Weimerica: White America Is Giving Up On Democracy

This is exactly why I have cautioned against missing the forest for the trees:

“If there had been any doubt, it has now become clear that this election campaign is about more than the selection of a president: The values that support American democracy are deteriorating. Large numbers of Americans across party lines have lost faith in their democracy, and many will not accept the legitimacy of this election.

Those were the stark findings from a survey we performed from Oct. 6 through Oct. 8 of more than 3,000 registered voters, fully 40 percent of whom say: “I have lost faith in American democracy.” Six percent indicate they’ve never had faith in the system. Overall, barely more than half — just 52 percent — say, “I have faith in American democracy.” (Most respondents completed the survey before the Oct. 7 release of the video in which Donald Trump bragged about groping women, but the responses of those surveyed afterward were indistinguishable from those who answered the day before.) …”

I continue to stay that Trump hasn’t been anything but a gift for us. Just on these two measures alone, trust in the #LyingPress and faith in liberal democracy, Trump has torched the legitimacy of the system. BTW, if you haven’t been following him on the campaign trail, it is clear he is just getting started.

A funny thing happened in the 2016 election cycle: the Alt-Right, which heading into the election didn’t believe in 1.) Taking Back America or 2.) liberal democracy or 3.) the Republican Party, nevertheless threw itself into the campaign. Perhaps it was all just seizing the opportunity to illustrate all three of these points on a grand scale?

It goes far beyond that. The Alt-Right has always hated cuckservatism. What did these people do after Trump won the Republican nomination? They have spent 6 months viciously fighting their own presidential nominee and his voters in order to virtue signal to the media that they are “one of the good ones.” They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are too weak to resist the Left and much more interested in attacking Right. They have proven that the two parties have essentially the same agenda on wars, immigration, trade.

Once again, we have already won a lot in this presidential cycle.

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  1. Because of the consequences of democracy it was inevitable that faith in that institution and in the media would decline. That is readily apparent in hindsight.

    • It’s quite interesting to note that we have a picture of groping v unprovable accusations of groping. Yet, only one gets airtime.

  2. Neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment.

    Fringe yesterday, governing tomorrow.

    This Saturday for me, chore-filled as it will be, will be all the merrier for me, because I just found out that most people aren’t as ideologically thrown in to anything as I feared.

  3. Anonymous posted:
    “I rotate through Diego Garcia every 6 weeks to pull maintenance on uplink equipment as a private contractor.

    Something big is going on, the island has more aircraft than anytime in the last 9 years. They have blocked off some access roads and are now parking aircraft on the road. Barriers have been set up around the aircraft areas. Temporary barracks and hangers are popping up everywhere. A tent city full of AF and Navy maintenance personnel has also been set up.

    I have never seen B1s and B2s there at the same time. Actually I have never seen more than 1 there at a time.

    Security is nuts I had to show my id at least 8 times a day

    My coworker is former AF and said they are like that when nukes are around. We counted over a dozen air refueling tankers on the ground. The airfield had a take off or landing every 15 minutes, very busy. When we flew out we waited in line for quite a while. We never had to wait in the past.

    The Navy had the docks full of ships and 6 to 8 more were moored just off shore. We watched many pallets of bombs being off loaded from one ship.

    There were a bunch of B-52’s coming in that were painted flat black. I have not seen that before.

    So are we headed to war again?”

  4. Trump is undermining their authority all across the board, actually calling them immoral. I don’t see them recovering from this. That’s good for us, whether he’s elected or not.

  5. I have lost faith in American democracy, as evidenced by my blog essay “Elections reality -and a Way Out” that I posted on my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes” three days ago.
    But America was never designed to be a democracy. We were are Constitutional Republic, which utilized representative democracy. And basically no one but adult white males could vote.
    I support the Founding Fathers, which the Southern boys tried to emulate in 1861 by hitting the reset button. Our current government and our “Democracy” bear little resemblance to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of rights. I do still support our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Like I sign off all my blog posts with, “Remember the Founders and the 14 Words”.

    • The old Muh Constitution / Muh Bill of Rights argument is worthless. The USSA is turning into a giant federal police state at home and a ruthless global empire abroad. Those founding documents you’re so fond of have been unable to stop any of it from happening. The whole rotten system needs to be torn down and hauled off to a sanitation landfill. It’s over.


        • It could have come from a German National Socialist newspaper c. 1940. It certainly is an accurate depiction of the FDR regime.

          • Thanks: my wife’s family were hungarian immigrants in the early 1900s; during our early married years (late 60s) her father (b1902) spoke of “Rosenfeld” and “Trotsky”- sparking my research and interest into the communists and jews in our government. All those noses in our business- oh-E-vaaay!

          • Franklin said to Eleanor, “This is what we’ll do:
            “You kiss the niggers,
            I’ll kiss the Jews,
            “and we’ll stay in the white house as long as we choose.”

      • You and most of the commenters, along with the host, ignore that white males were never a united demographic in the US. In this fantasy world, there is no such thing as class conflict. White men weren’t united when the Constitution was written, and became increasingly less so as the first waves of immigration hit the country, which were comprised of mostly german and irish ‘white ethnics.’ In the South, the scots-irish clashed with the Anglican planters. There has never been some economic entity called ‘white men.’

        And it won’t be the rich of that biological category who will break ranks with the jews and their minions to forge a nation of whites.

  6. Great show with Dr Hill on Rebel Yell;


    Dr Hill’s comments on the battle between Light vs Darkness (Arta vs Druj) is spot on.

    Lawrence Murray of The Right Stuff getting more solid on white nationalism; cartoon frogs and nihilism will only take us so far; painting an attractive and plausible vision of the future is paramount.


  7. I see too many on this site are getting doubtful about a Trump win. Come on, are you all subconsciously getting affected by the crap being pushed? It’s full of hols and we all knew this was coming!!! Other than my stupid – really stupid – sister-in-law (who isn’t voting at all this time but supported Obama both times), I know of no white women who aren’t voting Trump.

      • Thats what I have said all along. Trump will WIN the Election but Hillary will STEAL the Election. In a Free-Fair-Impartial society with a Free-Fair-Impartial press, Trump would win a landslide

    • Between the material written by “Sundance” of The Conservative Treehouse and other material I’ve seen I believe that come 8 November that Trump will beat the dogshit out of Hillary the Goldman Sachs whore. Those people have gone beyond being merely hysterical, they are in a total panic about Trump and what will follow in his wake.

  8. Liberal Democracy is neither truly liberal or truly democratic. If you want to see a nation that is truly democratic, or at least more so than the United States, look to Switzerland with its participatory democracy. There people vote in national referendums on all kinds of issues. They are a sovereign people- the American people are not- only the Supreme Court is sovereign in our system. To be sovereign is to be in control of your destiny, and hence you future. White people in the American system are not sovereign because a deeply entrenched hostile elite now dominates the American system which is more a globalist cartel than an authentic nation. Dare we even say a Globalist Occupied Government? (GOG) Liberal Democracy is merely the facade behind with Plutocracy , and this globalism, reign supreme https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/07f661752f13d39f06e06a98515ae514d1f57b9b12d85d7bba6a2d99758d6fbc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/74d02ce83ef80a7fe8de73719f1447ab97628686c79fb79214208c53b3fd2a78.jpg ,

  9. Either Trump pulls this out against all odds, or I want the GOP to DIE! A bloodbath from Congress on down!

    It doesn’t deserve to live. I’m not going to continue to “represented” by an entity that’s embarrassed by me.

  10. DEMOCRACY The God That Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe spells out The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order is worth the time & effort .

  11. Democracy used to mean rule by the majority. Now it means the majority being subjugated by minorities.

  12. Aristotle: A democracy is a government in the hands of men of low birth, no property, and vulgar employment.

  13. ‘ Trump has torched the legitimacy of the system. ‘

    Who would have thought it was even possible to do this before Trump by himself lit the fire and fanned the flames.

  14. What we have isn’t democracy, it’s oligarchy. A handful of very rich irresponsible people buying out the system. To say that they are out of touch doesn’t do this level of stupidity and craziness justice. They hide behind their gated communities, send their kids to private school and then off to some ivy league college. And they have destroyed much of the country as we know it. Not only are they out of touch, but most of them are parasites, a bunch of land and stock speculators pretending to be ‘businessmen.’ Unlike the robber barons of the 19th century, most of these people have created nothing, and often don’t even do anything useful with their time. A fair amount of dope peddlers might be considered more productive.

      • I just talked to the US postal carrier,she told me the US post office has got the Amazon contract and she will be delivering mail on Sunday,I asked her about drone delivery and she said it will start in Seattle sometime in the future.I am in eastern washington.
        Can you believe it.

    • You’re purposely twisting the article (are you counted among the People of the Echo?). The article nowhere mentions an abstract view of “democracy”. It is talking about the corrupt system we are calling here “Democracy.” American Democracy is dominated by the media, globalists and corporate special interests. The system as it exists, being the natural result of the way it has been designed, is what people are opposed to and are giving up on, since it is but “democracy” in name only. Normal people are disenfranchised by the system. Wallace here was never saying “we need to attack the abstract theory of Democracy!” He is specifically referring to “the system,” and all that that entails, such as the Republican and Democratic party, deceiving millions of people.

      That said, it is not without precedent that anti-Democratic (democratic in the abstract sense) movements gain the support of the super majority of the people. The difference is that the Populists are not concerned with playing by the (((rules))) or following the (((laws))) of the system.

      • I’m afraid I can’t make any sense of what you’ve said, Geralt, but the answer to your question is no, I’m not Jewish.

        • Nice little cosy number you’ve got going there.
          You cherry pick which issue you are going to selectively target and righteously snipe at, while at the same time making sure you don’t announce a comprehensive description of your own world view and loyalties so that it leaves nothing of any concrete substance that can be attacked on a level playing field in the free market place of ideas.
          I’m afraid that is an unfair advantage.

          Sounds very much like the typical signature trademark of the knee-jerk Leftist Cult Marxians. that many of us have become so familar with on the MSM comment sections. In other words, not a shred of intellectual integrity, fair play and gentlemanly sportmanship
          Another tactic of the SJW Left, is that regardless of how many times people like you are exposed, refuted and debunked , you totally ignore it, and step over it as if it never happened.
          It’s all about, smug, sneering , jeering, flippant, ducking , diving, evasion and side-stepping,
          Being allowed to comment on this site should be only a right if you recognise that it also entails some intellectual decency and responsibilties

          • You have just displayed another charateristic of Anti-White Leftist intellectual sloth that I have become so familiar with on debate forums over the last 12 years with monotonous predictability .
            We reply with reams of post, and your ilk reply with the glib one liner riddles that I have described.
            Maybe you should man-up, shape up or ship out. I have debated on Leftist debate forums run by Lefitst journalists and if I had resorted to the kind of tactics you employ , they’d have me booted off the site in a few seconds.
            In fact they usually boot me off the site regardless of how well forumulated and respectfull of protocol I am, and how willing to match word for word their replies and criticisms.
            So why don’t you lay all of your cards on the table , instead of playing the ideological invisible nowhere and everywhere
            man ?
            Give us a comprehensive and detailed account of your belief system on the fundametal issues of out times.
            Or is that too horriific to contemplate.
            Perhaps you beleieve that you are under no moral obligation to do so ?

          • My views on my primary concern, the flourishing of whites, have always been clear at this website, Mr. O’Connor. The very-limited reading comprehension that you apparently share with other of the commenters here is not my problem to remedy.

          • The why do you express so much sarcastic one liner quip hostility in your posts ? It is not the sign of someone whose primary concern is the flourishing of Whites.

          • That seems to me a silly question. There’s no “why” one expresses oneself a particular way. If, heretofore, you have not taken “so much sarcastic one liner quip hostility” as a sign of someone whose primary concern is the flourishing of whites, well, then, you are newly informed on the subject. In more than one of my Occidental Dissent posts, I should add, I’ve made clear my view that the white plight runs deep, very deep, to problems with whites’ very stance toward existence. Much of what is posted by commenters here strikes me as worse than erroneous: it strikes me as counter-productive, a reflection, a continuation, of the very errors, of mentality, that have brought whites to their present crisis. If, as I gather, you enjoy chiming in with, seconding, the inanity, the grousing that, in my view, makes up much of what appears here, well, then, I can see why you might regard my posts as trolling. To me, they are merely obstacles placed in the path of a foolish breed that is witlessly racing toward its own destruction–and endangering me and my loved ones in the process.

          • What in particular do you mean when you say that much of what is posted by commenters here , is ” erroneous ” and “counter productive ”
            What do you disagree with, and what do you suggest in its place ?

            I suspect we are dealing with fundamentals , yes ?

          • Yes, we’re dealing with fundamentals, as I pretty much just said to you. If I say that something here is “erroneous,” I mean basically it reflects no understanding of cause and effect, of what enhances and what does not enhance the existential position of whites. If, going farther, I say it’s “counter-productive,” I mean it doesn’t merely fail to enhance the position of whites; it undoes it. Were you to scroll back through the comments stored at my Disqus account, you’d see several instances, even recently, in which, here, at Occidental Dissent, I remarked on fundamental aspects of the white plight. Generally, here, at this website, where, as is believed by you, in your loftiness, the privilege of commenting should be restricted to persons with “intellectual decency” and a sense of responsibility, a post that remarks on such things elicits a response on the order of, “Shut up, faggot.”

            If you’d care to look at one or two things in particular, just to get a sense of what I’m trying to say, well, then, maybe you’d care to reflect on “White America is Giving Up on Democracy,” the present blog entry, by Mr. Wallace, our host. It’s not even worthy of attention. It’s just more of his wishful thinking, a reflection of his incessant drive to demonstrate or to point up supposed evidence that THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG. That drive, which, as I think I’ve said to him, is pretty much the whole of his mental life, is puerile. Not only will it not result in Dixie’s flourishing, which is his avowed concern; it’s an avoidance of the real concerns, the behavioral adjustments that alone will result in the strengthening of whites.

            What can be gained by my pointing out to you these few examples, I don’t know; but again, maybe you’d care to look at my recent post, here, at Occidental Dissent, about a political event at the recent Paris Fashion Week. As I recall, the immediate response to that post was “BFD”–Big Fucking Deal. That, I’ll guess, is another example of the intellectual acuity you so much value in Occidental Dissent commenters who, unlike me, are not trolls.

            Oh–look, before I sign off. Here’s some choice material from a comment posted at “Gov. Robert Bentley Doubles Down on #NeverTrump,” another of the recent blog entries here:

            Hit the traitors with rotted fruit
            Put up insulting posters
            Over pass demos
            “So and so is a liber [sic] traitor faggot”

            I’ll admit, Mr. O’Connor, I’m not sure I can meet the intellectual and cultural standards reflected in that …

          • Thanks for you more extensive reply. I have been reading this site for several years now and check this site on a daily basis., but I rarely post comments. I find the level of journalism here to be exceptional and informative.
            The constant antagonism between you in particular and other commenters here has been noted by me for quite a while, and the tone of your replies, but this is the first time I’ve remarked upon it. I am inclined to thinking it might be
            a matter in your case of
            ” Methinks thou doth protest too much ”
            As your explanation above has been rather vague and left me none the wiser , it will no doubt take more than one post for you to adequately clairfy exactly what your gripe is with Hunter Wallace and this web site and the philosophy behind it. I’ll make a point of paying more attention to the exchanges between yourself and other commenters in future.

          • Okay–out of charity, I’ll waste a little bit more of my time with you, see if I can make things a little less “vague.”

            In response to “The Republican Party is the Whig Party,” which is the latest blog entry here, at Occidental Dissent, there has been posted a comment that begins as follows:

            “The Republican Party failed us long ago. We waited way too long to act. We always do. These traitors should have been swinging from lamp posts long ago.”

            Now–do you see the problem with that? No, of course, you don’t. It never occurs to you that that sort of blustering impotence, about “traitors,” who should be “swinging from lamp posts,” is reflective of the same mental incapacity, the same fundamental error, that led to what the commenter himself is lamenting, i.e., to the failure to act.

          • Now let me see if I get this straight ?

            1) Occidental Dissent posts articles.

            2) One of their commenters laments the failure to act sooner.

            3 ) I presume you describe the commentators lamenting is
            as ” blustering impotence ” because he does not have the power to try traitors for treason and hang them .

            4 ) Therefore, you claim this commenter is committing the same ” fundamental error ” that led to what the commenter is lamenting in the first place, which is the failure to act.
            But just can’t see it ?

            No. I’m sorry but this is not intutively obvious .In fact, at best , when I take all of your replies into account, and your utter failure to explain adequately and coherently what your constant gripe is with the core views of Occidental Dissent and the ” philosophical ” fundamental error ” you claim it is making, ,that it is more likely a form of tortuous reasoning from your side coupled with constant nit-picking and quibbling and is developing into a neurotically obsessive need to disagree at every possible opportunity , but without wanting to spend the equivalent amount of effort and word count that Occidental Dissent and its spokesmen uses to produce its articles.and construct the reasoning they are based on.

            Internet forums are fiery places by the very nature of the beast and frustratingly beyond one’s own control as just one more commenter, and this can lead sometimes to some commenters driving themselves into´a frenzy of frustration and this frustration in turn can lead to a general knee-jerk animosity to that web-site and the people that run it.

            I myself have spent vast amounts of time commenting on Alt-Right web forums and I’m now on the way back to post an apology to Colin Liddell over at Radix Journal , because he made a good point and my conscience is bothering me because I made a sweeping generalisation about his former articles that I cannot prove unless I accept his challenge and are willing to spend the enourmous effort of going back and reading all of his former recent articles to back up my claims and construct a laborious point-by-point support of my criticisms.
            It takes a big man to recognise when he is in the wrong and say ” You got me there , and I concede you have a good point “.

          • Doing you the courtesy of responding to your mindless criticism of me, I provide you a few paragraphs of information that might help you grasp the points I’ve tried to make here, at Occidental Dissent, over the years. Rather than realize that, in order to fill out what I’ve said to you here, in a few comments that took more of my time than, frankly, you’re worth, you might want to look at some of my past Occidental Dissent comments, you conclude that I’m not saying anything at all.

            Yes, the commenter’s statement about hanging the traitors is “blustering impotence” because, yes, he and this website’s other fools, who would cheer him on for that pointless statement, don’t have the power to try anyone and hang anyone. Very good. So–he’s making an error, right? If he’s commenting in that way, he’s doing something foolish, which mean he’s not thinking well–right? Now that I’ve done you the favor of pointing that out–since you yourself would never have noticed it–you might want to ask yourself, “What is that error? What is that thing that that commenter’s doing wrong? John Bonaccorsi, whom I’m addressing, has just said it’s the same error that led to the original failure to act, I.e., to the failure that put the ‘traitor’ in position to carry out the ‘treason.’ What on Earth could John be talking about? What does he mean? Hmm–he’s pointed out that the comments he posts at Occidental Dissent are stored at Disqus, as are all the other comments that are posted here. Before I presume once again to shoot my mouth off, by telling John that he has his head up his ass, maybe it behooves me to examine some of his past comments. If I do that, then, maybe, I’ll know what he’s getting at.”

          • Why is he making an error ? Perhaps the thousands of commenters on Alt-Right web-sites on a daily basis who express themselves in that way ( and they do ) are fullfilling a particular and valuable role by introducing and spreading the meme / concept of a lying, criminal and treasonous Western ruling elite, into the minds of more and more people who are looking for answers.and need to be shown that they are not alone
            Such unforgivable and relentlessly pathological behaviour by a ruling elite towards its own historical peoples sometimes calls for a more earthy and well earned condemnation.
            It can function to rally our followers and to jog awake the minds of newbies visitors to Alt-Right web-sites and the tens of thousands who read them , but never post comments and to tell them that they are absolutely morally justifiable in wanting to live amongst their own kind and advocate for their own ethnic / racial interests as all other racial groups do.
            It is calling a spade ” a spade ”

            Rather than rummage through your past comments , I’d rather pay more attention to the substance of your future comments. Who knows, maybe I might even agree with some of them.
            I suggest we should call it a day for now , put a book marker in this and continue another time


        • Your first reaction is deceptive mockery? Of course you understood what I said. If you didn’t, presumably if you are a very stupid person, you’d have at least attempted some interpretation in good faith. Nope, you are a Jew, and a stupid one at that, instantly transparent.

          • The only one who’s pretending here is you, Geralt. When pressed about disparagement of “democracy,” you say no, democracy means “the system.” You don’t mean either “democracy” or “the system.” You mean losing an election.

          • Oh, so then after you lied, saying you didn’t understand me, you admit you understood the distinction I made. And then, in your shamelessness, you just say something totally random. “You mean losing an election!” It’s pure trolling, and not even very good trolling either, you dumb Jew.

          • In those rare moments, Geralt, when the prospect of white genocide distresses me so greatly that I am even saddened to think it will mean the eradication of white trash, I feel pity for your like, so clueless that you haven’t the slightest feel for the identity of your enemy, the Jew, who keeps you effortlessly in his crosshairs. Vexed by me, as you are, all you can do is flail, as you conclude, “This must be a Jew,” though there is nothing Jew-like about me.

            As to your first point, I was aware of your phrase–“the system”–and your attempt to distinguish it from “democracy,” which attempt seemed to me entirely without meaning. Being a nothing, powerless, amid political realities of which you haven’t the slightest understanding, you are distressed at the looming possibility that you will lose, i.e., that your preferred candidate, Donald Trump, will not prevail in the presidential election. Unwilling to accept your smallness, which his loss will imply, you fantasize that the event will actually be a kind of enormous win, a collapse of faith in “democracy,” “the system,” or whatever other phrase will enable you to believe that everyone will prove really to be on your side and that everything that will have stood in opposition to what you’d wanted is fated to disappear. It’s as pathetic as your fantasy-hero screen-name.

          • Seriously, it’s like you’re screaming at my face “I’m a Jew!”. Psychoanalysis, mind reading, really? And all this just to change the topic from your lie! You are not a smart Jew. You are a very dumb Jew.

          • I’ve given this our exchange all the attention I can afford to give it, Geralt. Should you want the last word, it will be yours.

          • It’s not like you gave it much attention. You just reiterated mostly the same stuff 2 or 3 times and then got deeper into the psychoanalysis to attempt to distract. When kikes like you do that, it’s a sign of your defeat.

  15. Steve Sailer formulated in an article at Taki’s Magazine,

    ” The Ultimate Minority Right ”

    ” The Four Eras;

    1 ) Hereditary right

    2 ) Majority rule

    3 ) Minority right

    4 ) The inalienable human right of minorities to become the majority
    ( while maintaining all the privileges of a modern minority ) ”

    ” ……running for president of the United States, not president of Davos. ”

    Full article is well worth reading

    My comment;

    So what we have here is a brand new historically unprecedented and unwritten human right.
    The inalienable human right for third world immigrants to dispossess the historical White nations and become the future dominant electoral, cultural and political majority in every White country, but only in White countries–because the concept of national borders , Europeaness, navtivism, ethno-centrism, in-group favouratism, nationalism and identity, is nothing more than an antiquated, backward and recently fabricated optical illusion and sociological fraud that was invented by the evil White man as a pretext to oppress and lord above all non-White people.

  16. Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

    –John Adams

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    — John Adams

  18. The the fate of the Republican party has already been decided, whether it wither away or is taken over by the alt-right, because it’s leaders have failed to make changes, to challenge leftist and Democrat control of the media. Since the Republican party is beholden to neo-liberal big money politics and doesn’t have the media influence to challenge liberal control and influence on society, the party is basically a shell, unable to challenge allegations thrown at it by the leftist dominated media which controls everything from print, to late night shows, to most major TV news channels.

    Another problem for the Republican party, is that “cuckservatives” have literally destroyed the party. They act as a fifth columnist for the liberal/Democrat establishment.

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