair one’s vision.
This time the police were reluctantly driven to arrest at least some of the perpetrators. However, no effort was made by the police to make the cowards in this “peaceful demonstration” remove their masks and reveal their identities.
In the minds of the D.C. police (and I use the term “minds” with reservation,) these criminals have a “right” to obscure their identities when committing violent felonies. For the D.C. police to require these criminals to reveal their identities was deemed a violation of their “right” to wear masks when committing assaults or when engaged in criminal trespass.
This outrage causes one to ponder whether the Ku Klux Klan possesses an equivalent “right” to go about the District of Columbia masked and engaged in violent assaults against those attending political meetings sponsored by the NAACP or other leftists: Does anyone think the KKK would receive such “kid-glove” treatment from the District’s police force?
NPI hopes that the potentially fatal or blinding criminal assaults upon its attendees and their girl friends will actually be prosecuted and punished with appropriate severity.
However, the history of the District on this matter is not encouraging. Last year, another of the Anti-Fa assaulted one of the participants in an earlier NPI conference. She was arrested, but the charges were summarily dropped without her victims ever being contacted by police or prosecutors. (Washington: A Third World country, indeed, and very much resembling Zimbabwe!)
No NPI officer, speaker or Conference participant was ever provoked into retaliating in kind to the violence and criminality of the Anti-Fa. This restraint, needless to say, garnered no credit, whatsoever, with the Corrupt Leftist Media.
Likewise, deliberate and violent assaults appear to be unworthy of notice by prosecuting authorities, so long as they are committed by ideological allies. (More evidence of a Third World government in D.C.)
None of the crimes committed against NPI and its participants aroused any significant moral indignation in the mass media. Most of the media did not report these crimes at all, despite dramatic footage of these violent criminals kicking and beating their victim until he required medical attention.
Reporting criminal violence against “politically incorrect” victims does not fit their narrative, so it must be “spiked.” A news media dedicated to “filtering” and “managing” the news knows better than to report such crimes against their political enemies. The media is exclusively interested in reporting “all the news that fits their narratives.”
Demonstrating just how biased and dishonest they truly are, the Corrupt Leftist Media actually DID express outrage and indignation over some events surrounding the NPI Conference: It’s just that the indignation was directed exclusively at the NPI and its participants.
There was a tsunami of media outrage over the actions of a tiny number of attendees to the Conference during the last 45 minutes of a two-day conference.

Richard Spencer, the NPI’s President, gave the concluding remarks. In them, he parodied and satirized the news media’s caricature of the Alt Right by saying “celebrate like it is 1933” which he then countered by saying “celebrate like it is 2016.”
He concluded his remarks by hailing the Trump victory and saying “Hail Trump,” lyrics found in the official song “Hail to the Chief,” played and sung when the President enters a function.
The media, however, being gripped by its desire to damage Trump and his supporters at every opportunity, twisted Spencer’s remarks into a their tortured interpretation as “Heil Hitler.”
At the conclusion of Spencer’s speech the audience gave a standing ovation. As the media was filming, about four individuals — whose identities are unknown to NPI — gave Hitler salutes. One is seen rushing to the front and repeatedly saluting so as to insure that he is prominently noticed. The remaining 296 people simply clapped and exited in an orderly fashion. End of story? No.

The Corrupt Leftist Media erupted with wild claims of a Nazi rally in the Ronald Reagan Building. Among many other habitual liars, Rachel Madcow informed her audience that “the room” erupted into Nazi salutes. Four out of 300 became “the room.”
The Corrupt Leftist Media has a glaring double standard in these matters, as evidenced by their tender treatment of the “Occupy Movement.” Many in the Occupy Movement wore shirts or carried flags bearing the hammer and sickle of international communism or displayed the face of the Castroite communist, terrorist Che Guevara.
The Occupy Movement participants who engaged in this conduct publicly demonstrated their support for an ideology that murdered 100 million innocent souls in the 20th Century, alone.  There was never any media outrage about Communist participation in the Occupy Movement. 

Likewise, the Communist Party formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. The reaction? Did the media demand that Hillary reject Communist support? Did it express alarm that Communists desired her election? No, because they are all on the same team.
NPI does not impose strict conditions upon its attendees except that they are not to engage in violent or criminal behavior. If a National Socialist wishes to attend a function, he may. Likewise, Jews and African Americans may attend and some did attend the Conference without incident.
NPI is not responsible for its attendees’ political beliefs, and it does have reason to ponder whether the identity and motives of the “NAZI-saluters” in the audience were legitimate attendees.
For example, the most prominent NAZI-salutes were photographed at the restaurant on Friday night. They depict an Oriental female who participated (without incident) in the Conference standing with two Jewish males. The two males gave the NAZI-salute as the picture was snapped.
NPI believes in Rule of Law and our beliefs on racial issues are not extreme. In fact, they are the same views once held by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.
NPI’s expression of its beliefs are protected by the First Amendment, or in theory, are supposed to be protected by the First Amendment. The denial of police protection to those repeatedly attacked by fanatics wedded to un-American views is a violation of our right to peaceably assemble and seek redress for the wrongs being perpetrated against White European America.
Likewise, the rankly hypocritical and dishonest behavior of the Corrupt Leftist Media is evidence they condone such behavior, and approve of violent and criminal acts used to suppress our First Amendment Rights.
This Hitler issue is a classic tempest in a teapot and a contrived issue. It is a non-issue, regardless of the efforts of the Rachel Madcows of the world who wish to make it the alpha and omega of the Alt Right and what the Alt Right believes.
NPI is annoyed by the way this “issue” has been handled, but it is hardly surprised: Media bias is simply a fact of life in America, just as it was with TASS and PRAVDA in the former Soviet, and for the same reason. 

The NPI knows as well as anyone that to seek fairness and objectivity, one searches in vain within America’s print or electronic news media. The good news is that America is waking up to this reality.

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  1. Next time NPI is in front of the cameras, remind the MSM the HRC surrogate Lena Dunham called for the extinction of white males who are not gay.

  2. I keep imagining what would happen if Antifa terrorists at these events were (surreptitiously) sprayed with lighter fluid.

  3. Complaining about a double standard is kind of autistic tbh. Powerful people always persecute those who disagree with them, America is no exception, it’s THE standard, not a double standard. It is what it is. When we get power it’ll be our turn.

  4. So they sprayed Raid on one of the white women in attendance.

    Are you sure it was antifa and not NPI guys? Aren’t they the real fags and insecure losers who fear women?

    If only she’d been asian…

  5. We’re up against the megalith of Zionist Judeo-Masonic domination of our nation’s key institutions and industries. The hope is that there are real ethno-centric patriots embedded in the structure who are waking up and taking a stand. This conference made a great mark insofar as it was covered by lots of MSM sources, albeit by being portrayed in a negative light. But remember, if Americans were able to buck the lies and distortions of the MSM maligning of Trump and vote accordingly, perhaps the will also do the same in this case. Most realize the zio-MSM is orchestrated by the biggest bunch of liars, cheats, and terror-mongers.

  6. There is a rather large part of me that hates these people so much that I sometimes wish the fit would hit the shan so I could get in on some of this violence. I would sleep just fine upon ventilating these sub-human sucreants. Some call it larping, I call it aspiring.

  7. One is seen rushing to the front and repeatedly saluting so as to insure that he is prominently noticed.

    I saw that. What a (((sperg))). Very suspicious.

    • Lew, don’t you think it’s just a teeny bit suspicious that just as eyeballs are being directed Spencer’s way, a pack of execrable stormfags show up there to try to DS the place? Christ, if there was ever a time speak out against these miserable shitheads, now has got to be it. But nooo, not for the Lewster. The real problem is the alt-lite – cos we know that once someone imbibes the alt-lite point of view, there is just no chance he’ll progress to WN, no way, no how, totally unheard of and logically absurd.

      • I think it’s suspicious but we have a difference of opinion on the bigger troll threat at this key moment — the efforts to co-opt the alt right and steer people into blind alleys versus black propaganda being used in the comments to try to discredit Spencer and therefore Trump. I just see the former as more of a real threat.

  8. Circling the wagons and dodging the real issue: the question is are we 1488, or just 14.

    Does The Daily Shoah and Daily Stormer represent the dominant faction of the alt right and its goals? Or are they anethema (as they are to the vast majority of whites, Trump, and even the anti globalist right).

    The cover up / deflection becoming worse than the scandal. If Spencer was the leader of a formal party he would be sacked.

    • the question is are we 1488, or just 14.

      I always like to ask people: What would have happened if Hitler had ordered his SA troops to wear Confederate symbols and sing ‘Dixie Land’?

      The answer is obvious. No sane German would have taken him seriously. So if you see someone who is role-playing as a 1940s Nazi, it stands to reason that they’re either not too focused on winning or they have other – possibly unsavory – motives. As an example of the latter, it really isn’t an exaggeration to say that many ‘hard-core internet Nazis’ are actually Jews. The case of Frank ‘Collins’ Cohen for instance:


      • Oh piss off. Disavowing the 88 is still caving into and fellating the Jew. But don’t let ME stop YOU from doing just that.

        • 1. Don’t you think it’s suspicious that Jews themselves often push Nationalist groups towards acting like Hollywood Nazis? At the recent NPI conference, it was Jewish attendees who first let loose the Roman salutes, and in the past there have been numerous prominent ‘neo-Nazis’ who turned out to be Jewish. If Jews keep trying to make you act a certain way, that’s normally not a good sign.

          2. If you have a problem with what I said, then explain logically why I’m at fault. So far the only defense I’ve ever seen put forward on behalf of Nazi LARPers / Hollywood Nazis is that they ‘stick it to the Jew.’ That’s not a tactical argument, it’s a personal viewpoint.

          3. If you remember me from my previous account (under this name), you will know that I have no problem with learning from NS Germany. For example, I see nothing wrong with copying some elements of its propaganda. That does not mean that we need to dress up as Nazis and say ‘Sieg Heil’ though.

          • Hitler & the Reich have been used, for almost 80 years now, to blame Whites for EVERYTHING, and cow/intimidate/con/persecute Whites into destroying ourselves, and our civilization.
            Racist Whites – call it White Nationalism/White Advocating/Alt Right/Whatever – are immune to being called “racists”. Many still cower before the Hitler/Nazi bogeyman, though. EVERY-ONE – Normies of all Races – can’t turn on a TV or radio, or open up a website, book, or magazine, without a 24/7 reminder of Hitler/Da Knaaazees/Da Holohoax/Muh Six Million. The interesting part is that members of other Races don’t give a flying one about the Hoax. The Hebes only try pallid attempts at conning the non-Whites – because it doesn’t work. We Whites are still assaulted every day with this absolute abuse.
            THAT is why I am a 1488’er. Our approach should be “So fecking what? So what if Adolf ovened 6 bajillion Kikes? They obviously had it coming!!!” and “So fucking what?” Why should we answer to any-one for ANYTHING we do? We can sieg heil ANYTHING we want. I don’t LARP as a Nazi, but the hugo Boss uniforms are better than just about any clothing out there, in terms of styling, materials, and construction. The Swastika is a sacred and ancient symbol of our people. Why are WE allowing KIKES to destroy this? The Roman Salute is an ancient greeting. Why are you allowing any-one to demonize a hand signal?
            Do you understand now?

          • I understand your position (and I’m glad you took the time to explain it), but I still think that for tactical reasons we should avoid donning certain symbols. This has nothing to do with being afraid of Jews and everything to do with tactics: if certain symbols cause our own people to shut down, then I see no reason to keep using them.

            Many still cower before the Hitler/Nazi bogeyman, though. EVERY-ONE –

            I really don’t care if people call me a Nazi (which has happened many times). That doesn’t mean that I go calling myself one though. IMO, you never let your enemy define who you are.

            We can sieg heil ANYTHING we want.

            But is this tactic the most effective one to wake up White normies? In my experience, most average joes don’t really care about Hitler, they only pretend to so as to earn ‘points’ for being a good person.

            This means that, IMO, we need to focus on issues which are relatable to modern White Americans. We need to stay focused on attacking political correctness, attacking affirmative action, and pushing back against the Jewish Lobby. There’s no reason to focus so much energy on NS Germany.

            And if Jews bring Hitler up, then we could use some of your points (such as that the Jews are using him as a tool to bash White people). But I don’t think we should focus so much effort on arguing about whether Hitler was a good person or not. That’s a historical discussion that 90% of normies (at least working class ones) don’t give a damn about.

            And since our #1 goal is to wake up our own people, we need to stay focused on the arguments that actually work. Hitler never used his public speeches to defend the Old South’s pre-Civil War racial system because the German public didn’t care about that. He talked to them about things they understood. That’s the most important thing we can learn from the NS movement.

          • The ONLY reason Normies are spooked by the “Hitler” salute is because of decades of Jew programming. In the immortal words of Billy Roper – “SPOOK the horses”. They simply need to see the Roman salute, to become acclimated. And the FACTS need to be rammed down their throats.
            When are pearl clutchers like YOU going to understand that WE DO NOT CRITICIZE, DENOUNCE, OR INSULT OUR OWN KIND? We do not apologize nor explain. We do not justify. We ATTACK any-one who questions the purity of our goals.
            Be a MAN. HEIL HITLER, and say it with PRIDE.

          • Be a MAN. HEIL HITLER, and say it with PRIDE.

            Insult my manhood all you like, my position isn’t going to change.

            If saying ‘Heil Hitler’ were the best way to win, then I’d be all for it. My issue is that heiling doesn’t make sense in a modern context. What is the benefit of heiling? It doesn’t pay our bills, win recruits, etc. All it does is stir up a wasp nest of trouble.

            That doesn’t mean we have to change our principles or stop talking about Jews, just that we have to do so in a presentable fashion.

            Also, why are we supposed to heil a man who died over 70 years ago in another nation? Trying to connect modern Nationalism with Hitler just doesn’t make sense to me. After all, did Hitler say ‘heil Robert E. Lee?’ No, because it didn’t make sense to do so.

            If you really want to learn from Hitler, then you should stop trying to copy him and instead try to build a modern movement (which is what he did in the 30s).

          • I don’t copy Hitler. But I don’t DENOUNCE him, and I challenge people when they bring him up, as a bogeyman, I don’t back off of anything. FYI – you are aware of the fact that JEWS threw up the Heil Hitler salute, and Spencer merely raised his glass, right?

  9. The Occupy Movement participants who engaged in this conduct publicly demonstrated their support for an ideology that murdered 100 million innocent souls in the 20th Century, alone.

    A sizeable majority of those were famine victims, so it’s incorrect to say they were “murdered.” And the true figure may only be half as large, since the production of estimates shares a lot in common with the calculation of ‘holocaust’ death tolls.

      • The only case for deliberate famine that can be made was the 1930s Ukrainian famine. But there were other famines, just as deadly, in the Soviet Union, which nobody calls deliberate. And then there was the Chinese famine during the “Great Leap Forward,” which alone took 20-40 million lives.

      • Don’t forget those who died in Pol Pot’s killing fields of Cambodia or During Mao’s Great Leap Forward or later his Cultural Revolution. All these nations shared the same ideology- a belief in forced equality.

    • Jared Taylor disavows the altright

      If this is true, it’s very sad to hear. I’ve always said that we shouldn’t act like Hollywood Nazis / LARPers but you also don’t see me disavowing the Alt-Right. The reason is that there’s no perceivable benefit for me to do so.

      My view has always been that we should try to approach things from a tactical perspective. Taylor has nothing to gain by doing the Roman salute but he also has nothing to gain from disavowing the Alt-Right. It’d be better for him to either A) Ignore what happened and move on, or B) Have a private discussion with Spencer about this.

      Airing grievances publically never accomplishes anything good.

  10. Hunter – what I about to write does not advocate violence. I am only speaking for myself. Should ANY-ONE try to spray urine, or Raid, or anything else on me- I would do my VERY best to shoot that freak ICE COLD DEAD on the spot. The cops can haul away the trash, afters. I don’t give a flying FUCK about gun laws, either. I consider such acts to be deadly attacks; God or Satan only knows what diseases are in the urine, and chemicals can do enormous damage.

    PS – this is why you don’t call the po-po. You take care of these issues yourself. Right on the spot.

  11. I was wondering if maybe having these meetings some place other than the belly of the beast might be in order. This does however show the extreme intolerance of the left, and the general crap ass behavior that they engage in.

    • Right. I’ve never understood WHY they ALWAYS have these meetings in the worst possible locations. Who in hell decides these things? They could be held in any number of smaller cities without all the drama, and much cheaper and easier on all involved. But no. It is decided to hold such meetings in cities where it is GUARANTEED to be disrupted, boycotted, subjected to hostile police and city officials, and where the attendees will be evicted at least three or four times from hotels and restaurants.

      • There are a lot of great places where pro-White meetings could be held- racetracks, barns, open fields, biker bars and taverns – why must they always be held in boring airport hotel conference rooms and upscale yuppie restaurant lounges?

        • I can understand the necessity of being near an airport, and even wanting a fairly nice restaurant and hotel, etc. But these things can be had in far less hostile locations.

      • One thing could be said, a lot of reporters covered it, I believe, I don’t know how favorable the coverage was however.

  12. Every year it’s the same old story: NPI or AmRen holds a conference and the Left disrupts it. Meantime the cops and media sit back and do nothing. So why not prepare for this?

    As a minimum, you can put together a security squad of your more physically fit attendees. Train up on martial arts and self defense laws. Then get in the face of the disruptors. There are laws for citizen’s arrest–next conference is a place to apply them.

    Bring your own media. Have a camera crew video the egregious offenses of the Left. Then make it go viral. This worked for the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s (e.g., Edmund Pettus Bridge). Learn a lesson!

    Contact local conservative media to get their support, like rightwing talkradio. Again, they provide the opportunity to leverage these incidents into an agitprop victory for your side.

    Coordinate with the police ahead of time. Tell them where and when you will be and the expected threat. And if the cops do not show, then start suing people.

    You have lawyers among you, right? Bring lawsuits against the disruptors for violations of civil rights. You might even hold your noses and contact the ACLU–about once a decade they will take up a case for rightwingers to “prove” they are unbiased.

    And how about using the bandwith on OD to discuss tactics for dealing with these demonstrations? Tactics like effective agitprop, information operations, crowd control, lawfare. civil disobedience, and all the winning things the Left does and which the Right seems to mostly ignore.

    NPI 2017 might be an opportunity to turn the tables if you prepare.

  13. Were these protesters from any known group? If so, what websites or media do they use to discuss and coordinate their attacks?

  14. Anybody that really cares about the Alt Right should know the KKK/Hollywood Nazi/Skinhead approach is a dead end and all overt manifestations of the same should be banned! That should be made clear to the audience from now on at the beginning of any gathering.

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